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Epic Friends Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Epic Friends

Genre: Defense, Upgrades

Game Review
Epic Friends is a fresh take on "Tower Defense" genre and it brings something new to the table. Basically you have to buy this movable unit known as "friend", a green block that can equip and upgrade with a variety of weapons ranging a slingshot to a magic wand. You will build your army of friends and control your upgradeable friends to destroy any incoming enemies. Your primary goal is to stop the enemies from crossing the bottom. The game offers 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard. Each one contains 100 waves of crazy enemies including 10 bosses.

Don't be depressed if you lost at your first try because I am shocked when I couldn't the easy ones. Lucky for you guys, I have made it simple for you. It is going to be a straightforward flash game after reading the walkthrough guide below.

I'm impressed by the priority options. It's important to strategize good position and allow your friends to perform its highest potential. That alone deserves a thumb up since so few TDs have a good control of priority. This priority option allows advanced targeting where you can choose how your units attack. Now, I don't have a problem with my little friends running back and forth, after assigning zones and areas for my friends to defend. According to the game I am epic. You can be epic too!

Who said you can’t buy friends? Watch me now!

Epic Friends Guide

Epic Friends Screenshot

List of Weapons in Epic Friends
Slingshot has no special abilities but average stats.
Sniper Rifle has no special stats, far range but long delay.
Ice Gun slows enemy’s movement speed.
Poison Bamboo deals damage overtime for a fix duration. Damage is absolute.
Rocket Launcher shoot missile that explodes killing enemies nearby.
Ninja Stars deals extra damage on poisoned enemies.
Laser Gun deals extra damage on frozen/iced enemies.
Shotgun dealt highest damage among all weapons in close range.
Throwing Axe has a chance of doing 500% damage.
Magical Wand kills multiple enemies with like chain-lightning.

List of Mines in Epic Friends
Mines explodes and damage when an enemy touches it.
Frost Mine slow when an enemy touches it.
Poison Mine poison when an enemy touches it.

List of Enemies in Epic Friends
Basic (Grey) has no special abilities.
Group Enemy (Brown) walks in group.
Mommy Enemy (Pink) pregnant with quadruplets.
Fast Enemy (Yellow) moves 3 times faster than ordinary enemy.
Strong Enemy (Blue) has high health.
Healers Enemy (Cyan) regenerates health overtime.
Sick Enemy (Purple) weak against ice and poison but strong against everything.
Immune Enemy (Orange) is immune against ice and poison effects.
Egg Enemy (Dark Green lays eggs that spawn a new dark green enemy!
Swallower Enemy (Red) swallows everything when it open its mouth!

Recommended Build for Epic Friends
There are so many strategic possibilities. It is very fun and challenging game that requires some thinking to beat. Below are some possible team you can build to beat the game:

Build all 8 Throwing Axes.
Thanks to its special ability, it can deal a rather epic damage in 1 hit therefore killing some enemy on the spot, depending on chance. The bigger the army, the deadlier it is. Basically, I won normal and hard with this squad. Once you build an army of 8, you can sit back and upgrade your friends then relax.

Build Magic Wand, Ice Gun, 3 Shotguns, 2 Throwing Axes and Poison Bamboo.
Well balanced team. Got slow, poison and close-range shotguns killer! Shotguns are the most damaging weapon when their bullets are shot at close range. I got a near perfect with this team. There is not just a way to beat the game. This is an interesting build to be honest.

Build all 8 Slingshots (Just for fun)
Start with 4 slingshots and put them into a horizontal line. Slowly upgrade and buy another 4 more sling shots and let them roam. This setup require a lot of mines to complete all 100 waves, but it's worth a try!

Laying Land Mines Quickly
Under pressure? Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and click on the green field to lay lots of mines. This allows you to spam land mines to explode those enemies quickly. Pro Tip: Mines are especially good at clearing bosses and Group Enemy (Brown) because it has AOE. It's a good strategy to clear this kind of level.