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Z Fighters Guides and Tips

Z Fighters Guides and Tips

I believe that all anime fanatic really like to see their favorite Dragonball Z on a new role playing based game with Z Fighters. In this game you need to collect and engage a fight with heroes and enemies based on our favorite anime. So you can choose between fighting through the story that follows the plot of Dragonball Z or you can stand your team against other players in the Arena mode. So expect to see popular characters such as Red Ribbon Army, Namek, Androids, Cell and the prestigious World Martial Arts Tournaments. Aside from the big influence of this all time favorite anime, you are able to experience high end graphics in this game such as IMAX full scale art style, HD particle effect and even shining weapons which reveal a wonderful visual effects. When it comes to adventures series, the game offers a role playing game on mobile which fighting in adventures is the core gameplay to enjoy. So this is about strategy with outstanding card designs and buffs strategy. And through the exclusive equipment system, Super Saiyan can boost your attack upon equipping them with legendary garment such as Son Gear; Dabura which is capable of boosting SP or you can equip them with Dark Sword. Now if you are excited to play this game, you better start it with some tips and tricks below:

1. Don’t forget to collect those dragon rewards. There are times that the seven dragon balls on main menu will start glowing. And upon tapping them when they are in this state, you can summon the mythical dragon Shenron which will let you to collect freebies such as Zeni. This is come in handy especially if you don’t want to download Z fighters cheats and you need to have an extra Zeni.

2. Improve your equipment. If you think that you are falling behind in game, you better secure a better equipment to improve your stats. Equipment usually from completing missions or by combining old equipment to get a better new one. You can also improve the stats on equipment by simply upgrading it directly. Upgrading will cost you zeni so you better have lots of this currency first before upgrading your equipment. Also the far better you are making progress in game before spending your zeni to upgrade the better. Meaning to say you can still complete the game without any improvement with your equipment plus, keep in mind that you are going to change your equipment inevitably and definitely you will drop your current equipment and trade it for a better sets later on in game.

3. Don’t forget to equip free skills. Actually you will find it from the tutorial on how you can equip your team with armor and weapons to empower their arsenal but not the skills which I don’t know why. Well we will discuss it here as for every character it has two skill slots. When it comes to skills, these are abilities that can activate automatically during combat and as you enter battle, you have four free attack skills. Meaning to say, you can manage your skills by using it with two of your beginning heroes with skills. These skills are definitely useful especially when you are dealing with difficult battle later on. Keep in mind that as you continue making progress, the game is getting difficult and you need to improve your gameplay.

4. Complete the trial feature of the game. As you reach level 4 you are able to unlock the trials. In this mode, you can participate in different kinds of mission for you to collect specific kinds of loot. You can also try the Loot Wars so for your chance to get some energy spheres and souls or you can do the steal mode. In this mode, this will let you collect shards of a certain skills. Upon collecting the required amount of shards for the skills, the skill is yours. This is perfect if you wish to get a new sets of skills.

5. Transfer heroes based on your advantage. If you think that there is a certain heroes that seems not too effective for your current progress, you can opt to transfer them. By transferring a hero, you are able to transfer all of their experience and sends it to one of your other heroes. In this process you will lose the base heroes but then since you don’t need that hero you will not feel sorry for it plus you are able to get the experience and transfer it to your new and primary hero.

6. Take advantage the synthesis feature. By accessing the synth tab from the main menu, this will allows you to allocate passive bonuses to your team. Here you will find four categories such as DEF, ATK, HP, and SPI which you can improve by leveling them up. Just use specific souls requirement or sometimes you need heroes. Upon leveling up one of these categories, all heroes on your team will receive that bonus.