Indy Cat for VK Tips & Hack for Bows, Lives, & Turns -

TIME :2022-07-03

Indy Cat for VK Tips & Hack for Bows, Lives, & Turns

Today we are back with yet another game that belong to the match-three puzzler genre and above all it came up with a claim that it’s the best match-three game the market has to offer. The name of this game is Indy Cat and Ball of Fate and is developed by PlayFlock. The version that we are about to review is exclusively for VKontakte, which means other than Google Play Games it features synchronizing options for VKontakte instead of Facebook as compared normal version, and except this there isn’t any difference between the normal version and the one for VKontakte.

It’s not the first time that we have heard developers making claim like these but it’s not very often that we see them living upto their claim. Match-three genre has tons of heroes and it will take a lot of new things to make a mark between them. Indy Cat for VKontakte has a rating of 4.7/5 stars with approximately five million downloads in Google Play Store alone and this is a high rating which shows that this game might have something but we cannot trust the rating always or can we? So let’s see if this is just another “I’m bragging to gain attention” game or really has something in it. You can also get this game on the Apple App Store.

Indy Cat for VK Hack for Bows, Lives, & Turns

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Indy Cat for VK Background Info

Indy Cat is something that you get when you fire Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and handover her role to Puss in Boots, or just replace Indiana Jones with this Indy Cat. This suited up cat is an athletic archaeologist-adventurer who is in search of “The Ball of Fate”. There isn’t any background story nor any kind of explanation to answer what this cat has to do with that Ball? Or why even that ball is important? All that we know is we’ll be guiding this Indy Cat through somewhere near thousand levels dividing across diverse terrains which includes mystical forests, Egyptian deserts, and many others.

Indy Cat starts without any kind of intro which isn’t impressive, you will be straight away welcomed by a huge map which is also the main menu. Let’s explore main menu first. Almost ninety-five percent of the screen is covered with terrain, which you’ll be going through, with all levels indicated on map. Just below every level you’ll find three silver stars which will turn into gold ones once you achieve them through gameplay. Other than normal levels, you’ll find bonus levels and to unlock these levels you’ll have to achieve required numbers of stars, and don’t worry you’ll not have to count the stars by yourself as their total will be mentioned on top middle of main menu.

Just towards the left of the star’s counter you’ll find this cat’s remaining lives. These remaining lives is more like stamina system, five is the maximum number and you’ll lose one whenever you aren’t able to complete a level or you restart it. Recharging time for one life is thirty minutes and if you aren’t willing to wait then you can buy one life for six bow ties, or even ask a friend.

If you’ll move your eyes further left from lives then you will find bow ties. It’s the only and premium currency of this game. This game belongs to Freemium category, which means it’s free to download and play but few things can only be bought using real currency, so you can expect these bow ties to be a bit less in quantity in comparison with requirement. Just a bit left of bow ties you’ll find the store of Indy Cat. Here you can purchase the following powerups and boosters:

Cat’s Paw – Using this powerup you can swap any two regular gems from the grid. It costs twenty five bow ties.

Crystallization – This can be used to turn any normal gem into an explosive/upgraded one. It will set you back by fifteen bow ties.

Color Bomb – This bomb can be handy in complex situations as it serves multiple purposes. It can destroy all gems of same color, the one it’s swapped with, or it can turn gems of that color into explosive ones, if swapped with an explosive gem of that color. This color bomb can be yours for twenty-five bow ties.

Time Freeze – It freezes time of any time dependent level and costs just fifteen bow ties.

Cancel a Turn – It can be easily derived from its name that it rollbacks a wrong move. It’s the cheapest powerup and costs just ten bow ties.

Balls of Yarn – It’s a booster which allows you to start a level with explosive balls of yarn. Price is fifteen bow ties.

Whip – Indiana Jones stolen whip cost twenty five bow ties and it allows you to break any gem.

Coin – These coins turns all gems into explosive gems. This booster costs fifty bow ties.

