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What is the best Wind Slayer class

What is the best Wind Slayer class
well i tell u about classes. Monks uses their strength not weapons. Rogue can poison and come invisible and rogue is the only class with strong weak attack but i have heard that rogue is hard to lvl. Warrior well warriors is the best class if u are a beginner but the shields are expensive :P. Archer are one of the best PvP class but u need to pay for the arrows (Archers uses long attacks). Mages are slow but verryy powerful. Priests uses heal skills better than attack skills. Hope this helped :). (I would recommend Priest):)

well if u like too mob (gather monsters and kill them togethe) then u should pick a rouge because = at the newbie stage u should not pmp dex cause that waste u should pump spr, spirit. and with that u have high hp so can mob

if u like to pvp u should either b a archer or priest cause u heal and are long ranged

if u like pve u should b the rest