Xenoblade Chronicles X Affinity Missions Guide - Pre-req, Party Members, Story

Xenoblade Chronicles X  

Xenoblade Chronicles X ‘Affinity Missions’ walkthrough guide to help you complete all of them.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Affinity Missions

Affinity Missions are basically related to stories of all of your party members. This provides an overview of how to complete all Affinity Missions in Xenoblade Chronicles X:

A New Rival
Pre-Req: Level 12 and Complete Chapter 3

You need to meet H.B. and complete 3 normal missions which include installing a data probe on the plains northeast of Primordia’s System Lake, earning 3,000 credits from FrontierNav in a single return, and providingg 900 Miranium to Tauler on Division Drive in the Administrative District.

Once this is done, you need to speak with H.B. on the BLADE Concourse. After this, head over to Noctilum’s Rust Lake in order to rescue BLADEs.

After you are done with this, you need to defeat a Thieving Dilus at Noctilum’s Rust Lake by ensuring that no indigens join the fight, make sure that it is 4 on 1, and do not stand in the front of the body.

Lastly, speak with Solan and complete the mission.

We Were Soldiers
Pre-Req: Level 12, Complete Chapter 3, 1 Heart Elma Affinity, Explore 15% Primordia

Firstly, you need to reach Northpointe Beach in Primordia and loot all three White Whale parts from nearby. In order to find the distress call, use the Follow Ball and head to the North Janpath Plain.

As for defeating the Level 14 Intimidator Simius, ensure that the party members are in sync and hit hard. After you arrive on the North Janpath Plain in Primordia, jump into the water and swim to the west side in order to find Irnia.

Finally, report to Commander Vandham in the BLADE barracks and complete the mission.

Foggy Dilemma
Pre-Req: Level 13, Complete Chapter 4, Accept Backup Request

Firstly, you need to head to Oblivia’s Twin Arches and observe the data probe while keeping an eye out on indigens in the area. After this, observe another couple of data probes in Oblivia’s Aaroy Plains and Twin Arches.

Next up, head over to Oblivia’s Aaroy Plain in order to encounter Ganglion and defeat Qmoeva Divider, Marnuck Crafter, and Marnuck Analyst in order to complete the mission.

The Repair Job
Pre-Req: Level 13, Complete Chapter 3, 1 Heart Lin Affinity

Firstly, you need to speak with Bart at NLA’s West Gate followed by gathering 3 L-002 power cables in Primordia’s Starfall Basin. The radar will help you a ton, but stay clear of Level 50 Ganglion Skells in the area.

Lastly, speak with Bart just above NLA’s West Gate in order to complete the mission.

Meeting Yelv
Pre-Req: Level 14 and Complete Mission 3

For your first objective, you need to complete 3 Rizattices, 2 Young Ciniculas, and 5 Metal Blattas in Primordia.

You need to take them out one by one and do not let them swarm you. After this, speak with Yelv on North Founders Street in the Commercial District and head over to BLADE Concourse with Yelv.

Following this, you need to head over to Oblivia’s North Coast in order to retrieve debris. Do note that there will be a few indigens in the area who will attack you at sight.

For the final objective, you need to defeat 3x Hermit Insidia at Oblivia’s North Coast.

Try to get behind the enemy and have all the party members focus on one enemy at a time. After defeating the boss, observe the debris and report back to Eleonora in order to complete the mission.

Renewed Will
Pre-Req: Level 15

The first thing that you need to do is to defeat 4x Matinal Evellos in Primordia’s Grieving Plains followed by rescuing a BLADE team from a nearby location.

Matinal Evellos are not hard at all and will be around Level 11. As for defeating Level 16 Brume Auravis, make sure to avoid its Tail Twirl and an AOE roar attack and you will do fine.

The Ties that Bind
Pre-Req: Level 15 and Complete Chapter 4

Firstly, you need to head over to the Dodonga Caravan at Noctilum’s Whale’s Nostril and use your Follow Ball in order to find it near Nopon. After this, speak with Koko at Noctilum’s Whale’s Nostril and find Tatsu’s father’s glasses on the shore south of Primordia Biahno Lake.

Finally, you need to head inside Primordia’s Headwater Cavern to fight a few enemies – who can be avoided – acquire Tatsu’s father’s glasses followed by speaking with Koko at Dodonga Caravan in Noctilum’s Whale’s Nostril to complete the mission.

A Day in the Life
Pre-Req: Level 16 and Complete Chapter 3

Firstly, you need to head over to Barista Court in the Commercial District of NLA during the early hours and then head to hangar in the afternoon. Once this is done, continue to fight Duoguills at Cliffside Beach until they drop a Blue Electrical Tentacle.

Following this, you need to speak with Cedric at the hangar in the Administrative District and find more about Vandham’s nighttime place of work from a nearby location.

After learning everything, investigate the BLADE tower door at night and defeat the Sailing Grex in Primordia’s Biahno Grasslands.

In order to defeat this boss, you need to focus on smaller enemies before focusing on the bigger one. Once the enemy has been defeated, speak with Vandham at the BLADE tower to complete the mission.

Pre-Req: Level 17, Accept the ‘Guinea Pigs Wanted’, Complete Chapter 4, Don’t Use Outfitters Test Hangar

Firstly, you need to defeat Level 16 Alexa Special at the Outfitters Test Hangar who is not very hard to beat. After this, head over to Sylvalum’s Needle Rock sandsea and use the Ramjet Rifle to defeat a Trump Arenatect and 5 Trump Papils.

