Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats & Hack for Coins & Gold No Survey

TIME :2022-07-03

Cooking Dash 2016 Hack for Coins & Gold

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity chef that runs your own kitchen, racing against the clock to try and satisfy the culinary needs of your impatient customers at breakneck pace? Well Cooking Dash 2016 by Glu Mobile will give you the chance to do exactly that! Cooking Dash 2016 is a free to play time management game that has you, the head chef, racing around a kitchen trying to prepare all the meals that your paying customers demand in as little time as possible. It is very reminiscent of the diner dash series, so if you have ever played any of those games then you should feel right at home here.Cooking Dash 2016 has received over one million downloads on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, and currently has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The goal of the game seems simple enough right? Just make the food the customers ask for and bring it to them within the allotted time. Well as easy as that may sound, it is anything but simple. Once more customers come in you will be making 4 different meals at once, with two available stoves, more customers coming in and placing orders, and old customers becoming frustrated with you not preparing their food fast enough, causing them to leave. (Really man, you can’t wait more than 30 seconds for me to cook you a steak dinner? I hope you like your meat rare.) It is a fairly large game, with hundreds of level and plenty of different restaurants to work in.

Cooking Dash 2016 can be connected to both your Facebook and Google Play Games accounts. Signing into both is a simple process that will add more to your overall game play experience. Signing in with Facebook allows you to compete with friends to see who has the best cooking skills and it also will give you a free gold reward for connecting the app to your account. Signing in with Google Play Games will give you access to 15 different achievements and online leaderboards as well as allowing you to save your game to the cloud so that you can access it across multiple devices.

Cooking Dash 2016 Hack for Coins & Gold

Are you sitting there playing Cooking Dash 2016? If you are, then you probably have noticed that you are going to need a lot of coins and gold to get through the game. While you can get these items through the app store, it does cost money, and this gets really expensive quickly. Here at AppGameCheats, we have added a free hack tool for Cooking Dash 2016, which gives you coins and gold

If you look at the image of the Cooking Dash 2016 hack tool below, you will see that the options menu is simple, and you will see where you can input the values for coins and gold.  All of our hacks are no survey and do not require a jailbreak or APK root.


Simply download the free Cooking Dash 2016 hack tool from our website, which takes about 30 seconds, and this hack automatically installs after the download. You then will need to select which device you are using to play, such as iOS and Android. You can then enter the amounts of coins and dozer dollars that you want to add to your account.  No survey or root APK needed!

Simply press “Start” to begin the hack tool process, and this will take 40 seconds or less to finish. Once the hack tool has finished, you can open up the game as normal and you will see that the coins and gold are already on your account.

About Cooking Dash 2016

The first few levels of Cooking Dash 2016 will start you of fairly easily, with only one or two customers asking to be served at a time and only one or two different meals that they are asking for. The game quickly escalated in difficulty from there however. The levels become more and more hectic and as more dishes and customers are introduced it only gets worse. You start off with just steak to serve and then are introduced to more foods to prepare, such as shrimp, chicken, and grilled vegetables. To cook the food you see what each customer wants, bring the food over to the grill, wait for it to finish cooking, and then bring it over to the customer who will leave you money once they have finished. The goals of the levels is to collect a certain amount of money before the timer runs out. Once you have completed the level you will be given a score of one to five stars based on how you performed and if you can manage to achieve a five star score then you will also receive a bonus reward. If you accidentally cook the wrong dish or overcook something you will have to dispose of it in the garbage bin which will also cause you to lose money as well as impacting your score.

Cooking Dash 2016 is a free to play game and after playing it for a while it will become very hard to continue without paying real money. You are not given nearly enough coins or gold (the games two forms of in app currency) from beating the levels to get some of the later upgrades that you will need if you plan on being successful in the game. So although this is technically a free to play game, plan on spending some real money if you want to actually play the game to its fullest extent.

Cooking Dash 2016 is currently sitting at version 1.0.6 and works on both ios and android phones and tablets. It does require that you own either an android device with android version 4.0 ice cream sandwich or later or an ios device running at least ios 7 or later which means that it is only playable on newer devices.
Cooking Dash 2016 has a large amount of in app purchases available for its two different in app currencies, coins and gold. These purchases are almost necessary in order to be able to beat all of the levels in the game. For gold purchases there is a $0.99 option that will get you 10 gold, a $2.99 option that will get you 35 gold, two $9.99 options that will get you 125 or 188 gold respectively, a $19.99 option that will get you 450 gold, two $49.99 options that will get you 1000 or 1500 gold, two $99.99 options that will get you 2500 or 3750 gold, and a $49.99 option that will get you 125000 coins as well as 400 gold. I am not sure why there are multiple, same priced options that give you different amounts of gold and there seems to be no benefit to getting the one with less gold so if you are going to spend the money I recommend buying the one with the most gold. For the coin purchases there is a $0.99 option that will get you 2500 coins, a $2.99 option that will get you 8000 coins, a $4.99 option that will get you 15000 coins, a $9.99 option that will get you 35000 coins, a $24.99 option that will get you 125000 coins, and a $49.99 option that will get you 400000 coins.

