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How to finish events faster in Kendall and Kylie

As you get further and further into Kendall and Kylie, the time it takes to complete events gets longer and longer.

Check out these tips to help you make sure you keep getting that five star rating.

Start when close to leveling up

If you can head into events when you're close to leveling up, you should be able to earn enough experience to push you into the next level and refresh your energy.

You should also make sure you expend all of your energy before picking up the energy drop from leveling up, since it refills your entire meter. Picking it up too early could waste some energy you could use to keep earning stars.

Create some reliable contacts

It isn't explicitly stated in Kendall and Kylie, but it can really help if you have a good amount of contacts to call on to help you complete events.

To do this, you simply need to walk into an area that's populated with random people and talk to them. From there, you can flirt or charm them and they become a contact.

If you flirt with someone, they can then go on dates with you, which can help you grind out experience and followers.

If you charm them, they become a professional contact that you can bring to events with you to perform high scoring actions.

Do high energy tasks

If you have the ability to perform actions at events that cost six to eight energy, it's probably a good idea to opt for those over one to two energy tasks. Generally, higher energy tasks yield more stars more often than lower energy ones.

The only times where you might not want to opt for high energy tasks are if you are near earning five stars (since using more energy for stars you don't need is a waste) or if you want to burn through all of the energy you have in order to step away from the game for an extended period of time.

Have any other tips for finishing events quickly? Share them in the comments!