Tera: Campfires Keep You Warm and Healthy

Going on adventures and challenging mythical creatures will drain your stamina. In this sense, Tera is quite similar to other roleplaying games. To save your character from fatigue, you need to regenerate your life force on a regular basis. Campfires are one way of doing that, and more often than not the easiest way to regain your vigor. While renewable fire sources heal you up, you can also use them to create dyes. By throwing charms into the blazing fire, you gain additional buffs. There are two types of campfires that you can get in this fantasy MMORPG:


As the name implies, these campfires are set to one place and cannot be moved. Found mostly in villages or encampments that hold allied NPCs, these fires help you while exploring the vast landscapes that Arborea has to offer. If you are looking for a safe place to rest, stationary campfires are the way to go.


Bringing a fire pit with you gives you a guaranteed safe spot when delving into challenging dungeons. Portable campfires are consumable items that can be bought off of merchants or looted from slain monsters. Keep in mind that you need plenty of firewood to keep the flames going, otherwise it won't be long until you and your friends end up in the cold.

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