Minions Paradise Cheats & Hack for Doubloons & Sand Dollars

TIME :2022-07-03

Minions Paradise Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Doubloons & Sand Dollars – New Hack Available for 2016

Who doesn’t like those cute quirky yellow jelly beans known as the Minions? Play with your favorite animated characters on the new mobile game Minion Paradise by the creators of the Minions movie, Illumination Entertainment, in collaboration with the established and esteemed EA studios. This particular adventure is made possible by the “lovable yet bumbling” Minion named Phil who accidently sinks a ship loaded with minions on a deserted tropical Island. In true Minion fashion you mustn’t dwell on your unfortunate circumstances, rather, view the island as an opportunity for creativity and a chance to build the Island paradise you’ve always imagined.

Minion’s paradise has you utilizing the islands vast resources to build your own village equipped with hot tubs, hammocks, beach volleyball courts. There are also many resources available to provide for the needs of a modern minion, electrical eels provide electricity, ride an alligator for an organic approach to waterskiing and wakeboarding. Still, you’re not alone on the Island, there are villainous bosses who wish to turn your paradise into their personal playground. Build a resort for these despicable characters to take them off edge and foil their dastardly deeds.

Considering the immense popularity of the Minions franchise over the past couple of years it’s no surprise that the Minion’s Paradise already has nearly one million downloads on the Google Play Store, a sizeable amount considering it has only been released to New Zealand audiences per the date of this review, updated for 2016. The initial debut at E3 back in June saw generally positive reactions from attendees, similarly these experiences seemed to have translated to the general audience, on the Google Play Store it has a 4.0/5 rating, on the iTunes App Store it boasts a 4.5 rating.

Minions paradise is free to download, however, there are is an in app store which allows you to make purchases of digital content throughout your gameplay experience. If you have an iOS device just remember that Minion’s Paradise will require iOS 8.0. Similarly, if you have a device on the Android OS Minion’s Paradise will require at least Android 4.1. Rated for ages 3 and over this is a game the whole family can enjoy in 2016.

Minions Paradise Hack for Doubloons and Sand Dollars

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Cheats and Tips for Minions Paradise in 2016

After the entertaining mini movie that introduces you to the game, you’ll be placed through a mandatory tutorial that will be of vital importance to you throughout your gaming experience. There’s a lot of information there but don’t worry if you didn’t get everything as the tutorial can be accessed at any time from the game menu. Nonetheless, paying attention at the beginning will ultimately save you a lot of time so better to know the mechanics first, rather than constantly having to go back and forth.


If you’re familiar with other town creation type games than the mechanics of Minion’s paradise will be fairly intuitive to you. If you’re not then pay close attention to this next part, and even if you are I’m sure there’s something you can learn as this game has its own unique personalization’s that set it apart from other town building games.

Your character, Phil, has to turn this island into a tropical paradise if he ever wishes to gain the respect of his fellow minions ever again. To do this, he pretty much has to build a village from the ground up, complete with all the amenities and luxuries you would find in a 5 star vacation getaway.

Your canvas is this small island, thick with trees, wild animals, sand, and all type of exotic plant and creature. You have to clear away this wild terrain to make room for your village, but it isn’t going to be easy. First set up a small shop and make a little money, then invest that money in tools to help you develop your village, repeat this process many times and continue to open new businesses and clear away more land as the game progresses. Eventually, you’ll be sitting on a nice chunk of land.


From this point, you’re going to have the resources and the steady income to start really turning this jungle into a paradise. Once you’re well established, start constructing recreational buidlings, restaurants, juice bars, etc., and watch your fortune and status grow in your community of minions.

There’s also an online aspect where you can team up with other minions to engage in quests and mini games, quick ways of earning a quick buck or two on the market. Now that we’ve covered the general aspects of Minion’s Paradise, let’s examine the finer details that will ensure success.

To obtain great products without the slow and tedious process of unlocking them , you can outright purchase them from the marketplace which unlocks at level seven. You can also purchase additional storage here.

There are two currencies in Minion’s Paradise, gold doubloons and sand dollars. Gold doubloons are the premium currency and are harder to come by then sand dollars, which are awarded for each activity you complete. Both doubloons and sand dollars can be purchased from the in app store. Occasionally, and especially during the holiday season, you can get great deals on these so always keep an eye out for that.


Naturally the higher the level you are, the more things you can unlock. However, even starting out there are a few cool things you can do to build your village. If you go to the menu page there are several activity options “make stuff, mix stuff,decorate stuff,leisure stuff” and “featured stuff”. Each of these are the categories of things you can do in the game.

“Make stuff” refers to the items you can create in Minion’s Paradise, generally this refers to profit generating items like the coconut grove which produces coconuts of course, bamboo grove, and etc. Mix stuff refers to creating you own weapons and other tools by combining various resources together. “Decorate stuff “refers to items that can be purchased which have no practical value outside of fulfilling your own personal wishes as to how you want your village to look like, as far as priorities go when making purchases these I would place at the bottom of that list as they have no practical value and mix stuff I would place at the top.

The remains of your sunken ship can be cleaned up, here you will find rare items if you use the proper tools. These remains are referred to as “debris” in the game, create the necessary tools by mixing the right combinations of resources.