While Trumpt Papils will not cause you any trouble, Trump Arenatect is almost identical to Alexa Special and hits harder. Make sure to win the fight in order to complete the mission.

A Friend in Need
Pre-Req: Level 19 and Complete Chapter 5

Firstly, you need to bring supplies to Saiden in Oblivia’s Barbarich Desert and then head to the meeting point in Oblivia’s Leaning Ring where you will encounter 6x Chasm Forfexes.

Defeat these easy enemies and proceed to go across south canyon in the area where you will encounter a Level 19 Fierce Vigent.

This is a long battle which can easily be completed by flanking the enemy. Once defeated, you need to head over to Division Drive in the Administrative District and meet with Saiden’s group to conclude the mission.

Bottoms Up
Pre-Req: Accept the Mission at Nighttime, Level 19, Complete Chapter 4

Your first objective is to defeat 2x Sapphire Forfexes in Sylvalum’s Seabird’s Beak area. If you decide to take the bridge, make sure to be ready to deal with Level 30 Prine and Qmoevas. The Sapphire Forfexes, on the other hand, can be dealt with rather easily.

Once this is done, you need to defeat 3x Creek Unafulges in Sylvalum’s Seabird’s Beak. After this, you will be asked to deal with 3x Strange Liceors in Sylvalum’s Needle Rock Sandsea who will be a little higher level than your character.

In order to defeat 2x White Progen at Sylvalum’s Seabird’s Beak, you need to flank them and chain your attacks. Lastly, you need to deal with a Gaff Pugilith at Sylvalum’s Seabird’s Beak in order to conclude the mission.

The Mad Monk
Pre-Req: Level 20 and Accept the ‘Backup Request’

Firstly, you need to use your Follow Ball and head over to a cave where you will need to find Muneria Flowers and use them to heal Ma-non.

Do note that your dialogue choices here will affect the outcome of the story. After this, speak with Jejebba and survivors in Noctilum’s Vitriol Cesspool – beware of indigens in the area.

In order to defend Vitriol Cesspool for 2 minutes, you need to protect your low level party members and use AOE Arts as much as possible. It is a good idea to deal with these enemies one at a time and do not let them surround you.

After the battle, you need to speak with Reggie Noctilum’s Vitriol Cesspool and then with Eleonora in the BLADE Concourse to conclude the mission.

Close Comrades
Pre-Req: Level 20 and Complete Chapter 4

Firstly, you need to collect data – 3x Mysterious Flowers – at Noctilum’s Decapotamon which can be done so using the Follow Ball. The fourth piece of data is located at Noctilum’s Qing Long Glade along with some indigens.

Once these objectives are done, you will have to defeat 5x Arrow Germivores in Noctilum’s Qing Long Glade which are not hard at all if you move from lower level ones to upper level ones.

As for defeating Arrow Cinicula, do not attack from the front side and focus on legs in order to topple it. You need to be consistent and you will eventually best the Cinicula.

Finally, speak with Lao on Barista Court in the Commercial District in order to conclude the mission.

Nine Lives
Pre-Req: Level 20 and Complete Chapter 5

In order to gather information about Aisha in the Lower Administrative Hangar, you need to head over to the hangar where Doug is found.

After acquiring everything you need, meet with Mathias at the Integrated Production Plant in the Industrial District and follow him to Primordia’s Cliffside Beach where you will have to deal with a Level 20 Shallows Grex.

After defeating the not-so-hard boss, collect 3x Kiran Catnip units in Primordia and give them to Mathias in Primordia’s Cliffside Beach after which you will face a Level 21 Greedy Forfex.

Finally, speak with Mathias and Aisha in the Administrative District to conclude the mission.

Hope Springs Eternal
Pre-Req: Level 21, Complete Chapter 3, and Accept the ‘Marry Me’

Firstly, you need to speak with Lularita at Cauldro’s Drongo Caravan followed by defeating 5x Mold Caros at the Scholes Battlegrounds.

After the easy battle, speak with Lularita once again in Cauldro’s Drongo Caravan and report back to Ornella in the Residential District to complete the mission.

Pre-Req: Level 22, Complete Chapter 5, and Complete ‘The Ties that Bind’

Firstly, use your Follow Ball in order to head to Noctilum’s Dodonga Caravan in the Whale’s Nostril and search for Koko near Noctilum’s Cascade Isle.

In order to defeat the Level 25 Agile Caecus who does not move much which you can use to your advantage.

After defeating the enemy, speak with Koko near Noctilum’s Cascade Isle and head to Noctilum’s Dorian Caravan followed by paying Mujiji 30,000 credits. Once everything is done, speak with Commander Vandham at the BLADE Barracks to complete the mission.

My Dream
Pre-Req: Level 22 and Complete Chapter 5

The first thing that you need to do is to observe the clearly marked the White Whale debris in Noctilum’s Middle Hushflood.

If you decide the challenge the Murderess, you get to battle a Level 17 BLADE Trooper, a Level 18 BLADE Sniper, and a Level 21 Running Shark.

Since this is a 3 on 3 battle, you should put your entire focus on Trooper and Sniper before focusing on the boss. With everything out of way, speak with Eleonora on the BLADE Concourse in the Administrative District to conclude the mission.

A False Hope
Pre-Req: Level 24, Complete Chapter 5, 2 Hearts Hope Affinity, Complete ‘Hope Springs Eternal’

The first thing that you need to do is gather some information regarding the disappearances from the Commercial District. Pages: 1 2 3