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Tequila Zombies Walkthrough Guide

Tequila Zombies

Genre: Shooter, Action

Tequila Zombies Guide
List of Weapons in Tequila Zombies
Machete - Cost: 0
Axe - Cost: 1,500
Stake Hammer - Cost: 10,000
Chainsaw - Cost: 30,000

Beretta - Cost: 0
Colt - Cost: 2,500
Glock 17 - Cost: 5,000
Desert Eagle - Cost: 10,000

Sub-Machine Gun
Ingram - Cost: 2,000
MP5 - Cost: 4,000
Tommy Gun - Cost: 7,000
FN 90 - Cost: 10,000

Ruger - Cost: 2,000
Remington - Cost: 3,500
H&K Caws - Cost: 10,000
Jack Hammer - Cost: 20,000

Wingchester - Cost: 2,500
Styre Scout - Cost: 4,500
MSG 90 - Cost: 10,000
M9S - Cost: 30,000

Heavy Machine Gun
Ak 47 - Cost: 4,000
M4 - Cost: 7,000
Mb0 - Cost: 20,000
Minigun - Cost: 40,000

Recommended BUild for Tequila Zombies
1. Axe
2. Colt
3. Stake Hammer
4. Ak-47
5. Wingchester
6. M4
7. Styre Scout
8. Mb0
9. MSG 90
10. Minigun
11. M9S
12. Glock 17
13. Desert Eagle
14. Buy any weapons you like! :)

Tequila Zombies Walkthrough
In Tequila Zombies, ammunition are not collectable. The "use it or lose it" attitude on guns is making the game very luck-based, even at maximum upgrades; if you're unlucky enough not to have any weapon crates drop when a boss shows up, you will die. Basically, I will pick up Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun then slowly kill enemies and conserve ammo until you find the next crate that is either Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun. Once you know you can a crate you safely pick up, use up all your remaining bullets in your current weapon before the threat disappears. Then repeat the process by conserving bullets again... If you are doing it right, you can finish the game before getting Minigun and M9s. I prefer Stake Hammer over Chainsaw because Chainsaw seems to do lesser damage, but faster compared to Stake Hammer. Honestly, in a lot of situations, it's barely better than the stake hammer. You can run into a crowd and where the stake hammer would kill many of the zombies in one hit a bunch of them get off a single shot when using the chainsaw. And for some reason, Chainsaw caused my game to lag, so Stake Hammer is better.

For first two bosses, the minute you don't have any weapon crates drop when he shows up, you will be dying. That's why I invested only on Stake Hammer, Desert Eagle, Minigun, and M9S. The melee weapon and pistol are mandatory so they can't be helped. So, this will give you 66% chance of getting a Heavy Machine Gun and Rifle during weapon drops, making the first two boss fights more advantageous. Try not to run past him as much as possible, you will confirm get hit by him. Then the Final Boss, you can completely avoid his attacks by running past him straight without any worries. His punch attacks are too delayed to hit you, and the beams you can easily avoid when timed correctly.