Borderlands 2 – Fight for Your Life & Second Wind Guide

In Borderlands 2 when you are basically at zero health and are about to die you get what they call a Fight For Your Life mode also called a downed mode.  While in this mode you will see a red count down timer where you can prevent yourself from dieing by either making a kill of any enemy or having one of your co-op players revive you.  While in fight for your life you can still move but very slowly but what you cant do is aim or use action skills and the only shooting you can do is from the hip shots.  If you are successful in making a kill of any enemy while in this mode you will be revived back to normal play with a “Second Wind” and can continue to play as normal.  If you are unlucky and die before you can make a kill you can still be revived but at a cost of about a tenth of your total funds, if you die a lot its a serious dent in your wallet.

Here are some tips and tricks while in fight for your life or if one of your co-op players is in fight for your life:

  • Play in Co-op (more team mates to revive you)
  • While in Fight For Your Life shoot the biggest guns you have such as explosive barrels
  • Use special items to extend Fight For Your Life Timer (Class Mod, Deputy’s Badge Relic, Aequitas Shield)
  • Salvador can still use his Down Not Out Skill
  • Maya can revive anyone even from a distance with her Phase lock and Res skill
  • If your in Fight for Your Life mode find the weakest enemy to kill
  • If your Co-op members are in Fight For Your Life and you cannot revive them at the least don’t kill off the weak enemies
  • If your Co-op partner is in Fight For Your Life and has a large number of enemies around him you can either Use Mayas Converge to group the enemies and give your partner a chance or use a Singularity Grenade.