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Check out McCree's gameplay in Overwatch

Playing McCree in Overwatch seems like it should be pretty simple, in concept — he’s a man with a gun.  On the one hand, that seems to make him the odd man out in a game with a cast including a hyperintelligent gorilla, a robot monk, and woman who travels through time.  The up side is that he is really, really good with that gun, and that’s worth quite a bit in a match when you get right down to it.  But don’t take our word for it: check him out in action in the latest Overwatch gameplay video.

As an offense character, McCree is all about taking down his opponents, and you get to see him put that to good use with a helping dose of healing from Mercy throughout the match.  He also makes good use of his ultimate ability, holding on to it until he’s got multiple targets in line of sight.  Low clip size and a lack of melee tricks means that he’s got some obvious blind spots, but the video also does a good job of demonstrating how to play around them.  It looks like he’ll be a good pick for players who aren’t as interested in a whole bunch of fancy tricks so much as solid straight-shooting with the occasional stun blast.