Privacy Invasion Points Uncovered

TIME :2022-07-03

The Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions are harmless, so the only thing you need to feel bad about it not completing them!

In your Privacy Invasion locations hunt it would be easier to attempt it once you’ve unlocked all ctOS Towers, because the invasion points will then appear on your map. However the normally low level of requirements for performing Privacy Invasions means that you can do them early in the game, which could be very useful for earning money and XP towards the start of your life in Chicago. Once you have carried out all 30 Privacy Invasions, you’ll earn the Peephole achievement. If 30 Privacy Invasions sound a bit much you also get rewards after your first and fifth invasions, so it’s worth making a start. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

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The Loop

1. The Island, Northern Tip

The unsecured router you’re looking for is attached to the north side of a large brick apartment building.

2. The Island, Hotel and Spa (East Riverside)

Keeping on the island, you’ll find the Privacy Invasion location by a stone hotel that looks over the river.

3. Connelly Square and Willis Tower, Near Cash Run

You’ll needs your wits about you to find this router. There is a narrow space between the Willis Tower and a Connelly Square wall, locate the gap and you will discover the Privacy Invasion spot.

4. City Hall, Northwest Loop Near L-Train Junction

Enter City Hall and you will spot the unsecured router against the north wall of the main foyer.

5. Shipping Dock Alley, Under QR Code, South of Ambrose Theater

The ctOS box locations make it look like they want to be hacked; they’re just that simple. One of the boxes is found on the low roof, in the centre. Your next ctOS box is situated at the end of the south alley. To perform the Privacy Invasion even quicker you can use the camera at the end of the alley.

6. Alleyway Behind Mama Reyn Restaurant, Near Quincy Station

Once you’ve stumbled across the unsecured router northeast of Quincy station you’ll need to make your way down the alley and head left. You’ll discover the first of your ctOS boxes beneath the ‘Chicago Garage’ sign by some bins. The second box is by a propane tank you may have already seen on your travels.

7. Behind Pawn Shop, Central Loop

Beyond the delights of the Pawn Shop you’ll see an L-shaped alley. The next unsecured router is in one of the corners in the alley here. Unfortunately the shape of the alley probably won’t help you solve the puzzle for the Privacy Invasion.

8. Platform Office, South Loop Near Palin Correctional Facility

Although the previous Privacy Invasions have only demanded basic skills from you, this one needs a bit more. Have your Gates & Garages skill at the ready, if you haven’t got it yet read our guide to Hacking Skills to work out how you can get it quick. Using this skill will save you a lot of time because the first of three ctOS boxes is behind a garage door that you can open. Head back to the router and you should come across the other two ctOS boxes without even trying. They’re fixed to the wall next to the stairs.

9. South of Bloody Maxwell Police Station, South Loop

Aiden may prefer to avoid the police station when weighing up all of the actions he takes in Watch Dogs. But he is going to have to embrace it, or at least as far as hacking the router south of the Bloody Maxwell Station.

10. Art Gallery, In Millennium Park, Eastern Loop

The Art Gallery, where you’ll carry out your next Privacy Invasion via an unsecured router, is south of the open-air theater in the Millennium Park.

The Wards

1. Apartment Complex, Southwest of Malinski Station

You’ll need to access two ctOS boxes to commence with this Privacy Invasion. They can be hacked with nearby security cameras, or you can find one in the doorway on the other side of the building and the second ctOS box is around the corner from the router, on a third-floor balcony.

2. Old Brownstone, Southwest Wards, Near Ruined Strip Mall

The clearest way to the ctOS boxes protecting the Privacy Invasion here is to use Aiden’s profiler and follow the data stream it reveals. Unfortunately the local cameras can’t quite reach the boxes, so you will have to walk ‘to and fro’ to access them.

3. Housing Complex, Four Y-Shaped Apartment Blocks

When you spot the burned down factory, you’ll be close to the unsecured router. Head west from the sad building and you’ll come across the router at the bottom of the second block.

4. Apartment Complex, Central Wards, Near ctOS Center

Once you’re in the Privacy Invasion location the best way to find the first of two ctOS boxes is to use the cameras. Flick through the security cameras until you can see the ctOS box on a roof west of the router. The second ctOS box is accessible from the pallets opposite the white metal hut to the south.

5. Decaying Apartment Complex, East of Rossi-Fremont

You should work through these ctOS boxes backwards. Hack the security camera pointing at the third switch, which is on a roof in the southwest. From there you should be able to backtrack to the other boxes and perform your Privacy Invasion.

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