Play one of the many mini games in Minion’s Paradise to earn rewards which can later be used to upgrade your minions and purchase new items. To find mini games tap on the totem pole and select mini games. Level up your minions by harvesting items, filling minion orders in restaurants and leveling them up. The same process can be used to unlock minions but all you have to do is select an unlocked minions when you’re given the choice, as opposed to selecting a preexisting minion.

There are also plenty of useful shortcuts to facilitate your gameplay in Minion’s Paradise. Tap and hold on an empty space on the screen to gather your minions and get them to do things for you, not only are they your friends but they can also be seen as partners since they too have a vested interest in seeing this village thrive. To make buildings quickly just gather up a couple of minions and tell them to do it. You initially get the say so in deciding where the building is built, however if you decide you would like to change the location fret not as this can easily be done by tapping and holding your finger on the building and merely moving it to the desired location.


However, if there is a building you like but you are low on space you don’t have to discard it. Simply put it in the inventory by tapping and holding down on it until it is highlighted and tap the arrow icon.

There are many quests to be completed in Minion’s Paradise, for each quest you complete you will receive a sticker. These stickers are collected in a sticker book, there you can also see which stickers/quests you have to complete. The sticker book is in the lounge next to Phil, it’s a blue book. Aside from the main quests there are also quests involving the minion named Stuart. Once u unlock Stuart and finish his quests this stage will unlock the town square. This new stage hosts limited time events where u and friends can fulfill orders on the team board. To do this, look for the blue and white icons that resemble the silhouette of a head and shoulders.

Earlier we mentioned the team board where you can complete quests with your teammates, there is also your individual board where your quests are listed, and finally there’s the minion board. The minion board is in the town square right in the middle of the map. You can gain experience and sand dollars by completing orders for Minions and villains. In Minion’s Paradise the villains are trapped on the island with you and the only way to stop them from wreaking havoc is to make their stay as pleasant as possible, in other words you’re trying to cheer them up so things don’t go haywire. Do this by making sure they stay relaxed, happy, and entertained.

Every now and again you will see special orders on the board, these will unlock new stories and minions.  Blue icon on the board means you need to complete the current orders before new ones are assigned to you. For your team board you’re going to of course need to have friends online to play with. Minion’s Paradise strives to be a social game so they allow you to connect your Facebook account. This also has the added bonus of keeping your progress if you switch to a new device, connecting your Facebook gives you full access to the marketplace in your storage shed- thus allowing you to pay for items with sand dollars, lastly your friends can help you complete quests and unlock items when there is a social event.


Next on the docket are mini games, each mini game requires a certain amount of minions to play, so first make sure you have the proper amount before beginning. There’s a limit to how many mini games you can play, this is judged by the “cool down time”, in order to eliminate this time or to shorten it use the premium currency gold doubloons. There are several mini games and each has its own tips and cheat to help you succeed, they are: fishing frenzy, mango toss, butterfly catch, water slide dive, and topiary treasure hunt.

The first mini game you encounter is fishing frenzy, in this game you jump over rocks and collect alligator teeth. To succeed in this game practicing your timing when jumping, and keep an eye out for the golden alligator teeth which reward the most points. Next is Mango Toss, in this one you throw mangos in a basket much like you would at a carnival or fair. In butterfly catch you run through field and try to catch butterflies with a net. This one requires two minions, however, make sure not to get too close to your other minion thus hitting him with the net. Also, watch out for bees which will incapacitate your minion for a few seconds.

Water slide dive is fairly straight forward, you slide down and collect balls. The most complicated of the mini games in Minion’s Paradise is easily the topiary treasure hunt. In this one you need at least ten minions, these guys are trimming a tree and they have to collect the leaves for points but you have to collect them before they hit the ground. Since you have so many minions, and so many leaves are falling, multitasking skills have to be on point, don’t just focus on one area but try and take a step back and observe general patterns of where the leaves are falling.

Minions Paradise Review

Minions Paradise is a great game for all ages and I didn’t expect anything else considering the films were likewise both family friendly and engaging because the characters and the story lines are so well developed. There’s a considerable amount of depth in Minion’s Paradise, but not too much as to become overwhelming and unmanageable.

The pacing of the storyline was moderate although there was some pressure to purchase in app content not doing so didn’t make progress seem too cumbersome. As a game based on economic rules I found it a great resource for teaching younger children about the important economic and business functions such as inventory, making sales, operating a store, all while making it fun and lighthearted. This game was multi-dimensional and certainly one that could be approached from many angles and still appreciated for the thoughtfulness that went into it.


Art/Picture 10/10

Clean crisp graphics and beautifully rendered 3d that matched the quality of the movie

Music/ Sound Effects 9.5/10

Not likely to win a Grammy but nonetheless appropriate and well done.

General Gameplay 10/10

There was a lot to do, you never got bored, and it was engaging to myself and audiences of various age groups and sentimentalities.

Story/ Originality 5/10

Besides the specific storyline there was hardly anything original about this game

Addictiveness 8/10

Certainly an addictive game but not “flappy bird” addictive, let’s hope for some more updates in 2016.

Overall: 8.5