Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues DLC Walkthrough

TIME :2022-06-06

Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues DLC Walkthrough

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Is the Nevada Wasteland getting you down? Obsidian has just the cure for your speculating doldrums with an all new DLC pack. Discover The Big Empty in Old World Blues, where the Courier travels to discover an old research housing reasearch from before the Great War. For the player, that translates to a slew of new weapons, enemies, and locations that have survived the apocalypse intact. Strap on your pipboy and catch that Old World Blues.

The Big Empty ain’t so empty, you’ll want a guide on your journey — lucky for you, GameFront is happy to provide. Check below for a full video and text walkthrough. If you’re looking for more list goodness, check out our achievements, trophies, and cheat pages to get the most out of your DLC.

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  • Project X-13 (Optional)
  • Influencing People
  • Field Research
  • Old World Blues
  • Old World Blues

    Midnight Science-Fiction Feature!

    1. After downloading and installing Old World Blues – load your game. Bring up your Pip-Boy and make the Midnight Science-Fiction Feature! an active quest.
    2. Travel southeast from Ivanpah Race Track to discover the Mojave Drive-in and head towards the crashed satellite in front of the movie screen.
    3. Move to the large blue bulb at the rear of the satellite. In order to activate it, you’ll have to wait until the movie begins to project on the drive-in’s screen which occurs anytime between midnight and 3 AM.
    4. When you are ready, activate the satellite and choose to examine it more closely. After a flash of bright blue light from the projector, the cutscene for Old World Blues will begin.

    Welcome to the Big Empty

    1. After the cut scene, you will be equipped with a patient gown and awaken on The Sink Balcony. Your first task is to figure out where you are.
    2. Move right along the balcony to acquire Sunset Sarsaparilla from the vending machine. You will also find bottle caps, Nuka Cola, ammo and other bartering goods in nearby metal boxes around the corner.
    3. Return to where you first arrived in the level and open the door to The Sink. Inside this room will be a workbench to your immediate right and a reloading bench on your immediate left. You will be unable to interact with any of the room’s equipment due to the loss of personality files.
    4. Search the kitchen and bedroom on either sides of the area for food and workbench materials. You will also find new attire in the form of mad scientist scrubs on a shelf in the bedroom and a hot plate in the kitchen.
    5. Move into the room with two glowing elevator doors and open the right one to enter the Think Tank. As soon as you enter this new area you will be unable to draw your weapon for unknown reasons.
    6. Walk forward through the hallway ahead and up the ramp. Upon reaching the area above, approach the floating holograms in front of you to meet Doctor Klein and his minions.
    7. Choose the question that asks “What is this place?”, then after Doctor Klein demeans you, ask about the big monitor to meet Doctor Mobius.
    8. After Doctor Klein and his minions work out a plan, ask about your brain to acquire the Brainless “Perk”, which raises your resistance and Damage Threshold percentages. If your Medicine meets the requirements, you can ask your robotic captors to fix your pain.
    9. Ask about the surgery performed on you to acquire the Heartless “Perk, which makes you immune to poison, raises the effects of healing items and lowers the accuracy of robotic enemies. You will also then receive the Spineless “Perk” which increases your Strength and Damage Threshold.
    10. Ask where the your brain is so that Doctor Klein will ask for your help, then ask about stopping Mobius. Aagree to help to complete this quest and learn more about your next one.

    Picking Your Brains

    1. Ask about what you need to find, then tell them you’re getting started now. Next, ask about the pylons and refuse to hear anymore about them after that. Tell them to hand over a gun to acquire the Sonic Emitter.
    2. Continue asking questions that drive towards ending the conversation until Doctor Klein has finished speaking and moves away from you.
    3. Move up the stairs ahead and talk to Dr. Klein to activate the “Picking Your Brains” quest. In this quest you will need to talk to each of the four robot minions on the ground level.
    4. Once you have started conversations with Dr. 8, Dr. Dala, Dr. Borows and Dr. O, you will have acquired a long list of new quests, while also completing the current one.

    He Came…And Went

    1. Ask Dr. Klein about the last visitor during your conversation with him to complete this quest.

    He Came…And Went

    1. Ask Dr. O about the attack on the Think Tank during your conversation with him to complete this quest.

    What’s in a Name?

    1. Ask Dr. O about his name during your conversation with him to complete this quest. You will need a certain amount of Speech and Intelligence points in order to ask the right question.

