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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Part 35 – No One Left Behind (Geothermal Caverns: The Pit)

Tomb Raider Walkthrough Part 35 – No One Left Behind (Geothermal Caverns: The Pit)

Head up the hill quickly and over to the right. There are 2 quivers of arrows just ahead so grab them as you cross over to the other side. You will hear 3 Solarii talking. These 3 all have rifles so it is very important for you to stay out of sight for the moment. Wait for the number to be reduced down to 2 and heading toward the Pit. As they go down the hill, pick off who you can with Headshots from the bow quickly. Be sure to also search the right-hand side for the XP Cache and the Third GPS Cache.

Now head on up the stairs and stay close to the stalagmites. There are 2 more Solarii here that you need to deal with. The are playing a game. The light will go out at this point. One will get up to go deal with it. As he does, pick off the one who stayed by the board and then try for a quick headshot on the one moving to fix the light. It is very possible to do.

With them both dead you life will be a lot easier. Head over to the corpse by the board and loot it. After that look on the left-hand side of the board for a Document (Reyes: Dear Alisha). Now head over to the generator and go to the right around the corner. Just to the left of the stairs is an Orange crate you can loot for XP. After that just go up the stairs.

Pause when you get to the first metal cage on the left-hand side, just a little up the base of the stairs. Climb on up the planking, jumping upwards to clear the gap. Get to the top of this little structure and head for the table on the right. There you will find the Treasure Map for the Geothermal Caverns. Now just head all the way to the top of the stairs. You will find the Catacombs Base Camp. Head past the fire and go to the crate on the left of it. There you will find the second Relic. After that turn and look down the stairs. On the right-hand side you will see a Gas Valve. Break it open with the Climbing Axe and then return to the Camp. Shoot a Fire Arrow into it to blast the cage in there free. This will let Lara climb the Northern Wall to work on getting out of here.

Head on down the slope and climb up the Cage and the Wall. Just to the right is an Orange XP Crate. Remember this for now and head toward the part of the walkway with the red trim on the left. Look down below you. There are 2 Solarii talking, wait a little longer for a third to join the group. As they talk launch an arrow into the Natural Gas to the right of the group. Just wait for them all to burn then go for the Orange crate you passed earlier. While you do, use Survival Instinct and you will spot the Fourth Sack above the doorway for the Firestarter Challenge.

With the Orange Crate looted and the bodies sacked head to the North a bit. Look around the right-hand side to find another XP crate and to the left of it you will find the Four GPS Cache. Turn on Survival Instinct and look above Lara. Hanging for the ceiling is the Fifth Sack in the Firestarter Challenge. Just one more to go. Head over to the craggy wall and climb on up it. Be sure to look to the left of the second craggy wall to find a plant that will yield some XP.