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TIME :2022-07-03

Tap Titans Hack for Diamonds & Coins – Cheats for iOS & Android

Tap Titans is a free tap-style RPG game developed by Game Hive Publisher, and it is available for both Android and iOS. This clicker game is basically a deconstructed version of role playing games, with a very simple setup, and you will be able to tap your way to the goals of the game.


You can download Tap Titans on Android and iOS for free. If you are downloading this game for iOS, you need to have iOS 5.0 or later, and this game is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This game is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. This game is 87.7 MB in size, currently the game is on version 2.1.8, and this game is rated for people ages 4 and older. You can get Tap Titans in English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Polish. You can also get Tap Titans on the iOS in Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish. If you are downloading this game for your Android device, you must have Android OS 4.0 and above, with the game being 52 MB in size, and it is on version 3.0.4. This game has a low maturity rating, and both iOS and Android have in-app purchases you can make.

In-App Purchases

You can get in-app purchases both on Android and iOS, but these purchases cost real money, and that can get expensive quickly. You can purchase 180 diamonds for $1.99, 500 diamonds for $4.99, and 1200 diamonds for $9.99. You can also purchase 3100 diamonds for $24.99, 6500 diamonds for $49.99, and you can get 14,000 diamonds for $99.99. The diamonds are the premium currency in the game, which means while you can earn some in the game for free, if you want a lot of diamonds quickly, you will need to purchase them through the in-app option.

Tap Titans Hack for Diamonds & Coins

While playing Tap Titans, you’ll want to have plenty of diamonds and coins.  Diamonds can be purchased using real money but many players can not afford to make multiple in-game purchases.  So we’ve added a hack tool for Tap Titans to help with this problem.

The hack for Tap Titans is available for Android and iOS devices and enables players to add unlimited amounts of diamonds and coins to their accounts for free.  You just need to download the hack tool here at AppGameCheats.

Once you download the tool, you’ll see the options menu that is pictured here.


If you dont see the menu appear right away, dont worry.  The Tap Titans hack installs automatically after downloading so it might take a minute or two to show up.  When you see the menu, start by choosing your device type.  Next, type in the amounts of diamonds and coins you want added to your account.

Tap the “Start” button when you’re ready to begin the Tap Titans hack.  It will take about 30 seconds for the tool to finish working.  When it’s done, open your Tap Titans app and you’ll see the diamonds and coins have been added.   Now you’ll never have to worry about buying more diamonds again!


Cheats & Tips for Tap Titans

Upgrade Tapping Power: One of the first upgrades you want to do is upgrade your tapping power. Upgrading the tapping power will increase the damage each of your taps does to the enemy, which means you need to do this as soon as you can so that you won’t have to click nearly as often in this game. You will be able to go through the levels really quickly in the beginning and beat the bosses quicker, but that changes once you start progressing towards the harder levels.


Prestige Early and Often: In Tap Titans, you will need to prestige as often as you can, because this helps increase the amounts of bonuses that you will get from the artifacts. The game will go quicker with each time your prestige, so keep doing it when you can, and it will also allow you to go up to really high levels without doing that much work.

Upgrade Your Champions: You will want to upgrade your champions in order to get more skills and more items for free. You really want to be constantly upgrading the champions because you will be able to eventually unlock special skills later on the in the game, so even in the beginning you want to get used to upgrading when you can. You will be able to increase the base damage of your hero and get various rewards with the more upgrades you do to your champions.

Popups Contain Bonuses: In Tap Titans, you will often see popups and you want to click these every time you have the chance. These popups will contain a bunch of different bonuses that you can use in the game, such as coins or gems. You can watch a video that will also give you more gems, but the popups you just click and you will be able to tap it to get the various free bonuses. These will allow you to earn currency and other items without spending real money, and it adds up over time.


Use Special Powers in Boss Battles: In the game, you will have special skills that go with specific heroes, and you want to use these during boss battles. Some of them are maxing out damage and others will be cloning powers, and just tape the fairy to get the bonuses. These special powers make the boss battles a lot easier and you will be able to beat them without too much damage being done to your heroes.

Review of Tap Titans

When you first load up Tap Titans, you will instantly notice how this is a clicker game without any real strategy or thought involved. You will be able to upgrade your main hero, who is the strongest hero, and the upgrade is usually an increase in skills and attack damage. You will notice that when you fight the titans they get harder each level, which means you need to keep upgrading in order to keep up with the toughness of the enemy titans. There is a fairy that starts flying around when you are fighting, and tapping the fairy will result in a chest being dropped. The chests often have gold and boosts in them, which will allow you to beat your enemies quicker, since a lot of the boosts are damage boosts.


You will also be able to watch ads for diamonds or gold rewards, with the diamonds allowing you summon the Grim Reaper or cut down the hit points of your opponent. You can also use the diamonds to remove the cooldowns in the game, which are the limits placed on the skills of your heroes, and you can’t use the skills until those cooldown periods are over. In terms of the graphics in this game, it is almost like flash-based and it’s really simple, although it does look pretty good considering how simple it really is. Your characters use various skills and like the Heavenly Strike, and the animations for these skills are pretty decent, but it’s not that graphically intense. The background music works for the type of activities you are doing, such as fighting the titans has a certain type of music that puts feelings into the movements you are about to perform. Most of the time though, the music you hear is the attacks of your characters on the enemy and the slashing of the weapons, so it’s not that great in terms of the type of sounds you hear.


Overall this is a game that is a clicker-based game that does not have intense graphics or very intense music. This game does require some skills and strategy, especially as you increase in the levels, since that is when the titans get harder and more difficult. This game though is not really an RPG, so if you are looking for a true RPG this is not that at all. This is more of a deconstructed version of an RPG so it’s almost a simplified version of an RPG, and it is not a game people who are into RPGs would really enjoy. This would be better for a child who is just getting into the RPG genre, because it’s simple, but it’s so simple that you will really just get bored within a few hours and want to uninstall the game.


Gameplay: Tap Titans does not have a very intense setup for the gameplay, so it gets a 6/10 because you will find yourself getting bored with just tapping and clicking over and over again. You get to hear the sounds of the slashing and the other characters attacking the enemies. There are no connection issues or lag in this game, but besides upgrading your hero you will really just be tapping over and over on the enemies.

Music: The music in Tap Titans is decent, but it will not add anything to the game, but it will also not take away anything either. The music is pretty boring and it does nothing to distract you from the game, so it gets a 5/10 overall because it’s just a little monotonous. You do hear the slashing and the various weapon sounds, but it is nothing too entertaining.

Graphics: The graphics is this game are pretty good for a clicker game, but there is nothing that intense in the game or gory, so it’s not a very graphically heavy type of game. Since this is a clicker game, you just tap on your enemy to start damaging their hit point totals, but the combat is not that intense. For the lack of intensity, the graphics of this game gets a 6/10 because it’s a little bland and boring.

Overall: Tap Titans overall is an okay game, but since it is a clicker game, it gets pretty boring pretty quickly. This game is a 4/10 overall because you will find yourself getting bored quickly, because it’s not a real RPG game, and it’s more of a slow-paced clicker game with a few good animations. You will find yourself getting tired of upgrading your main hero so he does more damage to the enemy, and it’s a game that just lacks variety.