Jim Raynor, Renegade Commander Skills and Abilities - Heroes of the Storm

TIME :2022-07-03

Jim Raynor, the Renegade Commander is a hero assassin taken from the Starcraft franchise. This former Marshall has survived everything the universe has thrown at him. He alone represents a beacon of hope among the enigmatic aliens and monsters and fights for justice in the cold and dangerous world. Raynor's abilities allow him to keep his enemies at distance while dealing them damage and he can call on aerial support to take down enemies and forts with ease.

Background: On Mar Sara

Jim Raynor was a marshal on Mar Sara during the first Zerg incursions on that world. Despite his brave fight against the alien aggressors and the many lives saved, he was arrested by Confederate forces on the pretext of having destroyed the Backwater Station. When he was then freed by Arcturus Mengsk of the Sons of Korhal, a group of anti-Confederate revolutionaries, Raynor chose to fight on their side. 

Mengsk's hunger for power and his lack of scrupules began to worry Raynor. Finally, Mengsk betrayed his own lieutenant, Sarah Kerrigan, and his ruthless manipulation of the Zerg to attack Confederacy controlled worlds showed Raynor that Mengsk was no better than his oppressors that he sought to overthrow. Raynor led a revolt within the ranks of the Sons of Korhal and seized Mengsk's personal flagship, the Hyperion, as well as a little fleet of vessels. In attempting to save Kerrigan from the Zerg planet Char, Raynor encountered the Protoss and gained the respect of the valliant Executor Tassadar. Raynor's honesty allowed him to build a bond between Tassadar and the Dark Templar Zeratul.

Raynor and his troops continued to battle on the side of the Protoss in several campaigns and played a key role in the fight against the incursion that followed. Fate had it that Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk and the Queen of Blades, the being reforged from Sarah Kerrigan by the Zerg, became temporary allies. Although these two tyrants fought a common enemy, it was only a question of time before their tenuous alliance collapsed. In the end, Kerrigan turns against her allies and strikes the first blow. Many of Jim Raynor's comrades died as a consequence. 

Raynor escapes the massacre and vows revenge, even if against the force of the Swarm and the vast psionic powers of the Queen of Blades his chances seem slim (at best). Finally, exhausted and disillusioned, Raynor returns to Terran space to lead a resistance movement against the spreading power of Arcturus Mengsk and the Dominion. Over the years this fight did not go well. Arcturus Mengsk used his best weapons -oratory, the media and propaganda- to marginalise Raynor's efforts.

Raynor's Raiders remained public enemy number one of the Terran Dominion. Mengsk sees Raynor's existence as a challenge to his authority. However, Mengsk is also wary of creating a martyr by having Raynor assassinated, so he has taken keen steps to make sure that Raynor and his followers are constantly hunted and harried, denying them any respite. 

Years of skirmishing with the inexhaustible resources of the Dominion have whittled down Raynor's forces to a shadow of their former selves. Raynor had to resort to mercenary work just to gather enough funds to repair his equipment and rearm. Freedom isn't free.

Abilities: We need air support!

Ideal for beginners, Raynor is an easy character to play who only has one skillshot. The rest of his spells are only buffs or heals to make life easier for him and his allies. He's a difficult character to kill thanks to his bump and heal that allow him to escape some tricky situations. His heroic abilities offer him either single target summon with average damage or a difficult to control but devastating aerial support.

(Passive) Lead from the Front

Lead from the Front

- Target: Raynor

Enemies killed within a short time of being damaged by Raynor reduce the cooldown of his abilities by 1 seconds. Enemy Heroes killed reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds.

(Q) Penetrating Round

Penetrating Round

- 60 Mana
- Skillshot
- Cooldown: 12 seconds

Fires a high powered round that deals 525 (107 + 22 per level) damage and knocks away all enemies.

(W) Inspire


- 50 Mana
- Target: Raynor
- Cooldown: 12 seconds

Raynor buffs himself for 20% bonus attack speed and damage for 8 seconds. Nearby allies gain half of this bonus while near Raynor.

(E) Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

- Passive
- Target: Raynor
- Cooldown: 45 seconds

Automatically activates to heal Raynor for 960 (200 + 40 per level) when he is below 30% health. Can only occur once every 45 seconds.

(R) Hyperion


- 100 Mana
- Area of effect
- Cooldown: 120 seconds

The Hyperion slowly travels forward, dealing 500 (120 + 20 per level) damage per second to a random enemy target in its path. Lasts for 12 seconds.

(R) Raynor's Raiders

Raynor's Raiders

- 100 Mana
- Invocation
- Cooldown: 100 seconds

Summons two cloaked Banshees that follow Raynor for a short time and attack what he attacks. Each Banshee attacks for 2 volleys of 60 (12.5 + 2.5 per level) damage each.