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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:06:43

The Walking Dead: 400 Days takes place in the same vicinity and timeframe as The Walking Dead: Season 1, but it's separate from the main storyline, for now. The choices you make in this DLC will affect the game's second season, so the difficult decisions you're faced with must be made with the future of the game in mind. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is split into five parts, where you play as five different characters in any order you wish. After you've finished all five parts, the Epilogue forces you to make a decision that will affect the future of all five characters.

Use this guide to figure out what to do when in order to achieve your desired results. ********Note that the guide contains spoilers, so if you want to experience the game fully on  your own first, don't read it yet! 

The Walking Dead: 400 Days (PC, PS3, PS Vita, Mobile, X360) Walkthrough Guide

Vince's Story

Vince's chapter begins with him running from the police with a gun in his hand. You have the option of either throwing the gun on the roof, in the drain, in the trash, or keeping it, but either decision will end with him being arrested. The game then cuts to him sitting between two other prisoners on a prison bus, with shackles on their ankles chained together, keeping them in their seats. You can look out the window or speak to the prisoners on the bus. When speaking to the prisoner in front of you, Danny, or behind you, Justin, you can choose to boast, tell the truth, or lie about why you were convicted.

Two other prisoners will begin fighting and you can choose to let the guard handle them or try to speak to the prisoners asking them to stop. Whatever you decide, the guard will shoot one of the prisoners, killing him. It's then revealed that one of the prisoners is a zombie and will bite the guard. The zombified prisoner is still shackled to his seat, for now, but can get away if his ankle gives. You have very little time before this happens, so you and the prisoners beside you need to work together to flip the guard's body over and grab his shotgun. Once you have the shotgun, shoot the zombie prisoner. More zombies begin piling into the prison bus, and you have to make a big decision in order to get off the bus in time.

Major decision: You can't find the keys to the shackles, so you have to decide whether to shoot the shackle off the ankle of Danny or Justin, in order to free yourself and the remaining prisoner. If you're making a moral decision based on the reason for their convictions, Justin was imprisoned for stealing from bankers, and Danny was convicted of rape, although he pleads not-guilty. Once you've made your decision, you and the remaining prisoner make your way out of the bus' emergency exit.

Bonnie's Story

Bonnie's story starts off 220 days into the zombie breakout. She's playing “Would you rather...” with a man named Leland to pass the time. It's revealed that Bonnie was previously a drug addict, but has been sober for quite some time. Leland affectionately touches her face when his wife, Dee, finds them. Dee is suspicious that they've been romantically involved, at which point you can either confirm or deny it. Either way, Dee is uninterested in continuing that conversation, and the three of you will take a walk. Dee and Leland will start an argument; you can choose to side with Dee or Leland in the argument. Dee then notices someone approaching with a flashlight, and you need to run to get away from them. Bonnie gets shot in the shoulder then trips and slides down a hill.

She wakes up after a brief moment of unconsciousness to a zombie crawling up to her. Back away from the zombie and kick him. More people with flashlights will begin following her as she runs into a cornfield for cover. Walk down the rows of corn to try to find Dee and Leland. If a flashlight is aimed your way, quickly go right or left into the next row. She will then run into a clearing and find a pole to use as a weapon. A person with a flashlight will walk up to you, at which point you can attack them with your weapon before they find you. The pursuer is revealed to be Dee, and you have severely injured her. You can let her know it was an accident, but she will assume you attacked her because you want to be with Leland and she was getting in your way. You can confirm or deny this, but whatever you decide to say to her, she will die.

Major decision: Leland will find the two of you, and you have to make a decision whether to tell him the truth or lie to him about how Dee died. Whatever you decide, Bonnie and Leland will leave Dee to escape from the pursuers.

Russell's Story

Russell's story begins with him walking alongside a road on the way to his Grandma's home. A truck approaches, and you can decide to hide from the truck or not. Either way, the driver of the truck, Nate, will have noticed you. He'll offer a ride, and whatever you decide to say to him, you'll get into the truck with him. He will carry a conversation with you, and offer you a drink; you can turn him down or take a drink. He will ask about your past, and you can decide to tell him or stay quiet. He'll notice a female walker on the side of the road and ask you to rate her attractiveness. He stops the truck and rolls down the window halfway so you can see her better; the walker will lunge at you but won't be able to harm you. However, he'll egg you on for an answer until you give him one, then he'll slam on the gas pedal.

