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World Zombination Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Lead the Zombie Horde to Success

World Zombination is a tower defense mobile game by Proletariat Inc., which comes with an interesting premise. You can either take control of a horde of zombies and rid the world of humankind, or join a team of human survivors and defend what’s left of Planet Earth against the zombies. If you’d rather play as a zombie, your objectives would be to destroy cities, spawn more hordes and create special zombies by mutating them. But if you’d rather play as a human, that’s where you’ll be playing more defense, though also “mow(ing) down incoming zombies.” Now, we’ve got a list of World Zombination cheats, tips and tricks that may help you in your objectives, but since it could take a while if we cover both sides, we shall start out with some strategies for those who’d rather play as the bad guys – the zombies.

1. Build A Well-Balanced Team Of Zombies

If you’re looking to make some good progress in this game, you need to have yourself a great team of zombies at your disposal. Many have suggested that you create a team featuring one Boss, two brutes, one Infectonator, one Colossus, one Deliveryman, and one Spitter. That’s actually one of the more basic setups, though you can always replace a rarer zombie with a more common one, e.g. a Titan instead of a Colossus.

2. Train Your Troops

Now, that you know what makes a balanced team, you also should pay close attention to how you train those troops of yours. Aside from your basic lineup of seven, you may also want to have a second squad for battle, which means you should focus on training a maximum of 14 units, but nothing more than that. For regular troops, the first training comes free of charge, so do take advantage of that privilege.

3. Get More DNA By Selling Unneeded Troops

DNA is, as you may expect, one of World Zombination’s most prized resources. However, you can easily get yourself more DNA by selling the units you do not need. Since you don’t need to have a stacked lineup of zombies at all times, you can always sell those you don’t need if it means getting yourself more DNA.

4. Be Smart With Quick Fight

Sometimes you may want to let the computer do all of the fighting for you, and that is possible – by choosing Quick Fight, you automatically win the mission with the highest possible points, provided your Team Power meets requirements. But since that’s going to significantly drain your units’ stamina, what you may want to do is use the team, preferably your second team, with less stamina when opting for a Quick Fight.

5. Plan Your Battle Strategy

There’s no real right or wrong answer about which strategy works best in battle, but there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do, such as to split your team into three groups or more – two will be fine. There are also things you should absolutely do, such as hitting wherever your opponent is weakest. Also be aware of each troop type’s strengths and weaknesses, and when planning attacks, pay attention to the type of land. For example, blue barricades could block long-range troops, thus allowing you to go for a sneak attack.