G.I. Joe Strike Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Getting Perfect Combos

TIME :2022-07-03

Take control of the legendary Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe Strike! G.I. Joe Strike is a deceptively simple one-touch game. Tap on any side of Snake Eyes to beat down your enemies. Don’t over tap though as you’ll miss and leave yourself open! We’ll help you find your rhythmic combat flow with our G.I. Joe Strike cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch your weapon!

When you’re equipped with a weapon, your attack range dramatically increases. Watch your ammo count and make sure you don’t tap more than you should, because you might end up missing!

2. Keep an eye on the switch indicators!

Some of the tougher enemies can switch sides once you’ve damaged them once. You can tell by the bars above their heads: if it’s blue, they’ll be on the left, and red is right. Sometimes they won’t even try to switch sides, they’ll just have multiple hits. Pay attention and make sure you don’t get tripped up by them!

3. Tap and hold to run!

The game doesn’t mention this until the extraction point level, which is about ten levels in, so we will tell you here. Ever had a supply drop land just out of reach? You don’t need to wait for enemies so you can attack in their direction, you can just tap and hold and your character will start moving in that direction. Make sure not to accidentally attack!

4. Collect the daily surplus!

Every day you log into the game you will be rewarded with a loyalty bonus. Aside from completing boss missions, this is the only other way to earn badges which are needed to buy the better card packs. Don’t miss a day!

5. Don’t tap recklessly!

This game is all about precision and timing. Wait until enemies are in your attack range then tap once to take them out. Tapping recklessly will cause your character to miss, leaving them open to retaliation! If you can finish a level without missing or taking damage, you’ll earn bonus points.

6. Keep going if you’re under level five!

Keep in mind that energy is unlimited until you hit level five, so keep going if you’ve just started! Just start up a level and the game will automatically refill all of your energy.

If you have any other tips or tricks to take down Cobra, leave a comment below!