Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Intro

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Intro

Watch the intro cutscene.The game starts after the events of the original Bioshock.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Adonis Luxury Resort

The vita-chambers are a checkpoint system throughout the game. If you die, you will be revived in one of them. You can disable the chambers from the options if you wish to have a bigger challenge.

Continue up the stairs.

Use left mouse to smash the corals that block your way.

Crouch under the pillar to proceed.

Go to your left through here.

Picking up the recordings around the levels will reveal more of the story of the game. Keep an eye out for them.

Enter the Plasmid therapies.

Your first enemy will appear.

Holding left mouse button will spin the drill and damage anything that comes close to it. But the drill's fuel is finite. Once it's depleted you will have to find more fuel.

Remember to loot any bodies of dead enemies. They will give you ammo, money and some other items.

The levels have many places that can hold items. Look around and search for extra ammo and cash.

Eleanor will contact you in a telepathic way. Approach the Gatherer's garden vending machine.

Pick up your first plasmid, the electro bolt.

A cutscene will play. Thankfully you won't see this every time you get a new plasmid.

You will see a big sister running away. The big sisters are new to the series and are very dangerous.

The plasmids are the special powers you can use throughout the game. They use up 'EVE' which is represented by the blue bar on top of your screen.

Some plasmids can be used to interact with the environment. Press right mouse button to shoot at the door controls with your electro bolt.

Hitting and enemy with the electro shock will stun them for a second. Use that time to finish them off.

Shoot the generator to proceed.

Jump down in the pool.

Move through the corridor. You will see a big daddy roaming the outside.

Shooting pools of water with the electro bolt will electrify them and damage anyone who stands inside.

Pick up the rivet gun.

Face some splicers. The rivet gun shoots like a slow pistol somewhat. Aim for the head to do more damage.

Once you get up some stairs a cutscene will play. You will see a little sister.

A big sister will attack you afterwards. Once you deal enough damage to her, she will run away.

Enter Demeter's banquet hall.

The big sister will break the safety glass and water will pour inside.

Thankfully your big daddy suit will keep you safe. Move through the underwater section of the level. The flood-lights will guide you.

Jump over here.

While you are underwater you can relax because no enemies will attack you here.

Once you reach a wrecked railing, jump down.

Enter the maintenance depot for the next level.

Use the airlock control to end the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough The Atlantic Express

Pick up the hack tool.

Aim the hack tool towards the door control and fire. This will bring up a hacking minigame. Once you complete the minigame the door will open.

If you find a disabled security bot, you can hack it. When you do the bot will follow you around and attack your enemies.

Go inside the gate control room.

Use the controls to open the gate.

Dr. Lamb will contact you.

You will be trapped for a short while here.

Eventually the floor will burn away and you will fall down.

Navigate through the underwater section.

Go up to the drafting area.

If a security camera spots you it will trigger an alarm. That will send security bots to attack you. You can destroy or hack a camera.

Approach the cart.

Eleanor will contact you in a cutscene.

Pick up the telekinesis plasmid.

Select the empty slot to use your new plasmid.

You can use your telekinesis to pick up objects such as these explosive canisters. Throw them at your enemies to conserve ammo.

Reach the end of the corridor.

You will see that the machine is stopped by a pipe. Go back and enter the place on your left.

Use your telekinesis to pull the pipe out of the cogs.

A vending machine with a clown face can be used to purchase different items such as health packs and EVE bottles.

Go up to the switching hub.

Get inside the elevator and press the button to go up.

The stairs will have trap rivets blocking your way. If you go close to them you can pick them up and use them for later.

Go towards the Ryan Amusements.

Use the intercom switch.

Tenenbaum will talk to you.

Enter the train car.

Use the switch to star the train and end the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Ryan Amusements

Your train ride is bloked by a frozen section of the tracks. A man named Sinclair will contact you.

You will have to find the flame plasmid to proceed. Go inside Ryan Amusements.

Power to the people stations will upgrade one of your weapons once. When you upgrade your weapon you cannot use the same station again.

Use your hacking device to hack the door control. Shoot it through the broken glass.

You will see a little sister gathering ADAM.

Pick up the ticket that you need to enter the amusements.

Get the machine gun from the broken display case.

Go to the park entrance.

Use the ticket verification unit to place your ticket.

Enter the museum and grab the new plasmid.

This passive plasmid is used at all times when you have it equipped in one of your slots.

Enter the El Dorado lounge.

Another gift in a cart.

Your first encounter with anothe big daddy is here. You will have to kill him in whatever way you can.

Once the big daddy is dead you can adopt his little sister.

Hold R and a glowing spiral will point you in the direction of a corpse that holds ADAM.

Press b while near the corpse to leave the little sister to gather ADAM. You need the ADAM to upgrade your plasmids.

