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CSGO profile rank guide

TIME :2022-07-03


When the game first was released there was only a competitive rank system. This year (2015) brought the operation bloodhound which brought missions and new updates. The update allowed casual player to start gaining a rank just by playing the game.

Although the missions were for a limited time, the ranking system is here to stay. It allowed players to gain ranks to a similar system to Call Of Duty each rank earned a random weapon skin drop or the case would happen at the end of the match. It was supposed keep casual player playing the game because the one you get to level 40 you receive a badge of honour.

The new ranking system also came around to stop hackers and smurfs. Players must now reach rank 3 before been able to player competitive matches, even more annoying for all you newbies you will only be allowed to win 2 competitive matches per day until you have a rank (win 10 matches)… argh. So overall you will now have to play and win 2 matches every day for 5 days to be able to play whenever you want. You might hate that now and think you are getting punished, but it really is not fun playing against smurfs and hackers as it hinders your rank progression to get into a competitive match where either team can win or lose.  

How to level up fast

Leveling up from unranked to 3 can take a long time especially if you don’t have or there is not at that moment in time an operation. Here is the ranking system for profile rank.

Game mode
XP Multiplier
Deathmatch 0.2*score Arms Race 1.0 * score Demonlition 2.5 * score Casual 4.0 * score Competitive 30 * rounds won

The is no simple trick to levelling up fast but if there is an operation happening then doing the missions is the fastest way. This will cost you at least £3.99 but totally worth it and they are fun. If there is no operation happening, then playing in Competitive and winning will be your fastest way to level up and gain you random drops (drops common to rare stay the same whatever rank you are). for people leveling up to rank 3 then Casual is the way to go. make sure you are killing alot of people each match as your score is based on kills not wining the match. 

Additionally, at the beginning of the week players are given a Bonus XP Multiplier



What happen when I reach level 40

If you are dedicated to CSGO and reach Global General, then you will receive a service medal for all of your hard work. You will need to click on get service medal in the menu system. Once you do you will be greeted with this.

There is no limit on how many medals you can get, but they take a long time to achieve so good luck on your journey.