10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your PS3 to PS4

I previously wrote an article about why it may be a good idea to keep your PS3 after upgrading to the PS4. For some, it convinced them to solely stick to their PS3s and pass on purchasing a next-generation console. However, there are some awesome benefits to getting the PS4 too.

In my opinion, the PlayStation 4 isn't perfect but it's definitely improved a lot and learned from the mistakes of its predecessors. The difference in graphical quality isn't that obvious yet, but you'll get your money's worth in the hardware and software capabilities. 

So, read on if you're interested in hearing the reasons why paying $400 for the PS4 is a good investment.

1.) It's a lot faster

Remember the days when it took forever to enter PSN and some downloads couldn't download in the background? Well, I was so relieved to find out that I wasn't going to experience that anymore using the PS4. I could now download games and updates while doing other things with some occassional bugs of course.

I also love how I can quickly go to the XMB menu, Netflix, or PSN without having to quit my game. It's a pretty awesome improvement from the PS3 days.

2.) Upcoming next-gen exclusive games

We all know that Sony has awesome games lined up for the PlayStation 4. We know about Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886, and the newly announced Uncharted game to start. Of course, let's not forget that there are also third-party titles coming exclusively to next-generation consoles like The Crew and The Witcher 3 to name a few.

While developers will continue to support current-gen platforms, there are some pretty awesome next-gen exclusives we'd love to have.

3.) You can easily share your gameplay

As a PC gamer too, it was easy for me to share my gameplay photos and footage online whether it was live or recorded. It's quite frustrating when it wasn't that easy to do the same with consoles.

Apparently, Sony listened to what fans wanted and now you can easily stream your gameplay live on Twitch and Ustream. It's also possible to upload recorded footage on Facebook. YouTube integration will be added later on. 

4.)You can control your PS4 using a smartphone app

The app for the PS4 is quite slick and easy to navigate around. I really love how you can add a person on PSN on the go. My friends used to tell each other that we'd have to wait until we got home to add one another. However, the best part about the app integration is the ability to purchase and download games remotely. 

What if your PS4 is off? Well, apparently you can wake it up as long as it is on 'stand  by mode.'  In addition, you can also use your smartphone as a second screen. 

5.) Vita Remote Play

Remote play is crrently possible on the PS3 with the PS Vita. However, the PS4's integration with Gaikia improves the remote play performance. It's now more seamless to use your handheld device as a second screen while someone uses the TV with minimal lag. Just don't expect to use it outside of your home!

6.) You can now listen to music in the background

While you won't be able to play music from CDs or MP3 files, Sony has now enabled the feature of letting users play music in the background through Music Unlimited. You couldn't do that before on the PS3, but now you could play music while playing a game or watching live stream. This will definitely come in hand when you are playing a creepy game and you need to play fun music in the background to keep you calm. 

7.) Easier to keep track of friends

With the addition of the What's New section, users can now keep track of their friends on PSN. You'll be able to see the latest screenshots and videos posted by your friends. Keep track of what trophies your friends won and find out if they beat your high score in a game. 

I love this feature because it makes you more connected to your friends and it's a great social media function that the PS4 needs to keep up with the times. 

8.) Prettier games

While most of the games show a relatively small leap between current and next gen, there are some exceptions like NBA 2K14 and Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is understandable for the graphics to be similar during the transition phase between generations. However, sooner or later developers will gear up in utilizing the full potential of the PS4 and deliver stunning photorealistic graphics. 

9.) The controller feels a lot better to hold

A lot of people have noted that the DualShock 4 controller fits people's hand a lot better than its predecessor. I don't really know how to put this feeling into words, but the controller doesn't slip away from my hands like before. The touchpad feature is totally cool too in games that fully make use of it like Killzone: Shadow Fall. In addition, the share button makes it extremely easy to share your gameplay.

10.) Cross-game chat

Cross-game chat in the PS3 never happened, but it finally arrived in the PS4 and players couldn't be more pleased. Your voice chat won't be disrupted regardless of what application you are using and even if you are constantly switching.

It was cool how I could also do voice chat without having the camera. If I remember correctly, the PS3 would always ask me for a camera when I attempted to do it. The app is also a great complement to the chat because you can now talk to your PSN friends wherever you are. No need to add them in an external platform if you don't want to.