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Katy Perry Pop Cheats and Guides

Katy Perry Pop Cheats and Guides


After the massive success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood now Glu Games released Katy Perry Pop as this game will feature your own interactive journey from aspiring artist to pop stardom with Katy Perry. Well in this game, you will build your music career and get discover by Katy Perry wherein you will chart your course to music stardom by means of recording songs, making music videos and performing for millions of fans around the world. You can also develop your pop star persona by customizing your pop start look with different hundreds of styles and outfits. And the most interesting key feature of the game is the Katy vision which will let you see the world through Katy’s eyes. And to ensure that you are going to play this game competitively, developer included  game center wherein you can compete with your friends or help them to grow one another as artist. Now to help you with your journey, we decided to share some tips and tricks for playing Katy Perry Pop effectively

1. Complete all quest in game. Though the storyline of the game is pretty linear, there are lots of side quest that you can complete in game. This is actually optional but if you are looking forward to earn advantage by rewards you can acquire on it, you must complete it. Actually this is also serve as guidelines based on how you should progress. If you can complete quest without having any problem, meaning to say you are playing the game effectively. And in case that you get bored of completing the quests that you are given, you can go look around for different character using Katy Vision glasses. Here you are able to find different characters so take advantage with this in-game feature.

2. Unlimited energy cheat. The same with Kim Kardashians: Hollywood, Katy Perry Pop also observes energy which limits their gamers from playing the game. So when you run out of energy, you can’t do anything else until you get your energy back, or unless you gain experience level which will give you an instant refill. But that good thing here is that you can do the Katy Perry Pop cheat so you can have unlimited energy in game. For you to do it, just go to your device time and date setting and change it in advance based on how many minutes you need to wait in order for you to refill your energy instantly. And after you had changed the time, you can go back to the game to check the if the cheat work and this will let you play the game without a limit. Just do the same trick over and over again so you can have unlimited energy.

3. Prepare large amount of energy when doing major task. This is when you are recording a song, or playing a performance since you don’t want to accidentally time yourself out of it by running out of energy. So the key here is to wait for your energy to fill up or complete the quest right after leveling up. You can also grind for experience by playing non-quest performances at Bird Beach or you can do a recording in mom’s garage until you acquire a level up.

4. Getting free gems. If you don’t want the idea of using Katy Perry Pop cheats, you can use gems so you can extend your energy. Well your primary source of gems is by purchasing it from the store or you can get it for free which is sounds more interesting. Well for you to acquire without using your cash, just to go IAP store menu and there you will find two options. First is for you to watch videos or you can complete different offers which will give you a free Katy Gems.