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See master bowman Hanzo strut his stuff in Overwatch

It’s like an ironclad rule of cinema that you should be afraid of the person bringing an anachronistic weapon to a fight.  Overwatch makes a point out of that with Hanzo, the master bowman, who is bringing a bow to a gunfight.  Your first instinct might be that Hanzo is going to be shot all of the times by enemies with high-powered rifles, but the law of drama states that instead Hanzo will be able to absolutely destroy his technologically superior foes with this admittedly very cool bow.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though.

Hanzo’s skills all revolve around getting a solid line of sight to his target, and his ability to clamber up walls and track enemies with sonic arrows make him well-suited to that task.  It helps that Hanzo’s ultimate ability bypasses walls and other barriers to strike everything in a straight line along the path.  He’s somewhere between a sniper and a more solid ground character like McCree, with an interesting interplay of mobility and combat approaches.  Plus, he’s probably bringing the least advanced weapon to the fight, so he’ll be absolutely invincible until someone comes along with a slingshot.