    Coming Out of Her Shell

    1. Ask Dr. Dala about the way she’s looking at you during your conversation with her to complete this quest. You will need a certain amount of Perception points to ask the right question.
    2. You can also get an answer by presenting her with a teddy bear and then performing some average bodily movements.

    All My Friends Have Off Switches

    1. Before beginning this quest, search the rooms on the upper level to acquire supplies and new attire. There is also a chemistry set on the ground floor that you can use to stock up on stimpacks.
    2. Move back down the incline, then open the elevator door on the left to re-enter The Sink. Acquire what you must from the vending machines ahead and continue into the next room.
    3. Talk to the Sink Central Intelligence Unit in the center of the room to acquire Sonic Emitter – Revelation. Ask whatever questions you want to learn more about the device and its functions concerning personality holotapes and modules.
    4. Use the SCI Unit to buy necessary supplies and ammo or repair any equipment that needs servicing. When you’re done, return to the elevator room and open the door on the left to reach Big MT.
    5. During this quest, you will need to acquire the missing modules for the Sink, Auto-Doc and the Biological Research Station. These modules are located in three separate facilities in the level and can be picked up in whatever order you choose. Two of the three sites can be found close together on the opposite side of where you exited the Sink so it’s probably more efficient to travel to the more isolated location first.
    6. Follow the quest marker southeast and down into the canyon to avoid Nightstalkers and Lobotomites. Continue in this direction until you can move onto the large pipeline in the corner of the canyon. Watch out for areas of the pipeline that are rigged with booby traps as well as enemies that fire at you from below or on the surrounding cliffs.
    7. Walk across the pipeline to discover the Y-17 Medical Facility and enter the door marked with a red star symbol. Once inside, move forward to open the next door ahead and enter the main room.
    8. As you enter the room, use your Sonic Emitter to momentarily disable the robotic Doctor Orderly in the corner. He will only remain incapacitated for a few seconds, as indicated by the electricity flowing around his shell when he collapses to the ground, so move quickly to the stairs on your right.
    9. Incapacitate or eliminate the enemies at the top of the steps, then move quickly to avoid the flamethrower that fires at you from below. Turn right and pick up the Auto Doc enhancement inside of the locker by the railing.
    10. Move up the stairs to the next floor and eliminate or incapacitate the nearby robotic enemies. On the desk to the right of staircase, you will find the Sink Project: AutoDoc next to the typewriter. Pick up any supplies in the lockers, boxes or desk drawers, then make your way back to the ground floor.
    11. Eliminate the Doctor Orderly with your Sonic Emitter, then move to the corner of the room with a desk and chair. Take the Auto-Doc Upgrade off the desk.
    12. Pick up what you can off the robots you disabled and exit the building the way you came. There is a workbench to the left of the desk in the corner if you need it.
    13. Once you are outside, move right over the destroyed chain link fence to discover Boom Town and eliminate any cyber dogs in the area. When all enemies enemies are put down, travel west to return to the Sink.
    14. Move around to the opposite side of the Sink and follow your quest marker to the closer of the two remaining locations. From a position that faces the elevator doors, move left around the facility to avoid a greater number of enemy threats.
    15. If you do run into a barrage of fire that you are unequipped for, stay behind the smaller buildings around the edge of the platform for cover. Continue moving to avoid taking damage until you can jump down into the canyon that leads to your objective.
    16. Continue following the quest marker into the lowest part of the canyon to discover the Magnetohydraulics Complex. Open the door in the canyon wall to enter a flooded cave area.
    17. Move forward into the main cave area and head down the stairs to reach the catwalk. Enter the room to your left and approach the desk on the opposite side of the room.
    18. Pick up the Sink Project on the desk and any other supplies in the lockers, cabinets or crates in the room. You may also drink from the water that floods the area to slowly replenish your health to maximum capacity.
    19. Before leaving the complex, you can enter the water by following the catwalk around to its submerged section. Check the entire underwater area for lockers, crates and drawers to acquire necessary supplies. Just make sure you come up for a breath of air every now and then.
    20. Once outside the complex, follow the quest marker left through the narrow canyon walls until you reach a tall metal staircase. Once you see this structure, turn left and eliminate Mister Gutsy on the small hill to your left.
    21. Climb the metal staircase to discover the X-22 Botanical Garden. Continue following the stairs until you reach an entranceway that leads to a pair of relentless and fast-moving Patient Zeroes. At this point you’ll want to equip one of your more powerful and accurate weapons.
