More Digital Trip Upgrades!?

In the fiery depth of Aiden’s unconscious, you’ll be fighting towards various objectives. Albeit slightly different to some of the other Watch Dogs mini games, the Digital Trips are certainly exciting to experience. Some things that may help you in your efforts are the Digital Trip upgrades, boosting power, time allowances and defense. Now, it’s time to flick through our Watch Dogs Digital Trip upgrades list and kick some ctOS butt!

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Expert Driver
This upgrade improves your car’s grip and acceleration

Master Driver
You’ll be on the edge of your seat once your car’s max speed as been increased by this skill

Combo Expert
To score a combo you normally have to perform kills in quick succession, but with the Combo Expert skill the time allowance is extended

Combo Master
Combos are already easier to score, but now the points you get for them are double. Definitely one to take advantage of in this Watch Dogs upgrades list

Madness Mastery
The ultimate goal in the Madness Digital Trip, as in every Digital Trip, is to fulfill the objectives laid out for you. This skill gives you more time to do that in, thus improving your chances of managing it.

Improved Eruption
Stop paying for eruptions with Soul Power after getting this Watch Dogs skill

Eruption Mastery
Spread your eruptions twice as far and inflict double damage when you cause them with this upgrade

Soul Blast
Burn through foes and solid obstacles by firing energy from the front of your car, a nifty attack if you ask me

Improved Soul Blast
Soul Blasts are on offer! With this skill your Soul Blast attack will cost 50% of the Soul Power it cost before

Soul Blast Mastery
Not only are Soul Blasts cheaper, but once you use this upgrade too they’ll double in size. Watch out pedestrians!

Soul Shears
You’ll be able to utilize blades from your car which remain in action until you choose to deactivate them or you run out of Soul Power

Soul Shears Mastery
The Soul Power cost of using the Soul Shears is halved once you’ve accessed the upgrade.

Demonic Power
Boost your Soul Power Gauge by 25%

Top up the Soul Power Gauge again by 50%

Soul Devourer
Get more results with the same work with this upgrade! You’ll get 50% more soul power for each soul you absorb

Armored Car
When playing Madness you lose souls, as well as gaining them. Make things easier by halving the amount of the soul power you lose when hitting obstacles



Quick Computing
The time you need to hack a generator comes down to 8 seconds

Security Exploits
You’re close to success. It’ll take just 6 seconds to hack a generator

Beta Signal
Hack generators from a distance of 10 meters

Omega Signal
Don’t risk getting too close to the ctOS foes in this Watch Dogs Digital Trip, hack generators from a distance of 15 after this upgrade

Stun robots for around 8 seconds by shooting them with this weapon

EMP Belt
You’ll need this most when you’re surrounded by robots. Stun them all for 7 seconds at a time, but be careful when using this upgraded move as it only have 5 charges

Medium Wave Emitter
This skill enables your electrical waves to spread further

Long Wave Emitter
Maximise how far your waves can travel by acquiring the Long Wave Emitter upgrade

EMP Grenade
Throw a grenade towards a group of robots, then hack it to stun robots from afar

Alpha Wave Emitter
The affect robots will remain motionless for even longer with this upgrade

Beta Wave Emitter
10 seconds. That’s how long the enemy robots will be stunned for once you’ve got the ultimate EMP Grenade upgrade

With this Digital Trip skill you’ll be able to carry more ammo for your weapons

Anti-radiation Vest
Protect yourself against the robots by wearing this vest that lessens the damage they inflict on the wearer

Radiation Shield
Going one step further than the Anti-radiation Vest, this upgrade will boost your resistance to the ctOS robots’ attacks

Occasionally the robots will provide goods, rather than just attacks, during the Alone Digital Trip. Make the most of that by raising the chances of it happening with this upgrade.

Weapon Mastery
When you do attack, this skill ups the lethal weapon damage to 150%

Robot Slayer
Double the damage your weapon inflict on those unfortunate enough to be your foes

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