Anticipation for Video games : Modern Warfare 3



Call of Duty

Video games have taken over the entertainment industry by storm. The Call of Duty series has particularly claimed its spot in the industry with its creative productions that have drawn the attention of many a video-game player. Currently, players are eagerly anticipating the debut of the Modern Warfare 3 game set to take place in the fall of 2011.




The storyline takes the player to a World War II modern-day setting. This has been consistent through the game series, beginning with the original Modern Warfare, where civil war breaks out in Russia. In Modern Warfare II, a terrorist attack takes place in Russia, which is mistakenly blamed on the United States leading to Russian forces invading the US. Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is rumoured to continue with the same storyline, with a world crisis coming as an aftermath of the US invasion. Russia expands its offensive to European countries including England, Germany and France.


Release Date

The Modern Warfare 3 Release Date has been set for the 8th of November this year. Call of Duty MW3 is predicted to be one of the biggest entertainment events of 2011. It is believed that this latest development will make more money than any blockbuster movie release. This will be followed by downloadable content that will be made available to consumers. This alone is expected to generate millions of dollars throughout 2012.


Pre order

Since the game has already attracted the attention of many, the stores will in all likelihood sell out on the first day. To make it easier for buyers, they can Pre Order Modern Warfare 3 3 from stores that will have the game in stock. Buyers are encouraged to make their orders once the retailer accepts the COD MW3 pre-orders.


Game play

Consumer demands have been put into consideration in the development of MW3, and a new survival mode has been featured, where up to two players will be fighting level after level of increasingly difficult enemies. Enemies will spawn around the player as opposed to spawning at fixed locations, which means that the player can be approached from any tactical advantage position. This will require increased accuracy and taking less damage in order to survive.


Online ForumThe Modern Warfare 3 forum is an online resource for fans, with blogs and news keeping them up to date with the latest developments. Fans can visit the site to watch the MW3 Trailer that was released in May.