    22. Step back away from the entrance once the Patient Zeroes have honed in on you and eliminate them as quickly as possible by taking out their legs first. Do not move back down the staircase as there may be more Mr Gutsy waiting for you at the bottom.
    23. Once the Patient Zeroes are defeated move to the hot plate by the steps and pick up the Sink Project to the right of it. You will now be charged with a quest to find the modules for the jukebox and light switches.
    24. Before leaving the area, move back down the first metal staircase and continue around the base of the Botanical Garden to find a truck laying on its side. Search the area to find crates and lockers filled with ammunition.
    25. Follow your quest marker east through the canyon to discover and enter the Forbidden Zone Dome Entrance. Continue towards the train cars on their sides and move left to discover the Big MT North Tunnel. Open the gate inside to enter the inner tunnel.
    26. Enter the door on your right and pick up the light switch next to the tool box on the shelf ahead. Exit the room and the tunnel, then travel to the Y-17 Medical Facility.
    27. Once you have reached the facility, turn around and move down the pair of staircase to the left, then follow the quest marker across the canyon to discover Higgs Village. Enter the door to the village and move right along the catwalk.
    28. Use the stairs to reach the ground floor and follow the quest marker southeast to enter the house with the loudspeakers over the door. There is a super stimpack in the fountain at the center of town if you need it.
    29. Move up the stairs and enter the room with all of the retro electronics. Take the jukebox module off the desk and enter the bedroom next-door. Pick up the audio sample off the nightstand and sweep the area for other supplies, then exit the house.
    30. Before leaving the village you can jump from the metal catwalk to the roof of a nearby house. Continue jumping across the accessible rooftops to search them for high quality supplies.
    31. Exit the village and follow the quest marker southwest to discover the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array. Drop down to the lowest part of the canyon and enter the door that leads inside the antenna.
    32. Open the door ahead and disable the Protectron on the ground floor by firing into its torso. Enter the room and disable the Protectron on the level above, then move left and acquire the light switch module in front of the coffeemaker on the desk.
    33. You will now be charged with finding the missing modules for the Toaster, Muggy and the Book Chute.
    34. Make a sweep of the ground floor to collect supplies and the BB Gun, then do the same on the level above. Eliminate the Protectron on the next set of stairs to reach and find supplies on the third floor, then exit the satellite through the door on the third floor.
    35. Before leaving the antenna, you can use this opportunity to complete the X-2: Strange Transmission quest which is outlined later on in this walkthrough.
    36. Once you are outside the antenna, follow the quest marker to the northwest. Continue along the ledge of the mountain until you discover the Cuckoo’s Nest, then follow the path around to enter the cave above.
    37. When you are inside the Cuckoo’s Nest, quickly take the path to your right before the Lobotomites and Test Subjects hone in on you. Take the Toaster module from between the two skulls on the altar and exit the cave as quickly as possible.
    38. Travel east to Higgs Village and enter the compound. Move to the ground floor and follow the quest marker to door #101, then enter the house.
    39. Climb the stairs to the second floor and enter the office with the large glowing TV. Pick up the Book Chute module and Dr. Klein’s glove off of the desk, then sweep the rest of the house for supplies before exiting the house. Make sure to check behind the bar in the living room for a hefty supply of booze.
    40. Exit the village and quick travel to the Magnetohydraulics Complex, then follow the quest marker southeast through the train yard. Move towards the large white building on the cliffs above to discover the Loading Station.
    41. Follow the path around and uphill until you are level with the large white building. Follow the quest marker towards the truck parked out front to discover the Securitron De-Construction Plant. Be wary of any Lobotomites who may attack from behind you.
    42. Jump into the bed of the truck and pick up the Muggy module off the floor, then quick travel to the Sink Balcony and enter into the inner chamber.
    43. Talk to and activate Auto-Doc, the Book Chute, the Light Switches, the Toaster, the Jukebox, the Biological Research Station, the Sink and Muggy to complete the quest.
    44. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Making Friends – Re-activate all of the Sink’s robotic assitance.

    X-2: Strange Transmissions

    1. Travel to the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array and enter through the door.
    2. Climb the stairs to reach the third floor and use the ladder in the middle of the catwalk to reach the satellite dish.
    3. Move up the laddered support beam by the metal box to acquire the X-2 Transmitter antenna and complete the quest. Before you can travel to your next destination, you will need to eliminate or escape the army of robotic scorpions that crop up around and inside the antenna.