Instead of buying things separately, you can say some bow ties by getting things in bundles. The three bundles are

3×3 Set – It gives three coins, three balls of yarn and three cat’s paws. Price of this package is seventy-five bow ties.

6×3 Set – This package costs one hundred forty-five bow ties and gives all six powerups and boosters three times.

6×6 Set – This is the last and most expensive package which gives all six powerups and boosters six times.

Other than these, there isn’t anything important in the main menu, hence let’s take a look at the game’s mechanics.

Like almost every other match three you’ll have to match a minimum of three gems in a row to break them. Your movement will only be counted if three or more gems matches otherwise gems will revert back to their original position. If your match creates T or L shaped combination then you’ll get a bomb which can clear a 3×3 field, and if you match four gems in a row then you’ll get an upgraded stone which if matched depending upon its direction will destroy a complete vertical or horizontal line. If there are two consecutive upgraded gems or bombs, you don’t have to use them in your chain because you can break them by simply switching their places. Matching five gems in a row will get you a Color bomb. As previously mentioned, this can be used to blow up all of the gems which share its color (it is swapped with) or can convert that color’s gems into explosives ones if it’s position is swapped with an explosive gem.

There are three things which sums up a complete level. These things are limitation, tasks, and obstacles. You’ll have to finish tasks and keep an eye on limitation and obstacles. Limitation will either be maximum number of turns you can make or maximum time you can take to finish off a level. Tasks doesn’t show much diversity either. Tasks will always include achieving a specified score, destroying shells in aforementioned tiles, bring few runes to the bottom of the gird, breaking locked shells, and nothing else. Yes, Nothing else!!! for one thousand levels you’ll be repeating same thing over and over again. Obstacles are shells, locks and empty spaces.

To destroy shells, you’ll have to break gems lying on them. Other than a light blue colored shell above gems there isn’t any difference between a gem with and one without shell. On higher levels you’ll find shells that will require more than one match to break them. Breaking locked shells is a bit different and difficult too because the gem in the locked shell cannot move. Bringing runes on the bottom of the grid is easy, all you have to do is break gems below it.

The maximum grid size is 10×9. There will be empty spaces within the grid to give you a bit tough time. Powerups, depending upon your device’s orientation, will be listed on left or top side of the screen. You simply have to tap on any of it to use it. As I’ve mentioned earlier, three stars can be achieved per stage, and these stars has a direct relation with score. Once your tasks are completed, your total score will be calculated using remaining moves or time, number of upgraded tiles and bombs left on the grid.

This review is based upon 1.1.16 version of Indy Cat for VKontakte and is available for Android and iOS devices. This version requires minimum Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) or iOS 6.0 compatible devices. This game isn’t graphics intensive by any means hence should work smoothly on modern low-end devices.

Indy Cat focuses much on social integration, this explains the reason behind having different versions for Facebook and VKontakte. You can send lives as a gift to your friend, you can also take their help to finish off levels. As previously mentioned both versions can be synced with Google Play Games and there are just nineteen achievement against this game which aren’t enough by any means.

You can buy bow ties using in-app purchases. There are six packages available for it. The cheapest package costs $0.99 and gives twelve bow ties. Second package costs $4.99 gives seventy-two bow ties. Third pack contains One hundred fifty bow ties which can be yours for $9.99. Fourth package will take $19.99 and give three hundred ten bow ties in return. Second last package gives eight hundred bow ties, which should be enough, for $4.99 and if you still believe that these aren’t enough for you than you can spend $99.99 to get nineteen hundred bow ties.

Cheats & Tips for Indy Cat for VK

This game is lengthy and everyone would have loved the idea of unlimited bow ties and lives to speed up the gameplay via modified version but unfortunately this game is still safe from the hands of hackers which means no unlimited bow ties and lives. Hence you guys will have to live up with a trick and few tips only to help you during gameplay.


Indy Cat doesn’t require an internet connect to work which means lives generation is dependent upon your device’s time and date setting and can be fooled using a simple time trick.

