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Grand Theft Auto V – Flight School Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:05:36

Grand Theft Auto V is the first game in the series to allow players to fly all kinds of aircraft, from helicopters to jets. You can learn how to fly these airborne vehicles at the Flight School in Los Santos International Airport. You can complete these special missions with any character, and completing them will increase your flying skill. To unlock all 13 classes, get a bronze medal on the one before it. To get all the achievements in the game, you’ll need to at least one gold medal here – it will apply to the “Multi-Disciplined” trophy or achievement.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, X360) Guide Screenshots

Training Take Off

This lesson teaches you how to takeoff. To get a gold medal, finish in 32 seconds. For silver, finish in 50 and for bronze, finish in 1 minute. 

Runway Landing

This class will show you how to land on the runway. Get a gold medal for finishing in 35 seconds, silver for finishing in 55 seconds, and bronze for finishing within 1 minute and 10 seconds. 

Inverted Flight

This class teaches you how to fly upside down. You can get the gold medal for finishing in 1:40, silver for 2 minutes, and bronze for 2:20.

Knife Flight

This helpful lesson teaches you how to fly sideways in the air. You’ll need to know how to do this to complete the knife flight challenges later on. Get a gold medal for finishing in 54 seconds, silver for 1:15, and bronze for 1:40.

Flat Hatting

This lesson has you flying through 21 checkpoints. The goal is do this as quickly as possible while remaining low to the ground. Finish in 2:15 for gold, 2:35 for silver, and 3 minutes for bronze.

Touch Down

This class will have you land your plane on a bridge in an emergency landing scenario. You need to land as close as possible to the final checkpoint for medals. Watch out for traffic on the bridge. Land within 10 feet for gold, 45 feet for silver, and just land the plane to get bronze.

Loop the Loop

This one will show you how to do a loop in your plane. This is one of the more challenging aircraft stunts. You need to practice a few times to get the hang of it! Finish the lesson in 1:35 for a gold medal, 1:40 for silver, and 2:05 for bronze.

Helicopter Course

This lesson will have you flying a helicopter through 21 checkpoints. A gold medal is awarded for finishing in 2:40, silver for 3:15, and bronze for 3:45.

Helicopter Speed Run

In this class, you have to fly a helicopter through 15 checkpoints as fast as possible. You need to finish in 2:10 for a gold medal, 3 minutes for silver, and 3:30 for bronze.


In this lesson, you don’t actually fly an aircraft – instead you will be parachuting. Land as close as possible to the center ring in the landing target to get a medal. Use precision landing mode for accuracy – LB and RB or L2 and R2. If you are 3 feet away or less you’ll get gold, 10 feet for silver, and 20 feet for bronze.

Drop Zone

This is another parachuting class. This time, you’ll need to land on a moving target to complete the lesson. To get gold, land directly on the center ring. For silver, you can land up to 7 feet away and for bronze, up to 20 feet away. For best results, wait until you are pretty close to the ground before pulling your chute.

Earn Your Wings

The last lesson is the toughest. You will need to fly through 19 checkpoints while also performing the stunts you’ve learned in previous classes. Yellow checkpoints are normal, the same as the other missions. Green checkpoints are knife flights – fly through them doing a knife flight to clear it. Blue checkpoints are for inverted flights – fly through upside down. Get a gold medal for finishing in 2:50, silver for 3:15, and bronze for 3:40.