    A Brain’s Best Friend

    1. By completing this quest you will also complete or fulfill tasks in X-8: High School Horror!, Sonic Emitter Upgrade and X-8 Data Retrieval Test
    2. Travel to Higgs Village and enter the complex, then move down the stairs to reach the ground floor.
    3. Follow the quest marker to the doghouse beside the rocket ship. As you approach, a small monster called Stripe will emerge to attack you.
    4. Since Stripe has an extremely high threshold for damage, you are better off out-maneuvering and evading him. Once you draw him out, stay on the move and run in a wide circle around the backyard area until he is no longer between you and the doghouse.
    5. Approach the doghouse and quickly snatch up Gabe’s dog bowl, which is laying in front of the entrance. Once you have the bowl, move as far away from the doghouse as possible until Stripe leaves you alone.
    6. Exit Higgs Village and quick travel to Boom Town. Once you have arrived, follow the quest marker to discover the X-8 Research Facility.
    7. Enter the facility and move through the doorway on the right wall. Move down the incline and follow the hallway, then eliminate the two orderlies.
    8. Activate the glowing test terminal on the wall and enter the data retrieval, then select Basic Test. When you are finished, back out of the terminal and move through the door on your right to enter the Testing Facility.
    9. Due to the confined spaces of the Testing Facility, your best choice of weapon is Dr Klein’s glove.
    10. Move through the door marked Hall H and eliminate the cyber dog. Continue through the hall and eliminate the Hall Monitor on the left by shooting its lens.
    11. Continue forward and move through the door at the end of the hall. You can sweep the area for supplies in other hallways and rooms as you go.
    12. Eliminate the cyber dogs in the next room on the right. When you actually move into the room, you’ll have to eliminate another Hall Monitor on the right, so be prepared. Activate the terminal on the teacher’s desk and retrieve the student records before moving on.
    13. Continue down the hall to enter the Library, then eliminate the three Lobotomites. Follow the quest marker to the corner of the room and activate the test terminal to retrieve the student records.
    14. Back out of the terminal and enter the next room through the doorway in the corner. Be ready for two more cyber dogs down the hallway to the left.
    15. Make your next right into the doorway marked stairs and follow the hallway around. Open the door at the end of the hall and eliminate the cyber dog and Hall Monitor within.
    16. Activate the glowing terminal on the right wall if you have enough hacking skills and continue around the walkway to the door at the end. Enter the next hallway and eliminate two more cyber dogs.
    17. Move into the room on the left and activate the third terminal to acquire the student records. If you have the lock picking skills, open the nearby gate and acquire the high quality supplies within.
    18. Exit the room and eliminate the two cyber dogs at the end of the hall. Once they are defeated move through the large door they were guarding to exit the Institutional Facility and gain a new quest.
    19. Activate the glowing terminal to the right and select the three options one at a time to add a map marker. Sweep the room for supplies before you exit through the door in the corner.
    20. Move forward through the hallway and eliminate the Protectrons you come across. Take the next hallway on your right and defeat the Lobotomite to enter the next room.
    21. Enter the doorway marked Residential Observation and eliminate the next Lobotomite you come across. Continue down the hall and eliminate two more Lobotomites in the next room, then activate the terminal in the corner to acquire another quest.
    22. Pick up the holotape beside the terminal before you exit the room. Also make sure you sweep the area to find the first aid kit with an exceptional amount of healing supplies.
    23. Return the way you entered and move through the door marked Exit. Pick up the holotape off the nearby table and move to the terminal on the right wall to begin the advanced test.
    24. Enter through the large door on the right and activate the blue terminal in the corner to download the Pulse Wave Module. You can now use your Sonic Emitter to disable forcefields. Test this new ability on a nearby forcefield to complete the Sonic Emitter Upgrade quest.
    25. Move through the doorway between the trophy cases and disable the forcefield to your left. You will also need to eliminate a Hall Monitor on your right for safe passage.
    26. Collect the three student records in the same as in the previous basic test. The only difference this time is that there will be Protectrons instead of Lobotomites, enemies will have higher thresholds of pain and you will have access to areas cordoned off by forcefields.
    27. Once all three records have been collected, exit the Testing Facility as you did before and return to the X-8 Central Facility. You may now activate the test terminal again and enter the Residential Cyberdog Guard Test.
    28. Enter the large door to your right to being the test and eliminate Gabe as soon as you appear in the new outdoor facility. Pick Gabe’s body of the LAER and other supplies before moving on.
    29. The Principal will now begin a countdown over the loudspeaker. To avoid the explosion, re-enter the Central Facility before he reaches one, then use the terminal unlock the door again. When you return to the outdoor test facility the bomb will have clearly already gone off in your absence.
    30. Move directly right from where you entered and uncover the digging spot past the gap in the picket fence.
    31. Pick up the audio sample and fight off the robotic scorpions that appear on the scene. After a moment or so a message will appear telling you that the frequency sample has been uploaded.
    32. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Spinal-Tapped! – Acquire and upload the frequency sample in the X-8 Training Facility.
    33. Completing the previous tasks will also end the X-8 High School Horror! quest.
    34. Return to the Central Facility and continue fighting off the scorpions as you move towards the building’s exit. Once you are outside, quick travel to the Sink’s balcony and enter the inner chamber.
    35. Enter the Think Tank through the elevator door and talk to Dr. Borous. Return Gabe’s bowl to him when you have enough speech points in order to complete the quest.

