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How to solve puzzles in Blackbox

TIME :2022-07-03

Blackbox is a unique puzzler that attempts to break the mould by having players interact with their devices in rather unexpected ways.

There are no central game mechanics to speak of, so many will find themselves feeling clueless before too long.

As always, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We don't want to spoil the puzzles though, so guidance here will come in the form of general advice to get you on the right lines.

Look for clues

A large number of the puzzles will provide some form of a clue by way of an icon or even something as subtle as an app permissions notification to access particular functions.

Your first step in your approach should be to study these and try to figure out which device function is most relevant for that particular puzzle.

Identifying similarities

Certain lights are also colour-coded and that's because lights of the same colour are usually solved using similar methods.

So, if a particular function on your device was used to solve a blue puzzle, chances are, that same function will solve the other blue puzzles when used in a slightly different manner.

Pay off through perseverance

Some of the puzzles are particularly cruel, in that they can only be solved under certain real-world conditions.

For these, you should try bringing your phone wherever you go (if you don’t already) and loading the game regularly to check for any changes.

If you’re observant and patient enough, eventually you should be able to notice certain patterns that start to emerge over time.

If all else fails… guess!

If you're unwilling to wait or can't figure out the solution, you might as well experiment, so try tweaking some of your settings or perform some random actions.

Be careful though - we can’t be held responsible for any devices that may be damaged as a result!

Take a break!

For games like these, it's wise to give yourself some respite in order to avoid further frustration - sometimes, inspiration will come naturally given time.

The game wasn’t designed to be beaten within a day, remember this!

Got any more advice for your fellow puzzle-solvers? Share these in the comments!