It cuts to the next scene where Nate pulls his truck into a pitstop to look for supplies. Soon you will find that people reside there, and will shoot at you to defend themselves. Nate tells Russell to quickly get out of the truck, and Russell will run to cover. Nate will then tell Russell to run back to the truck and that he will cover him. Run back and you will find that Nate did not cover you, but you made it back alive. You and Nate will work together and push the truck while using it for cover, until the defender shoots the tires and flattens them. Nate will convince you that you both need to run from cover to cover to get to the side of the pitstop. You can decide to cover Nate while he goes first, or go first while he covers you. If you decide to cover him, you need to shoot at the attacker while he runs. If you covered him, slide the gun over to him so he can cover while you run.
You will need to cover each other once more in order to get to safety. Nate will tell you that the two of you need to attack the defenders and grab their supplies. Check the window to see how many attackers there are. You will see the man who was attacking you, you can decide to sneak up on him or jump out at him. You'll find that it is an old man and his wife, and the old man will claim to know Nate and say that he's been there before and shot his wife, which Nate denies.

Major decision: Nate will ask you to help kill them so you can loot their supplies. Either agree with him and do so, or disagree with him and leave.

Wyatt's Story

Wyatt is the passenger of a car that is being chased by a truck. The driver, Eddy, will ask why you shot a man. He'll give you a gun and you will need to shoot at the truck behind you until one of the headlights go out and the truck stops chasing you. Eddy will pull off to another road, and after a conversation with Eddy, he will accidentally run over a person. You two will agree that one of you need to investigate to see who or what you hit.

Major decision: He'll offer to play rock paper scissors to see who goes. If you win, Eddy will go in your place; if you lose, you will go and Eddy will stay in the car.

If you go, walk toward the victim and investigate the shoe, mirror and field. Follow the blood stains to find the victim. When you find the victim, try talking to him and inspect his injuries. Here you can choose to help the victim or to leave him. If you help him, drag his body and shoot the walkers on the way back to the car. You will see the truck approach and the person in the truck will attack Eddy before he speeds off without you, ending this chapter.

If you stay, search for the keys to the car. Turn the light on inside the car, grab the lever to pull the seat back and take the keys. Once the attacker shows up, close the car door, put the car into gear, punch the attacker and then start the car and drive away.

Shel's Story

Shel will be with her group, listening to her younger sister Becca play guitar for everyone. When you speak to Becca and Stephanie, either allow Becca to look after the guns or tell her she can't. Roman will ask you to go outside and speak with him. He will tell you that Becca wants to start helping out by feeding the walkers out back that are there to help protect the group from other walkers. Shel will automatically tell him that she doesn't think it's a good idea. After feeding the walkers vermin, go back inside. When you go in, Becca will try to scare you by pretending to be a walker, and Shel will yell at her. You can decide to scorn her for it or tell her you're sorry for yelling at her. Go outside with Stephanie and you'll find that the group found a stranger that tried to steal supplies. The group will make a vote to let him stay or execute him; your vote is the one that sways the group one way or another.

The scene will end and cut to several days later; Becca and Shel are in their camper playing a card game. Roman will ask you to go outside and speak with him in private. He will tell you that Stephanie has been caught stealing the supplies and trying to leave the group with them. He wants you to kill her; you can try to negotiate but it won't work. Go back to the camper to grab your gun.

Major decision:
Kill Stephanie or drive off with Becca, leaving the group behind.


After completing all five stories, you will find a woman named Tavia who is tearing the missing portraits from the board. She will notice the smoke in the distance and will travel to the camp to see if she can find the missing people. You will now play as Tavia, and when you approach the camp you'll find Shel, Becca, Russell, Wyatt, Bonnie and Vince. Tavia's purpose of finding these people is to try and convince them to come with you to your settlement. She lets them know that they have food, water and shelter, and they regularly try to rescue survivors. For the best possible outcome, you need to convince each person to come with you, and their decisions are affected by the choices they made in their individual stories.

To get each person to join you:

  • Be honest with them when given the option to lie, and offer yourself as a hostage.
  • If Vince killed Danny, he will be open to joining your group. If he killed Justin, he will decide to stay.
  • If Bonnie told the truth to Leland, she will want to go with Tavia.
  • If you say that there is a chance they could reunite with their loved ones, Russell will want to go.
  • Wyatt will be more likely to go if you mention reuniting with loved ones. If he stayed in the car instead of Eddy, he will decide to go.
  • If Becca decided to not kill Stephanie and fled the group with her sister, she will want to go with Tavia.