    Sonic Emitter Upgrade

    1. Complete the walkthrough for A Brain’s Best Friend to finish this quest.

    X-8: High School Horror!

    1. Complete the walkthrough for A Brain’s Best Friend to finish this quest.

    X-8 Data Retrieval

    1. After completing the walkthrough for the A Brain’s Best Friend quest, follow the quest marker to travel to the X-13 Research Facility. Enter the building and disable the forcefield to your right.
    2. Move through the doorway you just unblocked and open the suitcase next to the desk. Pick up the kennel key and exit the building.
    3. Travel to the X-8 Research Center and enter the facility. Once inside, follow the quest marker to the Kennel Door and open it.
    4. Enter the room and eliminate the attacking Nightstalkers. When they are all defeated, move up the metal steps and activate the Kennel Terminal to release the unusual specimen.
    5. Choose from all of the options on the screen to complete other tasks in this mission, then follow the quest marker out of this room and towards the X-8 Test Terminal. Activate the terminal and enter the Basic Retrieval Test.
    6. Move through the large door to enter the Testing Area and follow the quest markers to recover the three student records as you did before. The difference this time will be the addition of Nightstalker enemies and the terminals will be located in slightly different areas.
    7. Once you have collected all three records, exit the Testing Area and return to the Central Facility. Use the terminal to start the Advanced Retrieval Test and enter the Testing Area.
    8. Acquire the three student records again and exit the Testing Area to reach the Central Facility. You can now access the terminal to retrieve your test results. Once you back out of the terminal this quest will be complete.

    X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!

    1. Travel to the X-13 Research Facility and enter the building. Once inside, move to the hallway ahead and follow your nearest quest marker into Lab 1.
    2. Pick up the prototype gloves off the gridded table and follow the quest marker back into the hall. Enter Lab 2 and pick up the prototype boots off the gridded table. You can also activate the terminal in this room to gain notes on a Sonic Emitter update.
    3. Follow your quest marker into Lab 3 and pick up the prototype chest plate off the gridded table. You will now have access to an Experimental Stealth Suit. Before you leave, you can also pick up the red training manual at the back of the room.
    4. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Cardiac Arrest! – Acquire the Experimental Stealth Suit.
    5. Put on the Stealth Suit to hear a friendly automated voice, then exit the room and make a left to enter the Research Area. Once inside, move forward across the catwalk towards the opposite door. If necessary, use the chemistry set just in front of this door to create more stimpacks.
    6. Activate the security panel by the door to unlock the elevator, then move inside the Testing Lab. Once inside, you can learn more about the situation by accessing the terminal to your left, but it won’t effect your gameplay.
    7. Drop down into the room below and activate the test terminal. Begin the Basic Infiltration Test to continue as well as add a new quest. Enter the door on your left to begin the stealth test.
    8. The object of this test is to move through the hallways without being detected by the patrol bots. You can choose to either disable them from a distance or when they are not facing you as this will have no effect on their detection. If you are spotted, the test will end and you will need to return to the previous terminal to restart the test.
    9. The safest way to complete the test is to use the doors that need to be picked as access points to new parts of the area. You should approach each doorway slowly in a crouched position or from a distance to avoid coming face to face with a patrol bot and being detected. Once an enemy has been disabled, he will remain that way for all subsequent attempts at the test.
    10. If you can complete the test on the first try, good for you. However if you want to get this done quickly, eliminate all patrol bots and Hall Monitors in the area after being detected. Now when you restart the test, you will have no enemies to contend with and can simply reach your destination without hassle.
    11. Follow your quest marker to the posh office area and acquire the document from the wall safe to complete this quest.