When the little sister begins to gather ADAM a meter will appear on the left. You will have to defend her from waves of enemies until she is ready.

Once she is done gathering ADAM you have to pick her up.

Continue through the tunnel 'Journey to the Surface'.

Go over this ramp.

Enter the employees only area.

You can hack a turret such as this one to protect an area from enemies. You can use your electro bolt to disable the turret for a short time so you can hack it.

Leave the little sister to gather more ADAM from a second corpse.

If you happen to trigger an alarm you can shut off the bots that attack you from a device like this one.

When the little sister is done with gathering corpses you have to leave her in a vent that looks like this. You can choose to rescue her and get less ADAM or harvest her and get more ADAM. Your choice will determine the ending of the game.

Enter the ride maintenance.

Don't miss the weapons upgrade station. They are rare and you need to choose carefully which weapon you want to upgrade because you can fully upgrade only 2 weapons at maximum until the end of the game.

Use the maintenance door access to open all doors.

Enter the 'Hall of the Future'.

You will spot a big sister stalking you from the outside.

Use the Gatherer's Garden.

Buy the 'Incinerate!' plasmid.

Use the incinerate plasmid to thaw frozen places.

Shoot at the frozen heap to thaw the ammo out.

A big sister will attack you once you get to a large area. Use a combination of your arsenal to defeat her more easily.

Don't forget to search her body. The tougher the enemies the bigger the reward they offer.

Go back to the metro lobby.

Now you can use your incinerate plasmid to thaw the blocked tracks.

Go in the nearby booth and use the override switch to open the gate.

Get back inside the train and use the switch to leave this level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Pauper's Drop

Hack the door control.

You can use a gene-bank to swap your passive abilities.

You can set on fire oil spills to damage enemies.

Go to your left from the diner.

Enter Sinclair Deluxe.

A brute splicer will block your way. You will have to go back.

Enter the diner area.

Use the garden if you need to.

Go left from the King Pawn.

Approach the Fontaine Clinics.

Pick up the recorder that is next to the locked door. You will have to get the code for the door from the diner.

The clinic code is in the Fishbowl diner, next to a dead guy with a shotgun.

Head back to Fontaine Clinics. Your shotgun deals a lot of damage from close range.

Use the keypad to enter the code.

Spin each section of the numbers to enter the correct code.

Avoid the barrel that a splicer will roll down. You can use your telekinesis as well if you are fast.

A turret covers a long pathway. Use your electro bolt to stun it.

Jump down a hole in the floor.

Grab the research camera.

Use the camera on an enemy. Then attack them with different weapons to gain points. When you get enough points you will learn a weakness of each enemy you film.

Go to the Skid Row.

A big daddy is being attacked by many enemies. You can use this moment to kill him yourself and pick up the little sister. You can choose not to kill big daddies but the game will become very hard if you don't collect ADAM and upgrade your plasmids.

A brute splicer will attack you. Film him before you start attacking him. Once you gain enough points from filming him you will learn the drill dash ability.

Get back to Sinclair Deluxe.

Hold the left mouse button when you have the drill out and then press shift to perform a drill dash. Crash through the debris that blocks your way here.

Go up the stairs.

Walk through the dark corridor.

Navigate through the apartments and pass a few broken walls.

Go to your left from here.

Pick up a plasmid before you go up.

Climb to the upper apartments.

Go up one more level.

You will find the apartment of Grace Holloway. You will have to face her and settle the misunderstanding she has with you.

Grab a plasmid from the small table inside her apartment.

Grace is hiding somewhere. Pick up the recorder on the bed and listen to it.

It will give you a clue that the poster is removable.

Press the hidden switch when you remove the poster.

Go inside the hidden area left of the switch.

Examine the window.

You will find Grace.

Pick up the override key that you need for your train. You can choose to kill Grace or leave her alone.

If you choose to walk away without killing Grace, she will realise her mistake and try to help you.

Fight your way back to the station.

Go through the tunnel and back to the Fishbowl diner area.

Enter the station.

Go right to enter the bulkhead control.

Insert the key to override the controls.

Get back inside the train and use the switch to leave the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Siren Alley

Your train ride is interrupted in a cutscene.

Walk through the underwater passage.

Once you reach the airlock, use the controls to get inside.

A big daddy will roam this area. Kill him if you need more ADAM.

Enter the door that has interloper monitors near it.

Get the items from the cart.

Go up the stairs.

The door has a keypad. You will have to find the code.

Go through 'Little Eden Plaza'.

Enter 'The Pearl'.

You will find the spear gun here. You can impale enemies to walls with it. You can pick up the spears from dead enemies as well.

Deal with the enemies here and find the stairs.

Reach the upper floor.

A corridor will be covered by a turret.

Go up one more floor.

Some spider splicers will attack you around this place. They are fast so use anything that can slow them down.

Enter Daniel Wales' room.

