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inFamous: Second Son – Heaven’s Hellfire, beat boss He Who Dwells

TIME :2022-07-03



All this mission is is a boss fight but it’s not a particularly hard one. There’s Smoke available and plenty of Neon. We’d recommend Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam combos for this fight.

If you haven’t already upgraded to Laser Focus use your Blast Shards to do so. Use the video beam to launch yourself up to a high platform and prepare to take on He Who Dwells.

The boss is surrounded by smaller angels and whenever these appear you need to deal with them first. You won’t do any damage to He Who Dwells until the angels are taken care of. Once they’ve been dealt with, chip away at his health. Expect the fight to move around and more angels to reappear.

He Who Dwells does a lot of damage but you can avoid all that handing from the ledge on the opposite side of him rather than standing on a platform. You can fire on him using Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam but he won’t be able to hit you.

Once you’ve reduced his health down the platforms will collapse the fight will move over to the other side of the lava. Use video beams to move around and top up on Neon when you need it. Keep up this strategy until he’s down.

You have another Good Karma versus Evil Karma choice here. We went with Good and redeem Eugene to finish the mission.