    Project X-13 (Optional)

    1. After completing the walkthrough for the quest Attack of the Infiltrator!, travel to the X-13 Research Facility and return to the testing terminal you visited earlier in this building.
    2. Activate the terminal and select the Advanced Infiltration Test. Your objective of obtaining the documents from the office’s wall safe will remain the same, but now you must do so without touching a series of laser tripwires scattered about the area.
    3. The safest way to complete this task is to follow the quest marker back into the office and disable each tripwire you come across. Do this by interacting with the black cylinder that each laser beam emits from. You will need a specific amount amount of science or repair points in order to be eligible for this strategy.
    4. If you want to instead maneuver around each beam, move forward after entering the Testing Area and jump onto the reception desk. Walk along the left end and up onto the bookshelf to drop back onto the ground safely.
    5. Move to the back wall and go right through the unguarded doorway. Vault over the last cubicle on your right continue forward through the hallway, weaving between the lasers that point up from the floor.
    6. Enter the broken door on your left and move back into the hallway via the other door in this room. Move into the waiting room and vault over the computer desk to reach the office’s door.
    7. Once inside the office, hop onto and walk across the shelf to your left. When you are safely back on the ground, open the wall safe and collect the document. Return to the test terminal and replay this challenge again to complete another objective.
    8. Select the Expert Infiltration test and enter the Testing Area. Same deal as before, only this time you have to contend with proximity mines. When a mine is in danger of going off, you will hear a series of beeps that will increase in speed as detonation approaches. By quickly moving to a safe distance, the beeps will eventually stop.
    9. You have the option of disarming each mine by pressing the button of top of it, but this is often dangerous and the mine’s location is sometimes obscure. A more efficient tactic might be to maneuver around the laser beams in the same manner as before only with consistent speed to avoid detonation.
    10. When you reach the room with the broken doors, you will need to disable the mine on the ground to avoid detonation. It’s on your right as you enter, between the two doorways.
    11. Open the wall safe and grab the document in the office to complete the test. Return to the terminal and select the Robot Compliance Test.
    12. This test works in much the same way that the Beginner’s test did, only now you will need to sneak up on each of the enemies to disable them. For speed and strategic purposes, it might be best to dis-arm yourself for this challenge.
    13. After you enter the Testing Area, hop onto the furniture as usual and drop to the right of the shelf to disarm the first mine. Now you can move forward and get a line of sight on the open doorway to the right.
    14. When the patrol has turned away from you, move past the doorway and disarm the mine on the table to the left. You can now enter the cubicle room and disarm the mine on the ground to the left of the second desk ahead.
    15. Return to the previous room and make your next available left to navigate around the beams and enter the room of that first patrol.
    16. Crouch down to avoid detection and move up behind the patrol. Press X bring up the option to disable, then move forward towards the next doorway. Get a safe line of sight on the patrol down the hall and move behind the wall ahead when he turns his back to you.
    17. Disarm the mine on the nearby table and wait until the patrol has turned away from you again. Move down the hall and disarm the mine to the right on the ground before you choose to de-activate him.
    18. Get a line of sight on the patrol down the hall to the left and move towards him when turns his back. Deactivate him before he passes through the laser beam to complete this quest.

