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Magnetized Game Review

TIME :2022-07-03


Genre: Puzzle

Game Review
Strangely enough, I find this flash game very addictive. Levels after levels, I simply couldn't help it but to continue and finish the entire game. There seems to be a mysterious force attracting me to it, what is it?... Magnetism, Yes! I guess I am Magnetized. ^^

The goal in Magnetized is awfully simple. You are controlling a flying pixel and you need to use the power of magnetism to complete a track or course. At various spots, you will find these active magnetizers. When you click them, they attract the pixel causing it to swing. The key is to control the timing to properly swing the flying pixel through the various courses to safety. It reminds me a lot of racing games, where timing, position and precision are all important in doing well, and where mistakes in one corner can carry on to the next.

With 60 levels, I got to say Magnetized does a great job in scaling its difficulty. I find the gameplay solid and challenging but most of all rewarding. Sadly, the fun can be destroyed quickly when the carefulness exceeds the rewards. Like I have mentioned, the game is very unforgiving. Having very few chances to correct mistakes, one has to be extremely careful with each click. And I love how the death counter stacks up as you keep dying. Somehow a constant reminder of its unforgiving nature.

Magnetized is one of the most ingenious games I've played in months. Some may love it, others may find the controls frustrating and the leveling increased too quickly. Great fun and good arcade feel, try it now!