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TIME :2022-07-03

Dead Trigger Cheats & Hack for Gold & Cash

Dead Trigger is an action game developed by Madfinger, a company which is known for Shadowgun (one of the best looking games on the market at this point), Samurai II and Monzo. This game has been downloaded for more than 30 million times on both Android and Apple devices and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Play Store and 4 and a half stars on Apple Store. It requires at least iOS 4.2 or later or an Android version of 2.3.3 and up.

Dead Trigger is your typically post-zombie-apocalypse game and your main role in it is to survive or be eaten. It respects the standards of its genre (completing missions, looting stuff and getting bigger weapons) and it does not have anything out of the ordinary. The game is very good-looking regardless of the not-so-high hardware requirements that it has.

The game can be finished without paying real money but it has a premium resource called Gold which can be bought. The price varies from $0.99 to $12.99 depending on the amount of Gold you want to get (from 200 to 5200).You can also buy the main currency (Money) with real money if you don’t want to wait and collect them from missions.

The developers implemented a system of rewarding Gold in exchange of watching videos or installing different apps so you can still receive it (in smaller amounts) even if you don’t want to spend real dollars. In the Game Shop the products are equally distributed – meaning that for every weapon and item that can be bought with Money there is also a slightly better alternative that can be bought with Gold but the difference is not radical.

Dead Trigger does not require a sign-up but a creation of an account (it takes about 5 minutes) ensures no data loss. I strongly recommend creating an account because the game tends to reset by itself on updates and you may lose your progress – according to the developers the saved game is stored in Cloud so it should be safe. The ads can be pretty annoying because they are full-screen and they interrupt you but at least they are not present during a mission or an arena run.

Dead Trigger Hack for Gold & Cash

Dead Trigger is a really fun first-person shooter game, but you will notice that gold and cash are really valuable in this game, especially to unlock items and get upgrades. If you want to get the gold and cash, you have to spend real money, and this gets really expensive. The cost factor is why we here at AppGameCheats has decided to add a free hack tool for Dead Trigger, which gives you the gold and cash for free.

If you take a peek at the image below, you will notice how easy the hack tool is to use, with the options menu being where you enter the gold and cash that you want to add to your account.


First, you will need to download our free Dead Trigger hack tool, which is right here on the website. You then need to select which device you are using, and this would be either iOS or Android. Then, enter the amounts of gold and cash that you want to put into your gaming account.

Lastly, press “Start” to begin the hack, which takes around 30 seconds to complete. After that has finished, then you can open Dead Trigger on your device as normal, and the gold and cash will be sitting in your account. Using our hack tool allows you to have more fun with the game, since you will get unlimited items and don’t have to spend time or money trying to earn it through other ways.

Our Own Tips & Tricks

Always and I mean always be aware of the zombies presence. They can and they will come from everywhere including from your back and they will want to eat your brains. Map awareness is essential in Dead Trigger.


Change the aim sensitivity as many times as necessary – when you feel comfortable with it, you will aim better.

Go for the headshots or you will run out of ammo in no-time and that would not be cool. You will find enough ammo on the ground to keep you going but sometimes there will not be enough, trust me.

If possible use the recommended weapon for a mission – it is recommended for a reason and it will come in handy. If you don’t have / can’t buy the weapon you can still do the mission but it will be harder.


Prioritize. If you encounter special zombies make sure you deal with them first. Don’t make your life a nuisance.

Do your daily missions, survive in the arena, complete special missions and watch videos in exchange of gold. If you are consistent so will be your rewards. Even though you don’t play on a daily basis you should make accord 10 minutes to the game.

Money Exploit – Go to the arena and pick Stadium of Dead scenario. When the game starts, get past the track and make a left. When you reach the end of the road turn around and you are covered from behind, left and right. Reload your weapon and kill the hordes of zombies. Get easy money.


Casino and Daily Exploit – change your device date and time and restart the game. Do the daily quest and the free casino turns, rinse and repeat. Don’t forget to change your date and time back when you are done with the game or you may encounter unpleasant surprises in real life.

Good Weapons (based on a price-damage ratio): Colt M4, AK 47, Bren. Use one of them with the Project 90 or Uzi and destroy everything. There is no need of other weapons.

