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Star Skater Strategy Guides and Tips

Star Skater Strategy Guides and Tips


In this game, you don’t just only cross the road but you can own it by pulling off rad tricks, adding more speed to your game and leave your mark on the road. On your way you can collect lots of cool characters to ensure that you are going to enjoy the game for hours. Just for important notice, if you are experience an annoying crash issue on some low memory devices such as iPad 2, iPad Mini and so on, that is direct issue from the game itself. Developer recommended to play Star Skater on higher version from your end. And now for you to start this game without experiencing any problem, you can check out some tips and tricks below:

1. Don’t forget to collect the time bonuses. In this game, there are three possible stars to earn on every level. And for you to acquire all three stars, all you have to do is to get the highest score as possible and finish the level as fast as you can. Meaning to say, pulling off tricks when possible and speeding through is your priority. And for you to control the pressure, don’t forget to collect bonuses scattered throughout the level. As you collect them, you will see that they are all worth different amounts of seconds and you can tell it by looking at the number above. Basically it range from +2 seconds to +10 seconds. Just try to collect as many time bonuses as possible but don’t risk your life for just a time compensation.

2. Don’t lose your control with your speed. Although the main theme of this game is to play the game as fast as you can but then you must ensure that you always have a control with your speed.Yes it is because just one nick or bump into the sides of the road will make your skater fly in distance. The trick here is go slow down when necessary. Keep in mind that the lower you drag your finger, the sharper your turn and brake will be. So only do sharp brake brakes when necessary as this will really slow you down.

3. Don’t forget to collect free gifts in game. Together with the bucks machine, you can have lots of opportunity to open a free gift package in game. These compensation usually certain around 100 skater bucks which is really very essential in game. And when it comes to bucks machine, you can try your luck to collect better rewards out there. Basically after a level attempt you can check out bucks machines. This feature of the game will let you spend your skater bucks to acquire a new character, board and more. Actually this should be the only way for your skater bucks to be spent.

4. Master the tricks. If you are serious in playing this game, you must master the tricks that come into two ways. First when you are going at a decent speed or around 40 miles per hour, you can tap and hold both turn sides of the screen. And once your skater is parallel to you, you can let go and they will perform a switchflip. This is actually about reversing the side of your skater which will let you acquire couple of points. And the next trick that you should master is when you are about in mid-air. First you need to be fast as you can and when you reach enough speed, you can pull off before you hit the ground the more points you are able to earn.