Fame Or Shame Mission In Grand Theft Auto 5

TIME :2022-07-03
Fame Or Shame Mission In Grand Theft Auto 5

Go to the Maze Bank Arena.

Follow the yellow route to the Maze Bank Arena , home of the Los Santos Panic basketball team and site of the “Fame or Shame” auditions. Don’t miss the trip conversation. Trevor and Michael have nine years worth of catching up to do. When you hit the destination marker in the parking lot and exit the car, an officious event coordinator with a clipboard says you can’t park here. His tone makes you want to punch him, and fortunately, one of the mission’s Gold Medal requirements is to knock him out.

Go inside.

Climb the stairs and enter the arena lobby. This triggers a long cutscene: First, Trevor makes discreet inquiries and learns where the show’s host, Lazlow, is conducting his auditions.
Michael and Trevor arrive just as Tracey starts her audition with the unctuous host, Lazlow. The two men let the act proceed until it gets too hot for a father to stomach. Michael pulls Tracey off-camera, Trevor intervenes with security, and Lazlow takes off running.

Chase after Lazlow.

When the scene ends, you control Trevor. Sprint upstairs to the lobby, then out to the arena parking lot. Lazlow escapes in his little red hybrid.

Get in the truck and follow Lazlow.

Get in the cab of the nearby “Fame or Shame” equipment hauler, a big black Phantom semi-truck and trailer. If you want more maneuverability, hold Right on the D-pad to unhook the trailer, but you must complete the chase without unhooking to earn the mission’s Gold Medal.
Follow Lazlow’s red car as he weaves through traffic. You can’t actually catch him on the streets, but stay close to avoid losing him.
The big truck isn’t very agile, but you can ram through cars and other obstacles with ease. Lazlow tries to shake you by veering onto the railroad tracks that run parallel to Little Bighorn Avenue. You can follow Lazlow down the tracks if you want or just run straight on Little Bighorn since he eventually veers back onto that street.
After a few more zigzags, Lazlow makes a desperate jump from Glory Way into the LS River canal . Stay with him; you’re almost done! After a few more seconds, Lazlow’s car battery runs out of power and you finally catch him in the riverbed
This triggers the mission-ending cutscene: Trevor gives Lazlow a taste of his own medicine. Then the old partners split up to head back. As Michael climbs out of the canal, he calls Dave Norton, his FIB contact. Norton sets up a meeting at the Galileo Observatory.


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