Who’s the Celeb? Answers to All Levels

Walkthrough and help for Who’s the Celeb? ~ guess the famous celebrity in scrambled pics quiz game!By Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. This game is made for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.
This quiz game is similar to other popular games like logo quiz and icon pop. A pictured is represented for each of the answers, however, Who’s the Celeb answers include fragmented pieces of the pictures that are out of order, so once you get the answer the right picture becomes visible and you can see the picture of the celebrity.

Below are all answers for Who’s the Celeb:

Who’s the Celeb? Answers Level 1-50
Who’s the Celeb? Answers Level 51-100
Who’s the Celeb? Answers Level 101-150
Who’s the Celeb? Answers Level 151-200


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