  1. Quit the game and force stop it from application’s settings.
  2. Goto your device’s time and date settings.
  3. Uncheck “Automatic Date & Time”.
  4. Set the time and date manually to according to your requirements, for example, set time to thirty minutes ahead for one life or one hour for two lives.

Tips are:

  • Always try to break two upgraded gems or bombs together by swapping them because it multiplies the effect especially in case of color bombs. Two color bombs can empty a complete grid.
  • If you aren’t able to find matching gems then focus on resonating gems to find out remaining possible movement.

Indy Cat for VK Review

I’ll start by saying that this game should be thrown into endless category because how can anyone play a game that contains thousand levels, especially a game that hardly feature anything new and neither there is much accountable diversity between levels except the increasing difficulty which forces the users towards in-app purchases? I think I should even take my ‘hardly anything’ words back because it doesn’t feature anything new. It’s the same old copy of many tending games match-three puzzlers like bejeweled. This game would have made a difference only if it was released years back from now!!!


Gameplay elements are a one ratio one copy of a normal match-three. There’s only one small difference here and that is of slightly different powerups and boosters. Indy Cat might have all the required elements which a normal match-three does but it takes too long to introduce them certainly long enough for you quit and uninstall this game. The game feels slow paced, powerups and boosters are useless until and unless you aren’t willing to spend some real currency.


The artwork isn’t overwhelming by any means but is above category average by a slight margin. There are just two things that are worth mentioning in artwork. First one is the map which looks decent because of different animated objects within it, and second is the way two color bombs blasts. Other than these nothing is anywhere near the claim of developer. You’ll get bored from seeing few background wallpapers behind hundreds of level. Colors during gameplay feels a bit dull to my eyes. The UI of this game is somewhat satisfying. It is designed nicely and is plain like vanilla which makes it easy to understand. Sound department too is just like artwork, background tracks are different for menu and gameplay, and matches theme of the game but will you still like them if you have to listen to same sound tracks for almost thousand levels!?


I also found the reason behind 4.7/5 stars rating of this game in Google Play Store and reason is that this game gives free bow ties to anyone who gives this game maximum rating! What a cheap trick used by developers. I’m gonna mention here again that this game would have made a mark only if it was developed years back.


Artwork: I’ll give Indy Cat a 7.5/10 for its artwork. As I’ve explained earlier that other than the main menu’s map and color bomb’s blasting effect, everything feels so dull and outdated. I know theme of game is set in ancient site but it doesn’t mean that game has to be without videos, animations, pictures and colors.

Music & SFX: Indy Cat gets another 7.5/10 for its music & SFX. Map’s background track has a persian touch which is pleasant to ears but the one during gameplay is short in length and can be a source of headache for some especially if that someone is targeting to finish this game.

Story and Originality: I’ll give Indy cat a 5.5/10 for its story & originality. There isn’t any kind of story nor originality in this game. What is ball of fate? How did it go missing? Why this puss in boots need it? None of these questions are answer by game in anyway. Although story isn’t required for a great gameplay but it kind of adds suspense in it.

Gameplay: I’ll give this game a 6.5/10 for its gameplay. As i’ve told earlier this game doesn’t feature anything new, everything this game contains is something that we’ve been watching from years. Above all, even these old things are plagued by pushes towards in-app purchases and extremely slow gameplay development. I still don’t get one thing, why there has to be one thousand levels?

Addictiveness: I’ll give Indy Cat a 6/10 for its addictiveness. To play this game you’ll have to be a die hard fan of match-three puzzlers with a lot of patience. Otherwise there are many other charming games available which deserves your time more than this one.

Overall I’ll give Indy Cat for VKontakte a 6.5/10 and this rating should also be valid for the Facebook version of this game too. Indy Cat is not anywhere near the claim made by the developer and it even fails to leave a decent impression. It’s not the first time that a game isn’t able to live up to it’s claim.