    Influencing People

    1. Travel to either of the three locations indicated by your quest markers. Since the X-13 Research Facility would be the only one available by quick travel if you’ve been playing the game conservatively, let’s start there.
    2. Enter the building, then follow the quest marker through the hallways and across the catwalk to move into the Testing Lab. Once inside, move forward into the hallway opposite of you to reach the Bathroom Observation Area, then activate the terminal ahead.
    3. Click through the three options, then back out of the terminal. Follow the quest marker back into the previous hallway and enter the first door on the right.
    4. Activate the terminal in the opposite corner and click through both options, then back out. Follow the quest marker to exit the Testing Facility, then leave the building and return to the outside.
    5. Make your way north to the nearest location indicated by the markers to discover the Big MT North Tunnel. Enter through the gate and eliminate the enemy ahead, then move through the door at the top of the steps marked Authorized Personnel Only.
    6. Eliminate the enemies in the area and enter the doorway in the far opposite corner. Follow the hallway around and eliminate more enemies, then approach the metal shelf within the nook.
    7. Pick up the upgrade beside the duffel bag and exit the tunnel system to return to the outside area. Be sure to sweep the are for necessary supplies before you leave.
    8. Follow your quest marker northwest or quick travel to the next nearest location to discover the Signal Hills Transmitter. You’ll need to climb out of the canyon to an area surrounded by radio towers in order find it.
    9. Enter the building and pick up the upgrade next to the nearest typewriter and any other supplies you need, then return to the outside. Move across and down the catwalk to your right to reach the base of the hill.
    10. Find the are of the hill that you can walk up to reach the peak. You can now drop down on the roof of the transmitter building to collect the upgrade, the LAER and any other necessary supplies. Make sure to stay low as Lobotomites may suddenly appear on the ground below.
    11. Quick travel to the X-13 Research Facility and move into the building. Follow the quest marker to enter the Testing Lab and go forward through the hallway ahead. Enter the first door on your right marked Reception Observation Area.
    12. Activate the terminal in the opposite corner and click through the available options. Back out of the screen and turn around, then enter the next door on your left.
    13. Activate the nearby terminal and click through the available options. You may now exit the X-13 Research Facility and return to the outdoors. Follow the quest marker east or quick travel to the next nearest location to discover Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab.
    14. Enter the building and move forward through the tunnel. Eliminate the Nightstalkers in the area and open the door ahead to take out another one. Feel free to sweep the rooms in the adjoining tunnels for necessary supplies before moving on.
    15. Move into the room and collect the upgrade on the table ahead. You may now exit the building and return to the outdoors. Follow your quest marker northeast to discover the Z-14 Pepsinae DNA Splicing Lab.
    16. Enter the building and move down the stairs. Follow the hallway around, eliminating Cazadors as you go. When you reach the tunnels, continue straight to enter the large door ahead.
    17. Eliminate the Cazador and collect the upgrade off of the operating table. You may now exit this building and return to the outdoors. There is a laser rifle in a room off the adding tunnel as you leave if you don’t already have one.
    18. Follow the quest marker east or quick travel to the next nearest location to discover the X-12 Research Center. Enter the building and use your Sonic Emitter to disable the forcefields. You can now climb down the stairs and eliminate the Master Trauma on the ground floor.
    19. After the enemy is defeated, pick up the dropped Cyberdog Gun and use it to eliminate the enemies who approach from above. Sweep the area for more supplies and a Multiplas Rifle.
    20. Collect the upgrade off the table in the middle of the ground floor. You may now exit the building and return to the outside. Follow your quest marker southwest to discover the Saturnite Alloy Research Facility.
    21. Enter then building and move through the doorway on the left. Eliminate the Crazed Mister hand below and collect the upgrade in the locker to your left. You may now exit the building.
    22. Travel northwest to discover Little Yangtze and climb up the stairs that lead to the watch tower. Enter the door at the top and collect the upgrade next to the coffeemaker ahead. You may now exit the building.
    23. Continue northwest to discover the Construction Site. Arm yourself heavily as you go, because Sentry Bots, Construction Drones and other well-equipped bots will be patrolling the areas in between.
    24. Collect the upgrade next to the second bulldozer on the left behind the crane. You may now leave the area and travel east to the Securitron De-Construction Plant.
    25. Enter through the door in the picnic table area and climb the metal staircase. Eliminate the Securitrons, starting with the one firing missiles, and search their remains to collect the upgrade. You may now exit the building.
    26. Quick travel to the Sink Balcony and enter the inner chamber, then install the upgrades in all of the automated personnel to complete the quest.

