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Dust 2 - Pro Tips - Ultimate Guide To How To Defend In Dust 2

TIME :2022-07-03

What this guide is about

You will know if you been playing casual maps that most of the time you will be playing on Dust 2 or Inferno. It is always good to learn very corner of the map before going into competitive matches. The one this different about casual vs Competitive is that it is a lot more team based and you must talk to your team. In this Beginners Guide, you will learn how to defend as a Counter Terrorist and how to attack as a terrorist as a team. If no one is taking charge of you team this is your chance to be a team leader, just don’t talk too much as listening to footsteps is as vital.

The Map

So bellow is the map of Dust 2. You might think there is a lot of writing all over it and that there is a lot to remember, but you will soon pick it up very easy as a lot of the names make sense. You should go back and forth to this map if you don’t understand the names.


Player placement in defending in Dust 2

A - Bomb site

There are 3 ways the Terrorist can get into A bomb site, they are; Long A through the Long Doors, Short and CT spawn.

You want to have 2 players at A-bomb site, one covering short and one covering long

Defending A-long

The best place you want to be in to cover long is around the A Plant. This allows you to spot the enemies if there coming then drop down to Lower Ramp to pick them off one by one just like the images below.


A Plant


CT Ramp

Bad Places to Defend

You might see a lot of people camping in places such as; cars, Top of long A and even Pit. These are ok places if you playing against rubbish players but as you progress people will know where you are as there obvious spots and hard areas to escape from.


A Car

The bad place about the car is that there is nowhere to run. You stuck in this position you can be shot at CT Ramp and Short. It is an obvious spot too so it the first place The Terrorist will look when running down A LONG.



Another bad spot even is you think it is good. A lot of the time enemy snipers will go into PIT which makes it a lot more difficult for you to kill them than it is for them to kill you. You wish to use a sniper on Dust 2, then been on A Plant is you best bet


A Plat

Where the crosshair is, watch out for sniper there. The person in MID should be giving out warnings before you get shot at SHORT.


There is only one good place to be in when covering MID. MID is one of the most important places on Dust as you can cover Double Doors, watch if there going short and Backup A & B bomb sites.

Below should be the only place you need to be watching.



So this will allow you to cover MID and watch out for short if they start coming into MID then back up a bit into this position.

MID Defend


Remember you are the back up for whatever side is been attacked

Bad Place to cover MID

There are a couple of bad places to stand when defending in mid there are some of the worst places to be in

B boxes

B Boxes

Good place if there coming MID as it provides better cover, but there is no way to know if there going SHORT A. it is better to know where they are going and get killed than not knowing at all



Another bad place to be is WINDOW when covering MID due to the same facts that you can't give information that there going SHORT. Pluss its a lot harder to Hit players at long range due to the games recoil what is even worst is that you can be killed really easy at B TUNNEL so its best just to stay away.

A SITE has Been attacked

If they are going Long, move into CT – RAMP as shown in CT RAMP image. If there going short, quietly move around onto CAT and come up behind them be careful though as its bet to hold off until they start attacking A site then move in.

Before attack


When Attacking

Short A

B-Bomb site been attacked

There are a couple of ways you can defend B bomb site when it's been attacked one of the places I like to stand is just outside of the site.

B doors

You can hang out just outs side B site as you can pick them off as they come across your screen.

Outside B doors

Defending Bomb Site B

Double stack

Great place to have a sniper but also very good with an M4. You can shot them before they realise where you are and before you know it you have killed 2 or 3 people.

Double Stack

Just outside the Closet

Out of the Closet 

This is a very good place because as there concentrating on shooting the guy at double stack you can come around the corner and pick them off. Even better though is to hold off and wait for them to near the entrance for easy headshots. Here you can also cover yourself from flashbangs by covering your eyes in the corner.

Bad places in B site

There are not many but stay away from the back of B.

Back of B Plat

This is a bad area as the terrorist can get to TUNNEL faster than you can get into place. Although it is a typical sniper spot, the Double stack is a better spot to snipe from. If you really want to get into that area throw smoke then try and get into position. As you Rank up and play against most experienced players, they will easily get to B TUNNEL faster than you can get into place. If you do get into this area, watch out for Mollies as you will have nowhere to run and smoke will make you useless in a Fight.

B site Car

Another Good spot for beginners but way to obvious and will get you killed easily as there is nowhere to run again. It is the first place the Terrorist will look so try and stay way from this area. The best place to stay is just in front of this area at just outside the closet and only move bad to this area if things get too hairy.

B Site Car


So now you know how to position yourself to defend in Dust 2. It should help you out a lot if you don’t know where to go while playing Dust 2. In a more advanced guide, I will explain further on smoke flash and Molly throws for CT. If you think that there are better spots to be stationed, then don't be afraid to sign up to Eclypsia here and comment below we love to hear from you.