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What game is better Runescape or Maple Story

What game is better Runescape or Maple Story
The world of gaming had taken gamers to this question, Maplestory, or Runescape. Now, the world of runescape is a 3-d experience, although it IS a browser game which means you don't have to download anything. It has been improved a lot ever since its release 5 years ago (or something). From the graphics, to the quests themselves, runescape has been filled with many surprises. When you start of, you must first complete the tutorial, then they send you of on to your quest. The whole concept of runescape basically is, fight till you die and become stronger, this is probably more of a medieval like game. Maplestory is really a whole different story, its starts after you download the content, the speed of the download depends on the condition of your computer. Mapelstory is played in 2-d or 2- Dimension, it takes on the traits of anime and classic japenese cartoon action. Maplestory has a more basic story line but you may change how the story goes. Weapons, clothes, and popularity is all important factors in the world of maplestory. Maplestory has a lot of updates so you have to redownload the game ever so often.It kind of takes on a high school act if you ask me. When you first begin, again you have to start a tutorial. then you are sent off, but first you must pick a class. Theif, Magician, Warrior, and Bowman. Most people choose Theif or Warrior. Now, to answer your question i will have to say, if you like 3-d experience, freedom, and your own way of doing things then, i would pick runescape. If you want classic 2-d, Japanese art, mild violence, and a story line, then Maplestory it is. If you want more info then contact SolsticeChen
I would say neither, because in maple story you just train and train for hours and boss have like over 10000+ hp, but you get more weapons and armor and etc than runescape. But if you die you'll lose exp you work hard for. Runescape is boring, because you just click and click. If your a member it would be better. Runescape is more creative. But if u die you'll lose most of your items. The graphic is poor. Both maplestory and runescape is a waste of money. In maplestory unless it's eyes and hair the cash items expire in 90 days. In runescape you have to pay $5 for every month to be a member, so you can't fully experience the game w/o paying monthly. You can get easily hack in runescape. You can get hack in maplestory if your dumb and give away your account info for money.
Maplestory is an ok game but it gets boring. Runescape is a far much better game than maplestory and its not boring and you don't just click and click. the graphics for runescape arent poor, maplestory graphics are 2D and rs is 3D. you CANNOT easily get hacked in runescape unless your dumb for giving somebody your password and if you DO get hacked, theres so many different waves you go through to get your account back and it works 98% of the time. runescape is a really great game, the 1st best mmo in the world ATM right now.
I agree with the second person runescape is a really good game if you grasp the action and whats going on at first when you first begin to play that's where most people go wrong then blame the game and say its boring like the first week or day they began to play. That happened to me too but if it wasn't for my friend i would have never began to play again. the point is that the best strategy to play runescape and have the most fun is to play with the sound and volume on although its kind of lame and make sure you play with a friend you know or met. Trust me because skilling can take a long time and you will need someone to talk to also playing in a group you can do lootshare and group quest also clan wars. which is fun for clans of 30 plus. overall i say runescape is a really fun game but you just need to know when to stop playing or it will begin to seem like a online chore when all you do is train and train
I personally think MapleStory is better than RuneScape. At the same time.. Runescape cannot be compared to MapleStory because one is 3D and the other is 2D. 2D and 2D is more equal match to be compared to first of all and same goes for 3D and 3D. I played MapleStory ever since it was released in the US (5 yrs) and it's really fun, cute, and addicting. I like the anime styled graphics. Maple gets a lot of patch ups and has been getting more job choices lately. Runescape for me was a horrible experience. My cousin recommended me it and it was boring and graphics were horrible but that was many years back so who knows. I still would say MapleStory is better for a 2D game and there are other 3D games out there I played before and my experience was more enjoyable than Runescape.
with my experince, both were epic games though runescape did put me off gaming for a while

Graphics: Runescape's graphics isn't that bad, actually, it is 3D, a lot more detailed than maplestory and a lot more realistic.
combat: maplestory wins for this one, runescape is quite repetitive with combat.
Skills:Runescape has a variety of skills which revolved around your character and will guide your character throughout the game whereas maplestory's skills are mostly combat which can get really boring if you do nothing but kill monsters.
Gameplay: equal, you decide but i reckon runescape has more variety.
Community: both games have a lot hackers and there are areas where people spam words and you can't see your character. The report system in runescape is definetly better than maplestory's as in runescape you can report as many times as you like (not purposely) but in maplestory, you can only report once a day with a fee of 300 mesos, sure its not much but it makes it seem like its a priviliege to report and discouraging you.

i played maplestory(and i am gioing to play it again.
rs is a 3d game and maple 2d. that you can't compare.
with 2 d mmropg is maby maplesotry one of the best.
rs is for an 3d game not very good i played many 3d games but hey were much better and some of the were not so good.(sorry for my bad English)


Runescape is a starter MMO. You get hooked to it until you get bored, usually about level 50 when the Free to Play content runs out, so you have to get membership ($5 a month). If you get membership the novelty of it doesn't last too long. After completing a few low level member quests you have to spend hours killing enemies until you level up high enough to play higher level quests. This would be fine if battles were exciting. Nope. You click the enemy to attack and click potions to heal. Magic has more options, but it is expensive to be trained like this, ranged is... just horrible, which leaves you with repetitively whacking cows in boring old melee. So the reason I quit is clear. At this point the logical action made by most players is going to World of Warcraft (but that's a story for a different time.)

I have limited knowledge of Maplestory, I am a n00b. I haven't run into much problems as of yet, but there supposedly are tons of hackers. I would honestly just change channels (the game is divided into servers, or parallel worlds, and servers are divided into channels, which are parallel worlds you can hop between... That was badly worded, wasn't it?) Character creation and class choosing are innovative and fun. Combat is varied and exciting. And the world is just loony (The highlight of my Maplestory experience so far is riding a tiger into an army of living grape soda bottles. Really.) But the quests are horrible (Kill 120 living signposts to stop them from confusing people! [Actual quest.]) But what makes this funner than killing 120 RS cows is that it is fun. Combat in MS is fun. Combat in RS isn't. Of course the skills in RS are pretty awesome.. except the same thing comes into account. Clicking iron ore, clicking a trail, click ing a furnace, and clicking anvil is not fun. Alternatively, jumping around a 2D battlefield, trying to kill a swarm of blimps (Once again, real moment) is fun. Graphics, gameplay, community, and all the other factors should be thrown out the window for this. All that matters is which one is funner (If you think I'm clearly pro MS, I'm not. levels 1-50 in RS are super fun. I met tons of nice people and ate several rotten kebabs at bad times.)

TL;DR: RS is fun at first and then it gets boring. Maplestory combat is better, with more options and gear.