Jump down the hole.

Fight Daniel Wales himself. He has lots of health.

Once you kill him, loot his body.

You will see another big daddy afterwards. You have time to roam around and harvest bodies with the little sisters around this level if you wish to do so.

Go through another door with interloper monitors.

If you save or harvest little sisters, eventually a big sister will attack you. Keep it in mind and be ready.

Go back to the door with keypad and enter the code you got from Wales.

Enter the correct numbers and press accept.

A wave of enemies will start attacking you after you enter the code.

Kill a brute splicer at the end.

The door with the keypad will open once you kill everyone.

Enter 'Temple of the Lamb' that is near the 'Little Orphanage'.

The inner temple is marked under the number 5.

There is a weapon upgrade nearby.

Simon Wales will attack you once you enter here.

Once you defeat him, search his body.

Go to the pump station.

Activate the pump.

The place will start to get flooded. Time to move fast.

Once you reach 'Little Eden Plaza' everything will be underwater.

Go through the door that has 'Dionysus Park' sign.

Take a stroll through the underwater path.

Enter the airlock.

Using the controls will end the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Dionysus Park

You will have to reach the Train Station.

Enter the park.

A houdini splicer will attack you. They can teleport around and can soak up damage better than normal splicers.

Go up the stairs.

Beware the camera.

You will reach a carousel. Go to the left from here.

Go up the stairs but use the Gatherer's garden if you need to.

Go right from here.

Go through the glass tunnel.

Use a weapon upgrade neaby.

You will find a new gift. Pick up the grenade launcher.

Enter the Atlantic Express door.

You will see Stanley Poole locked up in the train station. He wants you to get rid of the little sisters that roam the area in any way you can.

Go back to the park.

Enter 'The Promenade'.

Pass through the impressive corridor.

Enter the 'J. Fischer Gallery'.

You will find the first big daddy here.

Pick up the little sister. Harvesting them will save you some time but the end of the game will be negative.

Use the little sisters to harvest corpses as usual if you chose to save them.

Once the little sister is done with the harvesting, bring her to a vent to save her.

Eleanor will contact you in a cutscene. She will reveal that Stanley Poole is not a nice guy after all.

Roam around the level and find the rest of the sisters. Use your map so you don't get lost.

Eleanor will reveal more about Stanley's past once you save another little sister.

Go back to the carousel.

If you have saved all sisters so far, you will get a reward in a teddy bear that is placed near a Gatherer's garden.

Enter Lamb's Garden to find another little sister.

One more cutscene will appear after you deal with the next little sister.

A big sister will attack you after you save/harvest the little sisters.

Once all of the sisters have been dealt with go back to the train station. Eleanor will ask you to kill Poole.

You can decide if you want to spare or kill Poole.

Afterwards enter the train and use the switch to end the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Fontaine Futuristics

Enter Fontaine Futuristics.

Go down the stairs.

A plasmid present will be in your way.

Use the controls to cycle the airlock.

Navigate the underwater path.

Look out for the slugs on the ground. You can gather them to collect some ADAM.

Use the controls in the airlock to enter the next part of the level.

A mad scientist will greet you at the entrance. You can't destroy his flying bot so don't even try.

Use the bio-scan at the entrance.

An alpha big daddy will attack you. Deal with him.

Enter the offices look left of the desk.

Pick up the voice recording of the password you need.

Play the password on the voice activated switch.

When you try to enter the security office Alex the Great will stop you from using the voice password again.

You will have to disable his flying bot. To do so, you have to find the security switches that are around the offices.

Go up the stairs.

Destroy the signal relay that is attached to the bot-shutdown panel. Two more to go.

A big daddy and a little sister will appear in the area. Harvest some ADAM if you need it.

Use electro bolt on the panel next to the door to open it.

In the office nearby you will find a teleporting plasmid. When you try to pick it up it will change its location.

Go around the flooded office and reach the place that is observed by a camera.

You will find the second relay under the camera.

The teleporting plasmid will appear on a column if you have picked it up before.

Enter Frank Fontaine's office.

The third relay is right of the family portrait.

Before you leave the office you can turn a boar mount to reveal a secret area.

The teleporting plasmid will appear once again when you go outside the office.

Confetti will fly from the entrance to the next area.

A keypaded door is on the left. You can use some electricity to fight your enemies in this area.

Shooting the electrobolt demonstration prop will discharge electricity. You can use that to conserve your EVE.

Once you reach the stage, go near the microphone in the middle. Alex the Great will start a show for you.

Fight the splicers that attack you. You can shoot the colored circles to your advantage.

When the waves of enemies stops an alpha daddy will attack you.

Destroy the last relay to shut down Alex's bot.

Go back to the security office and use the password on the switch.

Use the weapon upgrade.

Activate the plasmid laboratory access.

The teleporting pasmid will be in your way again.

