Watch Dogs Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets

TIME :2022-07-03

Has it ever occurred to you Ubisoft’s games may be written in the same universe? With multiple Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed crossovers, not to mention Prince of Persia, it seems plausible, doesn’t it? Ubisoft’s new release – Watch Dogs, has an overload of secret references and Easter Eggs.

Let’s start simple; here are some secret achievements/trophies to be unlocked –
• Family Man – Complete Act 1
• Who is Raymond Kenney? – Complete Act 2
• One Down, One to Go – Complete Act 3
• Vengeance – Complete Act 4
• Log Off – Complete Act 5
• Traced – Get tailed 5 times

So far they’re not very secret, nor hard to complete...
• Darkness Looms – Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation
• Hello World – Take down Maurice
• Read-only – Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation
• Revoking Client Privileges – Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation
• Saturday Night Special – Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation

Golden Gun - There’s also somewhat of a secret gun to be unlocked, the semi-automatic pistol, the Golden Desert Eagle. You can purchase this from the Uplay store for a minimal 30 points.

Papavero Stealth Edition – An unlockable car also from the Uplay store for only 40 points. This is considered to be the fastest car in the game, which is unbeknownst to many players.

Can I hack cheezburger? - Throughout Chicago, you will see many electronic billboards which can be hacked using Aiden’s smart phone. Once hacked, the boards will display a popular meme from the internet, instead of advertising. There are around 60 messages to be seen, from ‘forever alone’ to ‘ouch right in the feels’.

Ouchy Aisha – Get it? Aisha Tyler, the representative for Ubisoft at E3 2012, can be found talking to another NPC during the campaign mission – Wrench in the Works. You can also join the peeping toms and head over to the City Hall in The Loop and find a City Hotspot location, where you will find a ctOS Console which can be hacked. After hacking into her apartment, you’ll witness her humorous conversation on the phone.

Oh Nicky, you’re so fine – During the mission Big Brother, you will enter Nicky’s house. Within his abode, head to Jack’s bedroom on your left hand side and see the Raving Rabbid on the shelf. You can also hack it, making it show some moves. Also in Nicky’s house, Jack is playing on his tablet on the couch. If you look closely using the hack-able camera, you’ll see that he’s playing Child of Light.

Snoop Trout – Get yourself over to Parker Square and enter the Texture Patch clothing shop. Inside, you’ll come across a trout mounted to the wall by the counter, whom will spit mad bars.

I am the one who cleans – Another celebrity NPC to find is Galtero Blanco aka Walter White. He works as a ‘laundry manager’, often found in a Gang Hideout. Although, you cannot kill him, Galtero has terminal cancer... Ring any bells?

Insert Coin – Whilst exploring Rossi-Fremont, head into the Black Viceryos’ arcade. Here, you will find Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs – Whilst exploring Watch Dogs’ vast Chicago landscape, you’ll come across an NPS with the profile of ‘Former Abstergo Employee’. Now look at what we have here...

Also, during a Privacy Invasion, you’ll come across some father-son bonding. The father asks why he’s talking to the guy he just killed – “He’s an assassin, Dad.” Duh.

Another NPC can be found with the name Eddie Kenway, a diehard videogame store clerk, whom legally changed his name. You know, to be cool and stuff. You can find Kenway in one of the many Privacy Invasion spots throughout Chicago.

Also, Olivier Garneau from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, an Abstergo agent. If I recall correctly, he went missing at the end of the game when he was supposed to be in Chicago. Aiden might know a thing or two about this disappearance. You’ll find this at the last Convoy mission. Poor Olivier.

Raving Rabbids - There are a few noted visuals of the frantic Rabbids around Chicago. One is located in the northeastern sector of Parker Square, just north of a Convoy mission called "Made-Mad". You can find him on a news stand and hack him to 'BWAH BWAH WBHA WABWH". Subtle play, Ubisoft. Another Rabbid appears in the bar Jed's in the northern sector of the Pawnee District, Aiden can also hack him to again go "BWAH WAH BWHABH". Players usually come across this Raving Rabbid in Act 3 during a mission in Pawnee, although can be revisited again.

Bronies unite - In several cars, Ubisoft have put in My Little Pony key chains in the ignition. You can find Trixie wearing the Aiden attire, maybe she's a fan?

Slenderman - There have been several visuals of the horrifying mythical being that is Slender. Although there have not been pinpointed locations of him, he is scattered around most alleyways in Chicago. The easiest to find is in The Loop district by a Cash Run mission, an alleyway nearby shows multiple posters/paintings of Slenderman. Whatever you do, don't look at him.

What’s your favourite Easter Egg? Have you found any hidden references in Watch Dogs? Leave your comments below!

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