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ClickPLAY 2 Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

ClickPLAY 2

Genre: Action, Puzzle

ClickPLAY 2 Guide
Solutions to ClickPLAY 2
Level 1 - Starry Night
- Drag the moon down.
- The play button will pop up on the other side.

Level 2 - Egg Spin
- Look for the egg that is spinning the opposite way as all the others.
- Click that one and it will open revealing the button.

Level 3 - Ingredients
- Click the lever to turn on the machine.
- Drag the circle and the triangle into the machine.
- It will spit out the button afterwards.

Level 4 - Mikado
- Click on the the stick that is at the top of the pile until there are none left.

Level 5 - Who's Hat
- Click on the men to change their hats.
- Give them each hats that match what their holding.
- Click on the top right guy once, then twice on the bottom left one, and finally click 3 times on the bottom right one.
- The whip keeps the hat they start with, the hook gets the pirate hat, the magnifying glass gets the tweed hat, and the ninja star gets the black hood.

Level 6 - Boxed In
- Click the box once and it will move to the right.
- Click the two parts of the PLAY button that are over the box.
- Click the box again until it is centered over the two remaining parts of the PLAY button.
- Click the parts of the play button and they will fall into the box completing the button.

Level 7 - Lap Star
- Click the car once to start it.
- Click and hold the mouse button down to make it turn.
- Keep it in the center of the track so it collects all the stars.

Level 8 - High Voltage
- Put the cursor over a screw and keep pressing the button until it falls.
- Repeat with every screw.
- Click on the sections of the PLAY button until they are rotated to where they should be.

Level 9 - Ropey Rockies
- Click and hold on the rope and drag your mouse down to pull the screen up, then the other one, again and again.
- Keep doing this until you are at the top of the mountain.
- Caution, when you stop dragging, the screen goes down.

Level 10 - Jumpin' Ride
- Click on the car to start it and on the screen to make it jump.
- Avoid the spikes, don't jump too soon.

Level 11 - Ballbuster
- Click and hold the top of the pump, move it up and down to inflate the balloon.
- Once the balloon pops click play button that's flying around.

Level 12 - Boombastic
- The numbers shown here represent the buttons and the number of times you have to click them.

ClickPLAY 2 - Level 12 Screenshot

Level 13 - Round'n'Round
- Click the buttons on the sides to spin the wheel and make it all white.
- The optimal pattern is +3, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3.

Level 14 - Round the Bend
- Click where you want the ball to go.
- You need to get it into the hole in 4 shots and it can't touch the sides.

Level 15 - Head Bopping
- Watch where the button falls, then dive the duck's mouth in the water by clicking it, to make him catch the button.

Level 16 - Break In
- This level is not always the same.
- Look at the time on the clock, and look out the window to see if its night or day.
- Write the hour in 24-hour based form, then press #.
- Note that after 23:59, it is not 24:00, but 00:00.

Level 17 - Drop Zone
- As the plane flies overhead click the screen to make the plane drop a bomb.
- Destroy all buildings and the play button will appear.

Level 18 - Bouncy Bounce
- When the ball bounces it will change shape.
- Just drop it a little bit at a time until it is the PLAY button.

Level 19 - Meaw Meaw
- Click on the cats in alphabetical order according to their names.
- Look at the bowls they are eating from and click them in alphabetical order.

Level 20 - Eyes Wide Open
- Click once on the four corner eyes, but not on the middle one.
- Starting with all eyes closed click: The bottom left eye, the top left eye, The top right eye, and the bottom right eye.

Level 21 - Piece Me Together
- For this one you just need to click all the pieces really fast, as well as in the correct order.
- The order is bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left.

Level 22 - Humpty's Fall
- Drag the cloud in the sky over the sun and Humpty will take off his sunglasses.
- Click his eye to make him wink and hop to one direction a little bit.
- Keep this up and he will eventually fall off.

Level 23 - Happy Hour
- Click on the bottles to change their labels and put them in the correct order.
- Notice the first letter of each label.
- The order is Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk.

Level 24 - Penguin Bowling
- Click on the penguin to make him jump.
- Avoid 15 snowballs in a row.