Good Items (based on own experience and abilities): Bandage (mandatory), Slow Time (easier to get headshots or run when needed) and Turret/Laser Turret (a companion is always good).

Good Character Upgrades (based on own experience): Additional Health and Ammo Supply. No need for more than 2 weapons or items and the radar upgrade is not worth it 39 Gold.

Dead Trigger Review

Dead Trigger is the casual but complex at the same time game I’ve been searching for ages. This game is developed in such a good way that you will shoot zombies in their faces while you think different strategies and plan your gear before the mission.
One of the things I love the most about this game (even the game would have been bad I would have still said that is great just because of this – I am joking…or am I?) is the fact that it has support for the left-handed. I was pretty disappointed at the beginning when I saw that I have to use my right hand for shooting and reloading but then when I checked the Settings the miracle happened. Not only that you can play from a left-handed perspective (most of you are right-handed anyway) but you can fully customize the controls the way you like it which I think is great for a shooter on a mobile device.


The missions are short (from 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes) and they are a lot (in numbers because the objectives will repeat very often). The game has some story-content that will please the players that appreciate that in a game and will not bore the ones that only want to shoot stuff. Dead Trigger is very balanced from this point of view. One of the things that I did not like about this game is that the crosshair sometimes does not listen to you entirely and that the missions are too repeatable at some point. Other than that, the game looks and acts fine.

Overall, Dead Trigger is the fun casual first-person shooter game that will keep you entertained for a long time. It is not the best shooter out there but it is free and it will offer you a nice experience so go ahead and download it – you will not regret.


Artwork: Dead Trigger receives from me 10/10. It looks amazing, it has graphic options like a PC game and it is well-finished. The zombies are looking scary, the level designs are creepy in a good way – you will literally feel claustrophobic while the zombies are cornering you, the environment looks perfect and the level of detail is awesome. The weapons are looking great and they have a well-implemented Iron Sight that would upset a lot of PC games developers. One of the great things about this game is that you analyze every aspect of the artwork you will realize that they are using a lot of patterns and that the zombies has the same set of animations and stuff like that – but the fact that the final product looks so good cancels the way of achieving that status so Dead Trigger does not deserves less than the maximum rating.

Music & SFX: The game has 9 out of 10 for its music. It’s not a song that repeats meaninglessly and the SFX are great. The post-apocalyptic theme that was chosen is a great fit. The weapons sound real and because of the sound effects (from time to time he talks) you will identify with your character and that’s a good thing. The menu sounds are also nice. They could have worked a bit more with the music at some moments but nobody is perfect.

Story/Originality: 8 out of 10 at this section. The story of the Dead Trigger is not amazing but it’s there and it’s catchy. Games about zombies and survival can’t be original but Dead Trigger doesn’t leave the impression of another game re-mastered or copied so it’s all good. It has its unique elements and overall it looks good from this point of view. I think that the developers made a good choice with this game.

General Gameplay: Dead Trigger receives 10/10 for its gameplay. The difficulty of the game is well-balanced and you will not encounter problems with it. Dead Trigger is casual but not in a boring way. There are a lot of weapons and items and scenarios that will keep you entertained for a long time. The controls are very intuitive and as I mentioned before they are fully customizable so they can fit everyone preferences. With a small problem with the crosshair, Dead Trigger is bug-free which I think is impressive for a game with such advanced and complex graphics.

Addictiveness: The game gets 8/10. Dead Trigger is fairly long on the Story Mode and you will always have a lot of alternatives when you get bored with the storyline – side missions, daily quests and an arena with its 4 scenarios (Bloody Subway, Haunted Graveyard, Stadium of Dead and Bloody XMAS). They implemented a leveling up system which unlocks you more weapons and items and gives you Money and Gold. There is a casino where you can buy chips for gold and then hope for a good reward. There is also a list where you can add your friends and watch their progress. There are a lot of weapons that can be customized and a lot of items from which you can choose. All of these reasons make the player come back so I think that Madfinger achieved their goal. Dead Trigger is not a game that can make a person obsessive about it but it is addictive enough for someone to come back and play again.

I give Dead Trigger an overall rating of 9 out of 10. It is one of the best mobile device games I ever played.