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Runescape Hazeel Cult Game Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Discover the reality behind the Carnillean family fortune. Decide for yourself whether or not to help the Carnilleans in retrieving taken product, or be part of the Hazeel cult members in their mission to resurrect the ill-famed Lord Hazeel.

Head over to the Carnillean Mansion, southwest of East Ardougne Castle, and consult with Sir Ceril Carnillean. raise him what is wrong and he'll tell you that a cult has broken into his house and taken a collection of armor. He'll raise you to come back the armor to him. settle for and he'll tell you to look for a cave entrance to the south.

Head south of the mansion across the bridge then go east past the tower till you see the cave entrance. Enter the cave and consult with Clivet. He'll can say the Carnilleans area unit dishonarable snobs and raise if you wish to be told the reality regarding them. raise him what he means that and he can justify that the Carnillean mansion was designed by Lord Hazeel, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat. However, a few years agone a bunch of Saradomists, including Ceril's ascendant, stormed the house and killed all the Zamorakians within. Hazeel created plans for his come back which day is coming back shortly.

you'll currently tell Clivet that you just aren't curious about his politics and have employment to try and do. He can provide you with a brand new job and asks you to assist him in restoring Hazeel.

you'll be able to currently either value more highly to persevere together with your task for Ceril or facilitate Clivet.

Helping Ceril:

Tell Clivet that you just can ne'er facilitate him and he'll decision you a fool and leave on the near raft. try and board the raft and you will realize that the water current prevents you from following Clivet.

you will currently ought to flip some sewer valves to vary the direction of the water current. Leave the cave and use the map below to direct you to the placement of the valves and that direction to show them.

when you've got turned the valves, return into the cave and take the raft to the cult's den Head south from the raft and consult with the leader of the cult, Alomone. consult with him and demand the armor back. He then reveals that Ceril's pantryman may be a member of the cult and you will give thanks him for sharing that info. He'll say that you just will not live long enough to inform anyone and attack you. Kill him (he is just level 14) and he'll drop the Carnillean armour.

Return to Ceril and provides him the armor. you will conjointly inform him that his pantryman was a spy for the cult. He'll summon Jones the pantryman and raise him to clarify himself. Jones denies it and Ceril believes him. Ceril can take the armor from you and provides jones one,995gp of your reward to atone for the false accusation, going you with 5gp.

To prove you are telling the reality, head upstairs to the butler's room and search the cabinet to seek out a bottle of Poison and Hazeel's mark. Show these to Ceril and a speech can follow within which Ceril queries Jones the pantryman and he can confess to being a part of the cult. Ceril can many thanks and apologise, then provide you with your full reward.

If you conform to facilitate Clivet, he can provide you with a bottle of Poison and and tell you to pour it into the Carnillean's food. come back to the Carnillean mansion and climb the ladder down into the room. Use the Poison on the vary and climb keep a copy the ladder. consult with one in every of the Carnilleans to seek out out that you just have killed their dog.

Return to Clivet and tell him the nice news. He can provide you with Hazeel's mark that appears somewhat sort of a golden image of Zamorak. Wear it, and exit the cave.

Next flip all the sewer valves however the one nearest to the dungeon right.

Return to the cave and take the raft close to Clivet. Follow the trail south and consult with the cult leader, Alomone. He'll tell you to seek out a magic scroll within the Carnillean mansion. Leave via the raft and climb out of the cave.

Return to the Carnillean mansion together with your image still equipped and consult with the pantryman. Then go down the ladder into the basement and search the crates for a Chest Key. Afterwards, go up the ladder and to a different flight of steps. play the wall to seek out a secret passage. Then go up the ladder and use your key with the chest and search the chest to get the Hazeel scroll. consult with the pantryman and leave the mansion.

Go back to the cave and take the raft back to the den. consult with Alomone and he can perform the ritual to bring back Hazeel. Hazeel can then emerge from the coffin and give thanks his followers. He can then address you and when a brief speech, hand you some ancient coins. Hazeel then says he's heading north to 4rsgold RS Gold hitch the opposite Majarrat and regain his strength and power.