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Guide To Battlefield 3 The M416

TIME :2022-07-03

In this guide, you will have an overview about M416. You will also learn its weaknesses, strengths and attachments you can use for this weapon.

M416 Overview

Fire Modes: Automatic (default) and Semi-Automatic.

Ammo: 30 rounds

Rate of Fire: 750 RPM

Faction: Both

The M416 is first new weapon you can unlock which is specific to Assault Kit. Because it uses same type of ammo, it is similar to M16A3. However, it fires slightly slower and has less kick back than M16A3.

It is better than the starter weapons of assault players. It is better on short range and close combats like in Operation Metro terminal and in metro station.

It’s not good from range as it is not that more accurate compared to M16A3 plus it is actually hard to obtain head shot in this.


This weapon is great as an Assault Rifle. It is on par compared with sub machine gun in close quarter combats as you may shoot from hip and have each bullet hit with no problem. AK-74M or M16A3 is significantly higher than vertical climb. This can result in difficulty in control when firing many shots at a time.

This is recommended in situations where there is a mix of close quarter and middle range combats like during metro portion of Operation Metro. It is considered as one of strongest guns in that spot of the map.

M416 Weaknesses

One of its weaknesses is not being too powerful in long ranges. To take an opponent out from far distance, you should aim for head shot. Thus, you must practice a lot if you want to hit an opponent in long range.

M416 Set Up

To maximize this weapon’s strengths, its ability of firing rapidly at low kickback should be augmented. To do this, you can add foregrip so that the horizontal kick back will be reduced to nothing virtually. You may also add laser site in order to help you in aiming.

You may also add on scope of some detector for optics to help in aiming as aiming is necessary to take out players in middle range. If an opponent is far, you might have to zoom up to 4x in order to see him closely. To sneak up better on people, use infrared detector and shoot only at players who are far away when you have jump or if your opponents are using shotgun.


The Battlefield 3 M416 is great to use when its strengths are maximized. For close quarters combat, this is excellent as shotguns are not abundant. Taking our players at close quarters will be effective by shooting from hip and it can be as effective when aiming for head.

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