GTA V PS4/Xbox One Guide: How to do Assassinations for Stock Returns in GTA V

TIME :2022-07-03

The Assassinations are exclusive for Franklin and Lester which are marked with an L on the map. There are 5 such missions which will make you stunningly rich in this game. 

You will need about 2 days of in-game time for the stock to ripen and give monetaryly delicious fruits. The easiest way to forward time by about six hours is by going into Franklin's bed and entering the save menu but not saving.


Before you start any specific assassination in BettaPharmaceuticals[BET] on the BAWSAQ through the main characters for heavy return.

How to do GTA V The Redwood Cigarette Assassination

You can make a fair amount of money by selling on of the most dangerous forms of addictions: Cigarettes. To carry out The Redwood Cigarette Assassination, you need to buy stocks in the competitor first. Your target is a person whose rival is Debonaire Cigarettes. 

Buy [DEB] on the LCN stock in Debonaire cigarettes. Now have some patience, your target will have 80% boost, when they are down you can rush and sell off the [DEB] on the LCN stock in Debonaire cigarettes. Next, invest invest in Redwood which is [RWC] on the LCN.

If you can wait upto 48 hours, see the creamy 300% return on your investment. You can get upto triple the money if you give about two days of in-game time.

How to do GTA V The Hotel Assassination

When you reach the waypoint sell al the  BettaPharmaceuticals[BET] on the BAWSAQ stock, you should get around 80% more by doing this. Now wait for the stocks to drop if you want use the ol' 6 hours passing trick and then buy the stocks when they are least expensive, they will be under [BIL] on the LCN exchange. Use three characters for buying if you wish to earn more. 

There will be huge returns from the BIL stocks in about a week, but don't forget to check every now and then for the highest return values. Sell the stocks when you are satisfied with the figures to get amazingly rich in GTA V.