HearthStone Guide: Basic Rogue Deck

The basic Rogue deck is based on control of the table and good mid-game creatures! You will need to use your spells and your weapons to clear the board so that you always have the advantage on the table! Then use your biggest creatures to finish off your opponent! You have a lot of spells that you can use to rid yourself of the big enemy creatures, this is the strength of the deck!  

The Key Cards

It's all about controlling the table by saving your own creatures, you'll be using your spells and weapons to clear the table, and the creatures to assault your opponent to their death!

• Backstab

A very good spell, very efficient against 1-2 drops and one that costs you nothing! You can easily take the lead on the board with this card because you can clear a monster while playing a creature yourself! If you have a Backstab in your hand in the early game then you're set!

• Sap

A very powerful card for only 2 mana, quite simply it allows you to skip your opponent's turn! If he summons a big creature, don't hesitate to bring it out so that his turn is 'lost'! You can also use this card to remove a taunt from the table!

• Assassin's Blade

A very good weapon, it only has 3 attack points but 4 durability, so you can use it several times! Plus if you use a Deadly Poison with the Assassin's Blade you potentially add 8 extra damage to your weapon! However watch out for the Acidic Swamp Ooze with counters this card!

• Assassinate

The most powerful remover for the Rogue: You simply destroy the enemy creatures! So, for example, you can instantly destroy a creature with a Devine Shield! Note that effects depending on damage taken won't be activated (for example if an Acolyte of Pain is destroyed by this card your opponent will not be able to draw a card).

The Full Deck

The rest of the deck is made up of neutral creatures that allow you to deal the damage you need to kill your enemy! You will also have a few 'draw' cards so that you are never short of... cards!

Rogue Deck

Mana Card Name Quantity 0 Backstab 2 1 Deadly Poison 2 2 Sap 2 2 River Crocolisk 2 2 Novice Engineer 2 2 Acidic Swamp Ooze 2 2 Bloodfen Raptor 2 3 Fan of Knives 2 3 Shattered Sun Cleric 2 4 Chillwind Yeti 2 4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta 2 5 Assassin's Blade 2 5 Assassinate 2 6 Boulderfist Ogre 2 7 Sprint 1 7 Stormwind Champion 1

Standard moves of a game

Turn 1 

Nothing much to do if you don't have The Coin, otherwise, try to use a  River Crocolisk or a Raptor!

Turn 2-3

You should play your first monster or control the board with a Backstab, your weapon, or even your weapon coupled with the Deadly Poison!

Turn 4

Try to play a big creature like a Chillwind Yeti or a Sen'jin to protect yourself!
Continue to clear the board with your spells if you can.

Turn 5

If you have your weapon, equip it to clear the board and attack with your creatures! You can also use an "Assassinate" on a big enemy creature or return it to your opponent's hand with a “Sap"!

Turn 6 

You should play a big creature or two little ones to strengthen your position on the board! Use your spells to get rid of enemy creatures!

Turn 7+

Try to keep your creatures alive to finish off your opponent! You can buff your board thanks to the Stormwind Champion or draw 4 cards with your Sprint if you have a weak hand! Use your spells and weapons wisely to win victory!

Strengths and Weaknesses

The + of the deck 

 Has some good removals to help you clear the board

The - of the deck 

 Quickly runs out of creatures!
 Struggles in the late game, especially against big creatures.