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Swing Copters 2 Guides and Tricks

Swing Copters 2 Guides and Tricks


This is what you are waiting for especially for those who already enjoy the first release of Swing Copters. In this game, you will see that flying is a serious business as you join copters. In this game, you will guide your pilot to go through obstacles and get as many points as you can. As you continue making progress you are able to recruit additional pilot for your team. The game also has a very simple mechanics to play. First you need to tap to start engine and then wait until your pilot is lifted. To change your flying direction, all you have to do is to tap based on where you want to go. On your way you will encounter different challenges including obstacles and you really need to avoid to for you to able to fly higher. And for your ultimate goal, you need to score as many point as you can. And for you to do that, you can check out some tips and tricks below:

1. Use two thumbs in playing the game. It is true, two thumbs are better than one so when your character is moving right you can use your right thumb to tap instead of using the same finger on both direction. This will makes the game lot easier since you are coordinating your body with the direction that you are turning your copter.

2. Watch the hammers. This is essential in the game since they swing back and forth and you need to move yourself in between hammers. It is also recommend to put a secondary focus on the green rebar and move right through it.

3. Unlock new characters. For you to have access on new characters in game, first you need to spend medal on it while medal can be acquire based on your points. For making a 10 points you will earn a bronze medal, 20 points will give you silver medal, 30 earns you gold and ultimate for reaching 40 points you will get a platinum medal. To your best and you will never get a paper medal corresponds for zero points. The good thing with characters is not they are there for aesthetic but they have stats which deals with vertical speed, horizontal speed and general ease of control. The game comes with the higher of ease of control stat, the more smoothly they tend to change direction when you tap.