Cooking Dash 2016 Cheats and Tricks

While there are no ways to actually cheat in Cooking Dash 2016, there are quite a few tricks and strategies that can be followed in order to be more successful in the game.

Keeping busy during the levels is key. This is a time management game so manage your time efficiently, always have something being cooked or prepared and always be sure to keep your chef moving around so that you do not fall behind on the orders.


Always make sure you have vegetables being prepared even if nobody is currently ordering them. Vegetables are different from the meats as they must be chopped up before they can be grilled which means that they will take longer to make than the meats. If you always are having it prepared then you will be able to have it cooked and served just as quickly as the different meats which will help out tons when you are being bombarded my multiple customers who are running out of patience.

Always be sure to use the resting areas. Always be cooking something and whenever something is done, if somebody hasn’t ordered it instead of disposing of it just place it on a resting area and wait for somebody to order it. this will save you a large amount of time when instead of having to cook somebody something from the start, you already have the dish they want completed.

Whenever a new menu item is introduced nearly every customer will want to order it, so whenever you have a new item, make sure you are constantly making it to save yourself time.


Be sure to take advantage of your ability to carry two items at once. This allows you to be more efficient and busy which is necessary for success in Cooking Dash 2016.

Always focus on the customers with patience bars that go down quicker, you do not want them to leave as that will lose you money and affect your score. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and need things to slow down for a bit for you to catch back up, don’t pick up customers payments as new customers will not sit down in seats with uncollected payments in front of them. This can really help you a lot in later levels when you start to fall behind on orders.

Probably the most important tip that i can give you is to be sure t upgrade everything whenever you have the chance. Upgrading food will allow it to cook quicker and take longer to spoil, upgrading the decorations will help keep the customers from becoming impatient as quickly, and upgrading your grills and resting areas will allow you to prepare food much quicker and in larger quantities.


Cooking Dash 2016 Review

I personally thought that Cooking Dash 2016 was a fun to play game and I really enjoyed the fast paced game play. I found it slightly frustrating how hard it is to level up your food and equipment without paying for in app purchases, making it nearly impossible to succeed in the game without spending real money. This game may be free to play, but it is definitely a pay to win game. Besides that however, the menus and buttons all looked nice, and the other visuals in the game were put together very well. It is a very bright, colorful game and I can tell that the developers really put a lot of time into making the game look nice. The game play is always very smooth with no lag or stuttering whatsoever. I also liked how you unlock new, nicer restaurants as you progress through the game, giving you a sense of career progression for your character as they climb the ladder to chef stardom. The cut scenes of your chef talking to more famous chefs who complimented your success as you got farther into the game was also a nice touch in my opinion.

This is an easy game to play during the first few levels into but I liked how the difficulty level spiked shortly after that. The sound effects and fast paced game play really allowed you to get absorbed into the game and made the experience much more entertaining, albeit more frustrating at times, but I felt that it really helped create the hectic atmosphere of running a busy restaurant kitchen all by yourself.

Our Own Ratings

Artwork: I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 9/10 for its artwork. Everything in the game is colorful, well designed, and overall a visually pleasing experience.

Music and SFX: I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 10/10 for its music and SFX. The music was nice and relaxing and never got too annoying or in the way in my time with the game. The sound effects really brought the game play to life though. The different timers going off, the main clock winding down, angry customers who haven’t received their food yet complaining, satisfied customers making happy noises and leaving their money all helped really bring you into the game play and made the overall environment exactly what the developers wanted it to be, a hectic and exciting celebrity chef kitchen.

Story and Originality: I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 7/10 for story and originality. The story was well put together and definitely added a sense of progression as you gained fame and rose up the ladder as a top celebrity chef. The game however is not the most original as there are plenty of other games with a similar feel and game play.

General Gamplay: I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 7/10 for general gameplay. The game is really fun to play and is very well made but I feel like I cannot give it higher than a 7 simply because of how hard it is to progress through the game without spending actual money. I feel that if a game is free to play it should be possible to actually play through the entire game without paying for in app purchases and that is just not seemingly possible with Cooking Dash 2016.

Addictiveness: I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 8/10 for addictiveness. It is incredibly easy to pass large periods of time by playing this game and as I have said before, the game play is incredibly entertaining which leads to an overall pretty addictive game to play.

Overall, I give Cooking Dash 2016 a 8/10