Skyrama: Important Info Regarding In-Game Event

Arrrrr! The pirate event is officially underway in the free-to-play airport manager, Skyrama. There seem to be a number of questions floating around relating to the rewards and other features of the event. We have collected the questions and answers for you here!

The time has come to load up on muskets and send your enemies to the bottom of the sea because the Pirate Event has started. However, what do you get for all of your hard work? How much do the various reward items cost? Below is a breakdown of the rewards and the cost of each one...
DecorationDetailsHeins Palm Grove20 Pirate Coins+6 Passenger1 SpaceTreasure Island40 Pirate Coins65 New Passengers Every 30 MinutesTropical Storm30 Pirate Coins2.2% Increase in Prep Speed1 Space
Aircraft/HelicopterDetailsSmall Cargo70 Pirate Coins20 Min. Flight Time150 Cargo and 7 XPMedium Cargo80 Pirate Coins1 Hour Flight Time210 Cargo and 13 XPHelicopter Cargo100 Pirate Coins4 Hour Flight Time400 Cargo and 28 XPSeaplane Cargo100 Pirate Coins8 Hour Flight Time500 Cargo and 50 XP