Star Wars - The Old Republic: Getting to Know Your Class

TIME :2022-07-03
When your character hits level 10 in Star Wars - The Old Republic, you get to choose an advanced class. Which specializations you get to pick from depends on your base class. Before you make a decision, you should know that each skill tree is associated with a certain role within the holy trinity - meaning the responsibility you have to carry within a group setting. An example: While a Sith Mercenary is supposed to heal his allies, the Jedi Sentinel class gets to be the proverbial meat shield and protect others from harm. Snipers, however, are the ideal damage dealer and can wreak havoc in the blink of an eye.
Base ClassOption 1Option 2Jedi KnightGuardian (DPS)Sentinel (DPS/Tank)Jedi ConsularShadow (DPS/Tank)Sage (DPS/Heal)SmugglerScoundrel (DPS/Heal)Gunslinger (DPS)TrooperVanguard (DPS/Tank)Commando (DPS/Heal)Sith WarriorJuggernaut (DPS/Tank)Marauder (DPS)Sith InquisitorAssassin (DPS/Tank)Sorcerer (DPS/Heal)Imperial AgentOperative (DPS/Heal)Sniper (DPS)Bounty HunterPowertech (DPS/Tank)Mercenary (DPS/Heal)

The Guardian class is able to dual-wield light sabers.