You will see the code for the keypad you passed before. You can go back to open it.

When you pick up the teleporting plasmid one last time you will be transported to some strange place, a plasmid will wait for you to pick it up at the center.

Proceed down the flooded area.

Use the airlock control to exit.

Go through the water and enter the next airlock.

Pass between the thorny looking plants.

You will find a Gatherer's garden.

Follow the sign.

The place needs power. Activate the first circuit breaker. Then go to the left side of the area to find the second one.

Activate the second breaker.

Go back to the main area and activate the power switch.

You will have to collect ADAM-infused plants such as this one to lure Alex out of his hiding place.

Enter the pacification chamber.

Go down the stairs.

Pick up the first plant.

Some alpha daddies will attack you.

Go down to the holding cells.

Pick up the plant that is near the candidate seats.

Drop down a place where a big daddy has fallen on the ground through a grate.

Hack the nearby controls to gain access to some items.

Press the switch to enter the room.

Gather the last plant you need.

Get back to the main area at the start of the level. Use the controls to inject the plants.

Fight off some enemies that will attack you.

Extract the genetic sample.

Pick up the genetic key.

Alex wanted you to kill him because he lost his mind and body. You can do that by pressing destroy sample on the controls. You won't get a negative ending if you do so.

Use the airlock to go outside.

Reach the fuel station.

Insert the genetic key into the panel.

Enter the next area through the airlock.

Use the elevator to leave the level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Persephone

An upgrade station will be near the entrance.

Follow the sign to the quarantine area.

Enter the control room.

Go near the red quarantine area room.

Activate the controls.

Fight the two big sisters that will attack you.

Get inside the quarantine chamber.

Lamb will try to kill Eleanor. The cutscene will show you how you take control of a little sister.

You will play as a little sister for now. Enter the vent.

The world will look different through the eyes of the little sister.

Enter the next vent.

Go through the corridor with a large bookcase.

Use the lever.

Go up the stairs.

Go left from here.

Enter the room that has flowers.

You can gather some ADAM from the corpse.

Up the stairs with flowers.

Approach the dress and pick it up. It's one of the pieces of the big sister suit you need.

The people won't attack you if you don't go near them.

Approach the big statue here.

Pick up the big sister helmet.

Go up the stairs.

Avoid these guys and go around.

You can gather some more ADAM.

Pick up the big sister gloves from here.

Exit through this gate.

Backtrack through here.

Enter the office of Lamb.

Approach Eleanor.

Give the big sister suit to Eleanor.

Eleanor will put on the suit. She will save the little sister just like you did if you have saved them before.

She will give you a plasmid to summon her whenever you are in a tight spot.

Dr. Lamb will tell you that she will blow up some bombs and bury you underwater.

Go inside the facility.

Use the door to travel to the next level.

Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Inner Persephone

Follow Eleanor upstairs.

The docking platform holds the lifeboat you need to escape.

Go up the stairs.

You will have to use the clamp release but the controls are not active at this moment. Go left instead.

Go towards 'holding'.

Enter cell block south quad.

Press the admittance button.

Sinclair has been turned into a big daddy and is under the control of Lamb. You will have to get to him.

Go down some dark stairs.

Pass the showers.

Enter the north quad.

Sinclair is locked up in the security tower.

A keycode is needed to enter the tower and reach Sinclair.

Enter the cell blocks to search for the key code.

Once you have the code return to the keypad and enter it.

Fight Sinclair.

Grab the key you need from his body.

Use the key on the switch here to open all doors.

A weapon station is nearby.

Go through the hole in the wall.

Go back to the docking platform.

Lamb finds a way to stop you once again. You will have to find the little sisters for help.

Enter the therapy.

Proceed to the end of the corridor.

Go left from here.

Enter the pediatric ward.

Kill all enemies in this area.

Press the call button when you kill everyone, so Eleanor can save the little sisters here.

Enter the infirmary.

Follow the sign to ward A.

Then enter ward B.

Go up the stairs to surgery.

Pass the surgery.

Follow the pediatric ward sign.

Enter the pediatric ward.

Kill everything that moves in this area.

Press the call button so Eleanor can save the little sisters.

Time to head back to the docking platform.

Approach Eleanor so she can begin her plan.

She and the little sisters will boil the water off so you can use the lifeboat.

Eleanor will need some time to boil the water. A big wave of enemies will attack you. This is the final battle.

Once Eleanor tells you that she is ready, run up to the docking clap release controls and use them.

Shoot the big pipe on the right.

Do the same for the one on the left.

Everything will be flooded.

You will follow Eleanor in a cutscene.

The passage will be blocked by explosives.

A cutscene will show you, floating up.

In this final outro movie Eleanor will save or kill Lamb depending on what you did previously in the game.

Eleanor will absorb subject Delta's spirit in her.

The end.