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Qoosh Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03


Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Game Review
I guess I'll go ahead and review on another puzzle platformer where you play as a "test subject", being guided through a series of tests and trials by a scientist. All I know about the scientist is he is full of evil and candies.

It's a very interesting game. You play as a green blob-like character named Qoosh that has the ability to warp within a certain range. You will be entertained with a variety of different puzzles and basically you'll have to experiment your warping ability to its fullest to complete the game. For example, gaining some extra height by teleporting in mid-air or clicking on certain objects to swap places with them which prove very useful. Beware of purple zone and purple lasers, these areas disable your warp ability.

The voice acting aka the evil scientist well deserved a mention, I think. This scientist is full of evil and candy. The voice of the narrator was very well done, and it's clear the developers took the time to make sure they got just the right take for each line especially this line: "When you were born, your mother asked me if you will be a good test subject like her. I said yes... But I was only joking. You have no mother." Another epic one is this line, "Oh by the way, I can destroy you at any time for my own amusement. What. You didn't think that was funny? Oh, you probably don't have feelings." I don't know why but I just find it funny.

Awesome work, this is truly marvellous. I was expecting another portal rip off when I first discover the warping ability, to be honest, but this is quite original. The ending is kinda bit of an anti-climactic though as Qoosh got dematerialized at the end. And here I was hoping for a happy ending. Still loved it, would definitely play the sequel.