To-Fu Fury Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Enter To-Fu Fury, the only game on the market that has you play as a block of soy product! Yes, you heard right! To-Fu Fury is a challenging puzzle game where you must take advantage of To-Fu’s bouncy body to make it to the goal. Navigate dangerous obstacles courses and collect all the chi as you solve the mystery of the Hoshi clan! We’ll help you on your journey with our To-Fu Fury cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Collect the bonus medals!

There are a total of four bonus medals you can collect on each level. The first one is for simply beating the level, so you’ll get this one no problem. The next one is awarded if you collected every single chi, and the third one is for beating the level within the time limit. The last one is given for completing the level under the move limit. If you manage to get all medals, you’ll be awarded with 200 bonus qoins! However…

2. Don’t worry about collecting the medals in one run!

You can try your best on a level and you might fall just short of completing one medal requirement. Do not fear! When you beat a level, your completed medals will remain even if you attempt the level again. This means that you can get a couple of medals on one run, retry, then focus on the ones you missed without worrying about the other requirements. In fact, you’re going to HAVE to do this on certain levels as getting all the medals in one go is just not possible.

3. Take your time!

On your very first run through a level, it’s usually much easier to not even bother with the time medal. Just take your time! The very first thing you should do whenever entering a new level to is to scope it out. Remember that you can drag your camera around to see the entire level. This will help you plan out your route as you’ll know where all of dangers, obstacles, and chi are.

4. Utilize the metal plates!

On levels where there are metal plates, try to look around. These plates are usually set up so that they take you through a large portion of the level, you just need to angle your shot correctly. Keep in mind that the angle bounces are incredible strict – if you’re just a tiny bit off, you’ll miss the path of chi that is usually laid out for you to collect. Bouncing off these plates correctly are usually great ways to cut down on time and moves.

5. Walk as often as you can!

Don’t forget about your walk move! It’s done by holding down two fingers in the direction you want to move. To-fu will move slowly in the direction you’re going, but it can help with positioning but most importantly it does not count as a move. If you’re just slightly out of position, use the walk to angle up your pings and flings!

That’s all for To-Fu Fury. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!