Crossy Road Cheats: How To Unlock The UK Update Secret Characters

TIME :2022-07-03

Crossy Road, the incredibly fun arcade game developed by Hipster Whale, has recently received a new UK themed update which introduced several new features to the game as well as new characters and more. The update also comes with three mystery characters that cannot be unlocked in the usual way but require players to do something specific to be unlocked.

  • Unlocking Leprechaun

The first secret character is the Leprechaun. In order to unlock the character, players will first have to unlock any other of the new characters so to make clovers appear during regular play. Three-leaf clovers actually do nothing but finding a four-leaf one will allow you to unlock Leprechaun after you die. It may take a while to find one so be patient.

  • Unlocking Nessie

The second new secret character is Nessie. Unlocking the character is quite easy, as she is going to appear in one of the streams as you play. Just jump on her and you will unlock her after you die.

  • Unlocking The Phone Box

The third and final new secret character is the Phone Box and just like for Nessie, it’s really easy to unlock it. After unlocking the first new character from the latest update, a phone box should appear after you have obtained 60 points. Get close to the phone box and you will unlock the third secret character after dying.