    Field Research

    1. Before beginning this quest you’ll need to have at least started the Old World Blues mission to obtain the key to Forbidden Dome Zone Entrance.
    2. Almost all of the items you need to collect in this quest can be found in places you’ve already traveled to, so there shouldn’t be much trouble locating them. You may have even picked some of them up in previous quests while sweeping a particular room.
    3. Your first two location choices are either Higgs Village or the Forbidden Dome Zone Entrance. Two audio samples can be found in the second story rooms of the houses indicated by your quest marker within Higgs Village. The third is on a table in front of Dr. Mobius’ lab within the X-42 Robo-Ware Facility.
    4. There are now three locations to acquire seed samples which must be taken by defeating spore plants. Pick up the first seed sample on the second floor of the Botanical Garden.
    5. The remaining two locations cannot be discovered, so first travel to the Signal Hills Transmitter. Move right across the fallen tower that bridges the canyon and defeat the nearest spore plant to pick up the second seed sample.
    6. Move north past the nearby fountain and walk across the pipe that bridges the gap. There is a mine laid on this pipe so be sure to disable before crossing.
    7. Eliminate the spore plant to your right and pick up the seed sample in the grassy area ahead. You may now return to the Sink.
    8. Once you are inside the Sink, hand off the audio samples to the juke box and the seed samples to the Biological Research Station to complete the final quest.

    Old World Blues

    1. Travel to the Think Tank and talk Dr. Klein to let him know you’ve completed your tasks. Click through the conversation at your leisure until you are charged with going to the Forbidden Zone Dome Entrance. Some topics of conversation will require a specific number of points in areas such as Repair and Science.
    2. Travel to the Forbidden Zone Dome Entrance and enter the door that leads to the X-42 Robo-Ware Facility. It is now time to face the Giant Scorpion.
    3. As soon as you enter the room , the Giant Scorpion will begin to power-on. Take cover in the room to your right and arm yourself with the Sonic Emitter, as it seems to be the only weapon that will do damage to it. It is also a good idea to take some Rad-X if you have any, since the enemy’s weapon cause severe radiation poisoning.
    4. While inside this room, the Giant Scorpion will power back down. Use the nearby terminal to learn more about its weaknesses and send out drones that will attack it. These drones have no effect on the health of the Giant Scorpion but are to be used as a distraction.
    5. As soon as the drones are deployed, the Giant Scorpion will turn away from you. Use this opportunity to leave your shelter and do as much damage as possible with your Sonic Emitter. If he returns his attention to you, take cover in the one of the surrounding shelters. Take this time to heal yourself before returning to the fight.
    6. Repeat this process until the Giant Scorpion is defeated. You may now follow your quest marker up one of the metal staircases in the corner and enter the building to the right.
    7. Move through the building and out the other side, then enter the door on the left. You can also use this opportunity to pick up the audio sample on the table in front of the door.
    8. Once inside, move up the ramp ahead and talk to Dr. Mobius floating around by the monitors on the ground floor. Click through the conversation, choosing the more polite approaches if possible, to learn all the backstory. If you have enough Repair points you can offer to fix Dr. Mobius’ damaged monitor.
    9. After you have finished the conversation, follow the quest marker to the second floor and approach the brain tank. When your the tank suddenly deploys from the top, talk to your actual brain. You’ll need a specific number of points in Speech, Science and Medicine in order to access some topics.
    10. If you do not have the necessary points, choose the topic about compromise and strike a deal. Your brain will reject this, so return to the original topics and tell him he’s coming with you.
    11. Promise to take better care of yourself to learn about the tools you’ll need for the brain surgery. Decide to take your brain with you on the next objective. You can also decide to leave him in the tank and come get him later.
    12. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Make Up Your Mind – Decide what to do with your brain, whether it be to take it with you or leave it alone.
    13. Talk with Dr. Mobius to formulate a plan, then you can either leave peacefully or kill him. If you choose to kill him, he will be gin firing on you and robot scorpions will appear.
    14. Exit the building and return to the outside. You may first want to sweep Dr. Mobius’ lab for supplies in the rooms on the second floor and on the table at the ground floor.
    15. Return to the Think Tank and approach Dr. Klein to talk with him. If you have completed all other quests in this game that deal with his colleagues and have enough skill points, then you should be able to reason with Dr. Klein peacefully.
    16. If you decide to fight, then tell Dr, Klein about the pacification field to start the battle. If you use the Sonic Emitter, it shouldn’t take much time to eliminate Dr. Klein and all of his colleagues. Once they are all defeated, you may exit the Think Tank to complete the quest.
    17. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Outsmarted – Complete the Old World Blues quest.
    18. Once the cut scene has ended you will be rewarded with a Transportaponder, which teleports you between the Mojave and the Big MT whenever you pull the trigger in an outside location.