Magic Duels Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep in Winning

TIME :2022-07-03

Magic Duels is a hot mess at the moment of writing: crashes and connection problems make it almost unplayable, but I am sure that things will change very soon and the game will get fixed. That’s why I didn’t completely lose it after I lost all my progress through the campaign thanks to a connection/server problem and instead decided to come and help you with some Magic Duels cheats and tips to help you keep on winning.

So read this first while the game is hopefully getting fixed and once it’s playable you can put these Magic Duels tips and tricks to good use and destroy your opponents, no matter if they’re real players in online battles or AI controlled-enemies.

1. Force your enemy to lose their cards
This goes especially when playing against the AI, but it’s worth trying in all game modes. The idea behind this tactic is to have your opponent lose a defender while you keep a good attacker alive. In other words, if you have a 2/1 unit for example, together with a 3/1 unit, and the opponent has a 2/2 defender, only attack with the 2/1 unit. If they decide to block that, they lose a card and you have your 3/1 attacker ready to cause more damage next turn. If not, you still cause 2 damage to the enemy!

2. Learn to play cards when they are most useful
Cards with flying or first strike for example, as well as instants, are more useful in specific situations than in others, so play them when they are most useful. There is no point in playing an instant that gives you +1/+1 if you only have cards with 1 health and the opponent has a matching number of cards with 2 attack… Keep the cards if needed and use them only when they really cause some damage and can change the course of the game (because using them at the wrong time can also cause a lot of damage… to you!)

3. It’s usually a good idea to ignore defense
Some say that the best defense is a solid attacking strategy and I tend to agree in this case: don’t let cards out and keep them for defense duties unless you really have to (see #1 and #2) – instead, go on an all-out-attack strategy and force the enemy to defend. If they have no cards left to attack with is better than you having cards saved up for defensive duties!

4. Play through the campaigns
Playing through the campaigns give you better cards in your deck and also takes you through the tutorials which will help you understand how the more advanced features work in the game. Make sure to go through the campaigns – it will help you a lot in future versus battles!

5. Practice makes perfect
That’s pretty obvious here, so keep on playing: the more you play, the better you will understand the game’s mechanics and how each card works (and how to take advantage of their special stats), so play over and over again if you really want to get better.

Do you have other tips and tricks for fellow Magic: Duels players? Let us know by commenting below!